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The threat of a nuclear war between Pindostan and Russia is now at its greatest since 1983
Scott Ritter,, Feb 29 2020

When the Commander of NATO says he is a fan of flexible first strike at the same time that NATO is flexing its military muscle on Russia’s border, the risk of inadvertent nuclear war is real. The SACEUR, USAF Gen Tod D Wolters, told the Senate this week he “is a fan of flexible first strike” regarding NATO’s nuclear weapons, thereby exposing the fatal fallacy of the alliance’s embrace of Pindo nuclear deterrence policy. It was one of the most remarkable yet underreported exchanges in recent Senate history. Earlier this week, during the testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee of SACEUR Wolters, he engaged in a short yet informative exchange with Senator Deb Fischer, a Republican from the state of Nebraska. Following some initial questions and answers focused on the alignment of NATO’s military strategy with the 2018 National Defense Strategy of Pindostan, which codified what Wolters called “the malign influence on behalf of Russia” toward European security, Senator Fischer asked about the growing recognition on the part of NATO of the important role of US nuclear deterrence in keeping the peace. Fischer noted:

We all understand that our deterrent, the TRIAD, is the bedrock of the security of this country. Can you tell us about what you are hearing…from our NATO partners about this deterrent?

Wolters responded by linking the deterrence provided to Europe by the Pindo nuclear TRIAD with the peace enjoyed on the European continent over the past seven decades. Fischer asked if the Pindo nuclear umbrella was “vital in the freedom of NATO members,” Wolters agreed. Remarkably, Wolters linked the role of nuclear deterrence with the NATO missions in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere outside the European continent. NATO’s mission, he said, was to “proliferate deterrence to the max extent practical to achieve greater peace.” Then came the piece de resistance of the hearing. Senator Fischer asked:

What are your views, Sir, of adopting a so-called no-first-use policy? Do you believe that that would strengthen deterrence?

General Wolters’ response was straight to the point:

Senator, I’m a fan of flexible first use policy.

Under any circumstance, the public embrace of a “flexible first strike” policy regarding nuclear weapons employment by the SACEUR should generate widespread attention. When seen in the context of the recent deployment by Pindostan of a low-yield nuclear warhead on SLBMs carried onboard a Trident submarine, however, Wolters’ statement is downright explosive. Add to the mix the fact that Pindostan recently carried out a wargame where Pindo Sec Def practiced the procedures for launching this very same “low yield” weapon against a Russian target during simulated combat between Russia and NATO in Europe, and the reaction should be off the charts. And yet there has been deafening silence from both the Europ & Pindo press on this topic. There is, however, one party that paid attention to what General Wolters had to say, namely Russia. In a statement to the press on Feb 25, the same date as Wolters’ testimony, Lavrov said:

We note with concern that Faschingstein’s new doctrinal guidelines considerably lower the threshold of nuclear weapons use. This has to be seen in the context of the persistent deployment of Pindo nuclear weapons on the territory of some NATO vassals and the continued practice of the so-called joint nuclear missions.

Rather than embracing a policy of “flexible first strike,” Lavrov suggested that Pindostan work with Russia to re-confirm “the Gorbachev-Reagan formula, which says that there can be no winners in a nuclear war and it should never be unleashed.” This proposal was made 18 months ago, Lavrov noted, and yet Pindostan has yet to respond. Complicating matters further are the ‘Defender 2020’ NATO military exercises underway in Europe, involving tens of thousands of Pindo grunts in one of the largest training operations since the end of the Cold War. The fact that these exercises are taking place at a time when the issue of Pindo nuclear weapons and NATO’s doctrine regarding their employment against Russia is being actively tracked by senior Russian authorities only highlights the danger posed.

On Feb 6, Russian CCoS Gerasimov met with Wolters to discuss ‘Defender 2020’ and concurrent Russian military exercises to be held nearby to deconflict their respective operations and avoid any unforeseen incidents. This meeting was held prior to the reports about a Pindo/NATO nuclear wargame targeting Russian forces going public, and prior to Wolters’ statement about “flexible first use” of NATO nuclear weapons. In light of these events, Gerasimov met with French CCoS Lecointre to express Russia’s concerns over NATO’s military moves near the Russian border, especially the Defender 2020 exercise which was, General Gerasimov noted, “held on the basis of anti-Russian scenarios and envisages training for offensive operations.” Gerasimov’s concerns cannot be viewed in isolation, but rather must be considered in the overall historical context of NATO-Russian relations. Back in 1983, the then-USSR was extremely concerned about a series of realistic NATO exercises known as ‘Able Archer ‘83’ which prefigured Defender 2020 in both scope and scale. Like Defender 2020, Able Archer ‘83 saw the deployment of tens of thousands of Pindo forces into Europe, where they assumed an offensive posture before transitioning into a command-post exercise involving the employment of NATO nuclear weapons against a Soviet target. So concerned was Moscow about these exercises and the possibility that NATO might use them as a cover for an attack against Soviet forces in East Germany that the Soviet nuclear forces were placed on high alert. Historians have since observed that the threat of nuclear war between Pindostan and the USSR was at that time the highest it had been since the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. Pindo & NATO boxtops would do well to recall the danger to Euro & world security posed by the “Able Archer ‘83” exercise and the potential for Soviet miscalculations when assessing the concerns expressed by Gerasimov today. The unprecedented concentration of offensive NATO military power on Russia’s border, coupled with the cavalier public embrace by Wolters of a “flexible first strike” nuclear posture by NATO, has more than replicated the threat model presented by Able Archer ’83. In this context, it would not be a stretch to conclude that the threat of nuclear war between the US and Russia is the highest it has been since Able Archer ’83.

Black Pindostan, Endless War and the Evil Genius of Russiagate
Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report, Feb 27 2020

Glen Ford delivered the following remarks to last weekend’s conference of the United National Anti-War Coalition (UNAC), at the People’s Forum in NYC.

Power to the People. Most of us in this room consider ourselves socialists of one kind or another, and all of us claim to be anti-imperialists. And most of us have been talking about the global “crisis of capitalism” for most of our adult lives. There is no doubt that capitalism is in crisis. Many of the contradictions of capitalism have become acute. We can show that in many, many ways, by the numbers. For example, the notional value of derivatives contracts is between ten and twenty times the gross product of the entire world economy. Surely, that is an indication of crisis, and portends catastrophic events to come. Certainly, capitalism is in a crisis of legitimacy. Young people don’t believe in it anymore. They see no future for themselves in this system, and are explicitly rejecting it. We can show that by the numbers, too. Polls show about half of young people have a favorable view of socialism, or consider themselves socialists. They may not be clear about what socialism is, but they do know that they oppose the system of capitalism that they live under. They don’t think that these oligarchs have a right to rule over them and to determine what kind of lives they will lead. That is a crisis of legitimacy. But crises of legitimacy do not, by themselves, bring down the system. It is a sign that the people are not happy. Mass unhappiness may bring down an administration, but it doesn’t necessarily change a system one bit. The people may grow tired of endless wars. The people of Pindostan certainly are tired of the endess wars that have multiplied in the 21st century. The polls show it. People that call themselves Demagogs and those that call themselves Thugs, all are tired of endless war. We see this war weariness in surprising places. Back in 2016, when Donald Trump was running for president, he claimed to be opposed to Pindo regime change wars, and that he wanted to pursue peaceful relations with Russia. He didn’t mean it, but he said it. Trump said he wanted peaceful relations with Russia and a halt to Pindo regime change wars. And his constituency, which has historically been the most pro-war, did not bat an eye when he said these things. Maybe that’s because Trump supporters’ were instead looking forward to bashing Mexicans and Blacks, here at home. I don’t know. But, at any rate, Trump’s supporters seemed to accept, if not embrace, his peace rhetoric during the 2016 campaign. And that scared the Hell out of Trump’s fellow oligarchs and the National Security State, because if Trump’s Republican supporters were not Gung Ho for endless war, then, where is the mass constituency for Pindo wars? Maybe it doesn’t exist.

The national security state was in a quandary. If Trump was serious about pursuing good relations with Russia, then how can Pindostan keep up its pressure to freeze Russia out of Europe, and to keep the Ukrainian Nazi regime in a constant state of war against its own Russian-speaking population? The War Party, which is both Demagog & Thug, had worked hard to put Pindostan back on a constant war footing, after Bush 43 was forced to withdraw from Iraq. Their instrument to get the endless wars back on track was Obama, who fooled the people into believing he was a peace candidate, and then continued all of 43’s Wars and started a whole series of his own, this time, using Islamic Jihadis as his foot-soldiers. Trump, of course, was never a peacenik. It may be that Trump only opposed regime change wars because Barack Obama had been for regime change, and that Trump only made noise about getting friendly with Russia because Obama had destroyed relations with Moscow. Who knows? Who can say what is on Trump’s mind at any given moment? But the bipartisan War Party and the National Security State were thrown into a panic. They decided that Donald Trump could not be trusted with the keys to the empire. So, they all piled into Hillary Clinton’s over-stuffed campaign tent. For the first time ever, current and former heads of the CIA got directly involved in presidential election politics, as Democrats. When Trump won victory in the Electoral College, the CIA produced a document claiming the Russians and Wikileaks had tried to rig the election. In doing this, the Demagogs and the National Security State created a real crisis of legitimacy for the whole bourgeois democratic system, in order to delegitimize, not just the Trump administration, but all dissent in Pindostan. The Democrats became the more aggressive War Party, and the party of censorship and fear-mongering: The New McCarthyite Party.

So now, the corporate electoral duopoly consists of a Thug White Man’s Party, whose organizing principle is white supremacy, and a Demagog Warmongering Party, whose organizing principle these days is bashing Russia, and sliming dissidents as dupes of Russia. And, right at the core of that Demagog Party is Black Pindostan, which has historically been the most pro-peace constituency in the nation, and at the forefront of leftish dissent. This new posture for the Democratic Party has created a bizarre Black Demagog politics. It has made the Black Misleadership Class more ridiculous and cartoonish than they have ever been. The most pitiful, is Maxine Waters, the Black congresswoman from Los Angeles who not so long ago was denouncing the CIA for bringing crack cocaine to her city. The corporate media called her crazy, back then, but Maxine was in her right mind about the CIA and in sync with the thinking of most Black Pindos. But now she really is a loon, strutting around waving Pindo flags and encouraging white people to call her Auntie Maxine, as if she is oblivious to the historical connotations of that word. Auntie is the female of Uncle, as in Uncle Tom. Maxine Waters and most of the rest of the Black Demagog political class have become Aunties and Uncles for Pindo Empire. That is in direct opposition to the historical totality of Black American politics, which has always been for social justice and peace. But, such are the contortions that the Black Misleadership Class must engage in to find its place in the chow line of the ruling class during this crisis of legitimacy.

This turn towards war by the Black Misleadership Class was set in motion, not by Trump, who is anathema in Black America, but by Barack Obama, the First Black President. Before Obama, and for all of Black history on this continent, Black people have been supremely skeptical of the motives of the Pindo government and its wars against people of color around the world. War propaganda and the demonization of peoples targeted by the United States, did not work among Black Americans. We knew that the Pindo powers-that-be constantly lied about us, and that they were probably lying about the people they were invading and bombing. Our anti-war posture was homegrown, because we were the eternal domestic victims of Pindo coercive power, from white mobs and white media and the police. You don’t have to be as old as I am to remember when, in Black conversations about Pindo wars, it wasn’t “What are WE doing over there?” but rather, “What are THEY doing killing folks” in other people’s countries? We didn’t identify with the Pindo war machine. Black organizations were early opponents of the Vietnam War. SNCC was anti-war before the first Pindo troop buildup. Malcolm X opposed all this country’s wars. MLK broke with LBJ to denounce the war. The Black Panther Party proclaimed revolutionary solidarity with the Vietnamese, and with all people’s struggling against Pindo imperialism. The heavily Black Pindo Army in Vietnam refused to be cannon-fodder. Black troops fought pitched battles with white military police in Da Nang and other places. They burned down the military prison in Long Binh, because Pindo “military justice” is also mass Black incarceration, just like the Pindo civilian system. They took out officers and NCOs in what were called fraggings. Black troops made the Pindo Army in Vietnam useless. By 1970, the JCoS were demanding an all-volunteer army, so that they could recruit the kind of solders that would do their bidding.

In the late Sixties my unit, the 82nd Airborne Division, was 60% Black, as were other elite units. By the time of the Iraq War, the 82nd had become the whitest division in the Pindo Army. Blacks still made up 20% of the Pindo military, but they were now mainly in support units, not the combat-arms line units. The Pentagon knows full well that Black Pindostan has never been gung-ho for war. Near the beginning of the Iraq War, Black mothers began urging their sons and daughters not to enlist. The Army’s top brass was thrown into a panic. Black enlistment dropped dramatically. They called it “The Black Mothers’ Strike” against the war. Two weeks before Bush 43 invaded Iraq, Zogby conducted a survey. They asked:

Would you be in favor of a Pindo invasion of Iraq if it resulted in the death of thousands of Iraqi civilians?

Big majorities of whites said yes, go ahead and invade. 16% of Hispanic Pindos said they supported an invasion, even if it kills thousands of civilians. But only 7% of Black Pindos were for an invasion that would wreak such carnage. Blacks remained in overwhelming opposition throughout the Iraq War. But then came Obama. For the first time, Black people identified with the Commander-in-Chief of Pindo Empire. When Obama threatened to bomb Syria, supposedly in retaliation for a chemical weapons attackk that was actually staged by the Islamic jihadis that Obama had deployed as foot-soldiers of empire, another poll was taken. It showed, for the first time in Pindo polling history, that Blacks were more in favor of bombing Syria, than whites. Only a minority of all Pindos favored the bombing. But 38% of Blacks went along with Obama’s proposed air strike, versus about 36% of whites, if my memory serves me. Even though Black majorities were not in favor of Obama’s war on Syria, his very presence in the White House created a huge distortion in Black views on war and peace. For that, and many other reasons, we at Black Agenda Report were glad to see Obama go. We hoped that Black Pindostan would return to its historical consensus in favor of social justice and peace. And we were confident that that consensus remains largely intact among the masses of Black Pindos. However, the Demagogs, who are now the most aggressive war party, have succeeded in linking Donald Trump to Russia, and then lumping all critics of Pindo war-making with Russia and thereby with Trump. That’s the evil genius of Russiagate, a CIA-concocted lie designed to maintain the momentum of Obama’s military offensive around the planet, without Obama. Fortunately, we now have a fighting organization that upholds the historical Black consensus against imperial wars, and connects these wars to the militarized oppression of Black and brown people here at home. The Black Alliance for Peace fills a huge void that has existed since the loss of Black Voices for Peace. Russiagate presents the peace movement in general, and Black anti-war forces in particular, with unique difficulties. The Black Misleadership Class is all-in with the CIA and the Pentagon. But the masses of Black folks still identify with the oppressed people of the world, and see themselves as among the global oppressed. Black Pindos remain anti-imperialist at their core. And they are more pro-socialist than any other ethnicity. That’s a winning combination. Power to the People!

Margaret Kimberley and most of the BAR team spoke at the publication’s 13th anniversary celebration, Oct 26, at the People’s Forum in NYC. The event was dedicated to the memory of BAR co-founder Bruce Dixon, who died in June.

Glen Ford’s speech to the UNAC conference can be seen here. For compete video coverage of the UNAC conference on Friday, click here. For Saturday’s conference events, click here. For Sunday’s conference events, click here.

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