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Coalition Departs K1 Airbase in Kirkuk
Sputnik, Mar 29 2020

FASCHINGSTEIN – The coalition forces led by Pindostan officially transferred K1 Air Base in the northern Iraqi province of Kirkuk to the Iraqi Armed Forces on Sunday. Brig-Gen Vincent Barker, the sustainment director of CJTF-OIR said:

K1 has served as a critical location for the Coalition, the ISF and Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service in the fight to find and destroy Daesh safe havens in the rugged Hamrin Mountains. It will continue to be a key location in our partnered efforts to eliminate the evils of Daesh. Today’s transfer was coordinated with the Government of Iraq and is possible thanks to the efforts and successes of our ISF partners.

The coalition cited a successful campaign against Daesh by the Iraqi military as the reason behind the transfer of K1 and said that the move was pre-planned and unrelated to the spread of COVID-19 in the Middle Eastern country or recent attacks by Shi’ite militias against Iraqi bases hosting foreign troops.

Pindostan gave Iraq base K1
Colonel Cassad, Mar 29 2020

Pindostan officially handed over to the Iraqi armed forces base K1 in the Kirkuk area. From the base evacuated 300 people, part of the equipment handed over to the Iraqi military. In fact, after the shelling of the base in Dec 2019 (when killed Pindo contractor) began a chain of events with impacts at Abu Kemal, the storming of the Pindo Embassy in Baghdad, killing Gen Qassem Soleimani and Abu Muhandis, the decision of the Parliament of Iraq on the withdrawal of Pindo troops from Iraq, the impact of Iran on the basis of ‘Ayn al-Assad and systematic attacks on the Pindo Embassy and the Pindo bases.

Of course, this chain of events prompted Pindostan to the transfer of the military bases in Iraq (along with the K1 it should be noted the abandonment of the base in al-Qa’im).

It is quite clear that before the Iranian campaign, Pindostan had no plans to limit its military infrastructure, but circumstances have forced it to do so. This is an obvious way to optimize the military presence, getting rid of objects that are difficult to defend against missile attacks (and therefore equipment and personnel being moved to Iraqi Kurdistan, where Iran’s influence is not so great as in the rest of Iraq) and to cajole the Iraqi government, so it is not too insistent on a complete withdrawal.

Of course, the remaining Pindo bases and the Pindo Embassy will continue to be shelled, as the aim of Iran remains the same, namely a complete withdrawal of Pindo troops and NATO from Iraq. Pressure on green zone and Pindo military bases is a tool that, as we have seen, has brought Iran some dividends.

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