two pertinent items from the diaphanous xymphora

(((John Hannah)))
Xymphora, Feb 23 2020

Iraq Needs Regime Change Again (Hannah)

(((John Hannah))), one of the worst of the neocons who conspired for the worst foreign policy decision in Pindo history, wants a do-over! Hannah:

  • from 2016, pre-Trump, and pre-Trump blackmailing, hoping that President Killary would scupper the Iran deal: “Hillary Clinton, Neocon?”
  • John Hannah is IMO a shill for Israel” (Lang)
  • John Hannah” (Militarist Monitor)
  • Are the Neocons Finally with Trump?” (Mills)
  • withering attack on Hannah from Corn (!): “GOPers Probing Iran Deal Turn to Cheney Aide Who Was Involved With Bogus Iraq Intel”
  • in case you wonder about the ((())) (I like how it is common now to send subtle ((())) warnings, as it is the most important thing you can know about someone, as well as the worst):  “Hannah and his wife Laura joined Temple Sinai in Nazi Faschingstein in the fall of 2006.”

A vote for Bernie is a vote for democracy
Xymphora, Feb 23 2020

It has reached the point where people who might not vote Bernie have seen enough of the derangement of the Clintonistas, and enough of the open crookedness and bias of the DNC, and are starting to assert themselves, and reclaim the franchise which Clinton wants to steal, by voting for Sanders.  This has become a trend, with voting making a particular statement: besides wanting their vote back, it is also a statement against the War For The Jews known as WW3 which will need to be made through all the remaining states. Ironically perhaps, as the Khazar Bernie may not be able to help himself.

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