fuck you, nazi pindostan

Kataib Hezbollah Warns Iraqi Security Forces to Stay Away From Pindo Bases
Sputnik News, Feb 17 2020

Iraq’s Kataib Hezbollah militia has warned Iraqi security forces to stay away from Pindo bases in the country starting Sunday, al-Mayadeen TV has reported. This comes amid the latest rocket attacks near the Pindo embassy in Baghdad as well as at the Balad Air Base outside the city. Al-Mayadeen quoted the militia as saying:

Security forces must stay clear of Pindo bases by a distance not less than a thousand metres starting Sunday evening.

Earlier on Saturday, Reuters reported citing security sources that the Balad Air Base to the north of Baghdad was hit by two Katyusha rockets. Previously, the agency said, citing police, that a similar rocket had landed inside the Green Zone’s Celebrations Square near the US Embassy in Baghdad.

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