the kurds may just be making trouble for russia

Kurdish Sources Report “Skirmish” Between Russian & Pindo Forces In Hasakah
South Front, Jan 25 2020

A ‘skirmish’ between Russian and Pindo forces took place in northern al-Hasakah, when the Pindo military blocked a patrol of the Russian Military Police, the Kurdish-Syrian Hawar News Agency (ANHA) reported on Jan 25. According to ANHA, the incident took place in the vicinity of the town of Tell Tamr, where the Syrian army also maintains a large presence. After the stand-off, the Russian patrol returned to a base near the border city of Qamishli, north of Tell Tamr, while Pindo forces withdrew back to al-Hasakah city. the ANHA’s report reads:

About half an hour after the accident, two Russian helicopters flew over Tell Tamr. Pindo warplanes were also flying.

This was the fourth such incident in Syria’s northeastern region this month. The previous incident took place earlier this week, when Pindo forces blocking a Russian patrol near the oil-rich area of Rmelan in north-east al-Hasakah. These actions by Pindo forces could be a part of a wider plan to limit the freedom of operations of the Russian military in northeast Syria.

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