another break in the direction of truth (after douma)

Ex-MI6 spy ‘fabricated dossier on Trump and prostitutes’
Tim Shipman, Sunday Times, Jan 26 2020

The dossier on Donald Trump compiled by the former MI6 spy Christopher Steele, which accused the Pindo president of being compromised by Russia, was a work of “fabrication,” according to a devastating report by a leading British spy writer. Nigel West has revealed he was hired by a Pindo Thug law firm to assess the dossier in 2017 and concluded that large parts of it were faked. Steele’s dossier claimed Russian spies held “kompromat” on Trump, including a video of him cavorting with prostitutes in Moscow, and that Russia had engaged in a conspiracy with Trump’s campaign team to affect the outcome of the 2016 election. It was used by the FBI to justify surveillance of four of Trump’s associates. The report, seen by Sunday Times, concludes:

From a professional intelligence perspective, the dossier is profoundly troubling and cannot be taken at face value. Lapses in it bear the hallmarks of invention, and there is a strong possibility that all Steele’s material has been fabricated. One telltale characteristic of fabricators, in contrast to case officers handling authentic sources, is that they attribute information to the wrong source.

West went public with his conclusions after the inspector-general to the Pindo DoJ issued a report in December depicting Steele’s dossier as “hearsay” and concluding that the FBI should not have relied on his work when applying for surveillance warrants against Trump’s associates. West claims Steele gave a “misleading impression” of his sources. He casts doubt on one key source, pointing out that Steele said he had knowledge of such disparate subjects as Trump’s sexual activities in Moscow and Russian spying in Florida. Steele’s firm, Orbis Business Intelligence, said in a statement:

West’s research was funded by a Thug law firm post 2016 and therefore cannot be regarded as other than politically motivated. His so-called ‘report’ is not based on any knowledge of Orbis sources or methods and therefore is highly speculative at best in its assertions. West’s work lacks authority because he was never an intelligence officer, and has no experience of operational work in the field. Orbis Business Intelligence never engages in public discussion of its sources, clients or operating methods.

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