go back to pindostan and stay there if you want to live, pindo scum © moi

Three rockets ‘directly hit Pindo embassy’ in Baghdad’s Green Zone
RT.com, Jan 27 2020

Five rockets have landed in the Green zone, with 3 of them directly hitting the Pindo embassy in Iraq’s capital city of Baghdad, according to security sources. There’s no official word yet on casualties or damage. The missiles hit Baghdad’s heavily-fortified Green Zone, AFP said, citing security sources. One of the sources said that five ‘Katyusha rockets’ had landed near the compound, while another put the number of projectiles at three.

The unguided volley landed not far from the Pindo mission late on Sunday. Warning systems at the facility were activated and people were advised to seek shelter, footage from the scene shows.

Later in the day, former Iraqi FM Hoshyar Zebari claimed that at least one projectile had hit the Pindo embassy, directly damaging its canteen and setting it on fire. Still, Pindostan remains silent on the matter and there has been no confirmation or denial of the claims.

The Green Zone has seen a string of similar incidents in recent weeks, with unknown attackers repeatedly, and quite imprecisely, targeting the Pindo embassy with unguided projectiles. Other Pindo facilities across Iraq have sustained rocket fire on several occasions.

Increasing the accuracy of firing at the Pindo Embassy
Colonel Cassad, Jan 26 2020

The Iraqi People’s Avengers today again fired at Pindo Embassy in Baghdad. This time they fired 5 rockets, 4 of them fell inside the Green Zone, and one fell on the territory of the embassy, damaging a restaurant/cafeteria and burning it down. There are no reports of casualties among the staff and security were not reported. After several attempts to zero in to the Pindo Embassy, finally the rockets have started to fall upon it. As previously noted, if Pindostan does not go away for good, the Shiite leaders of Iraq reserve the right to take all necessary measures to make them leave, vertically or horizontally. In parallel with the attack of the embassy, clashes continued in Baghdad between security forces and protesters opposing the government, which is trying to expel the Pindos and enter into agreements with the Chinese. It is obvious that the struggle between Iran and Pindostan in Iraq will develop in the direction of further escalation. Iran, as traditionally, will continue to act by proxy, and Pindostan in their usual manner will try to blame all events uncomfortable for them on the government.

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