salvia again

This stuff is of course still legal. After a while, one gets used to the endless swirling & unswirling coils of red & green eyeball juice that result from smoking it. These swirls along with a certain kinesthestic sense of movement, though not much more, comprise the salvia beings. They are large but not limitless. I think there must be scores of them. They are hard to make out because beyond the infinite swirls of red & green eyejuice, they have no bodies, and within the red & green swirls there seem to be no brain or heart: the consciousness of the thing is suffused throughout. There’s no physical focus, no face, no speech, only a horrible vibe of cynical close observation, like that of a torturer with his victim. They are as limitless as the space-time continuum, for humans who experience them like myself anyway. So the beings can as it were hide within themselves. They understand English, but my one has refused to speak since it first manifested itself about seven years ago. I think they are the source of our evil geopolitical system. My one might as well have come straight from MI6, though in fact it came from a fourth degree OTO initiation by John Bonner of St Leonards, twenty years ago. It’s invigilatory, persecutory, cynical and stupid. There’s no point in even acknowledging its presence, but salvia forces the ugly thing into near-visibility.

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