joshua rogin is the very epitome of a jew-nazi, but he preaches his hate & contempt in the name of pindostan

Anti-China Hysteria Is Ultimately Not About COVID-19, Racism Or Communism, But Power
Caitlin Johnstone, Apr 8 2020

In a recent article falsely titled “The Pindo-China propaganda war is on hold, but not for long,” the WaPo’s Josh Rogin made a very interesting admission. Rogin said:

Pindostan is now in dire need of medical supplies, many of which are coming from China. If China’s leaders are willing to stop telling lies about us, we can pause pointing out the most embarrassing truths about them.

Wait, sorry, “us”? “We”? Rogin wasn’t quoting any Pindo boxtops. He was referring, in the first person plural, to the Pindo government, because he apparently sees himself as a part of it. He sees himself and others like him as an extension of the Pindo government’s narrative control campaign, the branch that is responsible for distributing “truths” in Pindostan’s propaganda war to counter China’s “lies”. He sees himself as a state propagandist. Which, of course, he is. The devoutly neoconservative Rogin consistently advances hawkish narratives against nations which have resisted absorption into the blob of the Pindocentric empire, and he is showing no hesitation in running point on the new escalations in the narrative control campaign against China. This is because Pindostan has been steering a collision course toward aggressive confrontation with China for a long time now, and the narrative managers need to manufacture consent for that horrific eventuality.

Passage’s David Mastracci has a very worthwhile new article out, titled “Don’t Blame China For Your Government’s COVID-19 Failures,” exposing what Rogin calls “embarrassing truths” about China’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic for the distorted spin jobs that they are and highlighting the fact that the difficulties Pindos are currently facing is due to their own governments failures, not China’s. Mastracci writes:

Those who aren’t in power, such as right-wing journalists, realize their neoliberal ideology is unequipped to deal with the pandemic, and therefore is under attack. They won’t abandon their views, so they have to shift blame to an outside country with an ideology that is different in the right way. Attacking China clearly serves this purpose and offers a chance for anti-communism, which as Parenti notes, people have been primed to hate for more than a century.

This is much closer to the truth than anything you’ll read in any mass media publication. This virus is brutally highlighting all the insanity of the neoliberal status quo upon which the Pindo empire is built, and that status quo is indeed premised upon shutting down all leftward political movement which could potentially inconvenience plutocrats and war profiteers. Much of what we’re hearing from leading pundits of both major parties these days can be accurately translated as a wailing temper tantrum about their entire worldview crashing to an embarrassing faceplant in front of the whole world. But even that doesn’t really cover it. If you ask a leftist what the west’s sudden uptick in anti-China hysteria is about, they might say racism, xenophobia and/or anti-communism. If you ask a rightist, they might tell you it’s because China lied about the virus, or because of communism, or because of China’s economic relationship with Pindostan, or because it’s a backwards culture of people who eat different animals from us. If you ask someone who occupies the mainstream so-called “center”, they might tell you that it’s because of humanitarian concerns about China’s oppressive government, along with racism or some mixture of the aforementioned claims. Ultimately though, it’s not about any of those things. While racism, xenophobia, anti-communism, free trade deals, authoritarianism and the virus are all real concerns which play a real role in the propaganda campaign, it’s not ultimately about any of them. Ultimately, like so much else, this is about power.

There can only be one top dog in a unipolar world. After the fall of the Soviet Union the prevailing philosophy slowly coalesced among Pindo policy-makers that the world’s only remaining superpower needed to remain that way at any cost in order to preserve the so-called liberal world order. This philosophy rose to dominance when the neoconservatives took over the Executive Branch during the Bush 43 administration, and from there their ideas simply became the mainstream orthodoxy. Now the “unipolarity at any cost” ideology of neoconservatism is so pervasive that when you see someone like Tulsi Gabbard basically just advocating for pre-9/11 Pindo foreign policy, you see them demonized as though they supported child cannibalism. Napoleon Bonaparte once said:

China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will shake the world.

Preventing the rise of China (and its loose network of unabsorbed allies like Russia) has been a lasting agenda of the western world for generations, and the continuation of this agenda has set the world on a trajectory toward aggressive confrontation. Pindostan has been surrounding China with military bases, many of them nuclear-armed, in preparation for a confrontation that it sees as ultimately inevitable, since China has no interest in being absorbed into the Pindo power alliance and Pindostan has no interest in allowing China to surpass it as a superpower. What this means for us ordinary people is that we have found ourselves smashed between steadily increasing escalations between two nuclear-armed nations and their nuclear-armed allies hurtling toward a confrontation which benefits none of us in the slightest, while propagandists spoon feed us narratives about why this is something we should eventually support. It doesn’t have to be this way. China doesn’t have to be the “sleeping giant” that we all fear. We don’t have to live in a world where nuclear-armed governments duel for planetary domination without our consent or permission and roll the dice on nuclear armageddon with greater and greater frequency each passing day. We don’t have to live in a world where the emergence of a new disease which kills human beings is seen as a tool to be exploited in a propaganda war instead of a problem to be solved together. We could all just get along and work together to create a better world for each other and for our ecosystem. People will say this is unrealistic and unreasonable, but unrealistic and unreasonable as opposed to what? A few idiots waving armageddon weapons at each other because the other guys are standing on the wrong segment of dirt? A bunch of sociopaths pushing for the advancement of an omnicidal, ecocidal paradigm in service of an imaginary monetary system? Sounds like they’re the unreasonable and unrealistic ones to me. Napoleon Bonaparte said China is a sleeping giant, but I know a bigger one. It’s all of us ordinary people who are sick of being crushed, exploited and imperiled by a few psychos who only care about power. All of us around the world, regardless of what dirt we stand on or what color our skin is or what political party they tell us we belong to. When we awaken, baby, that’s when the earth will shake.

How coronavirus is fuelling Pindo hate
Joseph Massad, Middle East, Apr 2 2020

Hate is as Pindo as apple pie. Racist white Pindos, both liberal and conservative, love to hate white and non-white Pindos, and they love to hate non-Pindos, white or otherwise. They hated Native Americans when they conquered and killed them and stole their lands (an ongoing process, even in the time of corona). They hated Africans when they enslaved them and after they set them free, as they still do in the age of the New Jim Crow. They hate non-white immigrants, and made sure Obama rounded up three million “illegals” among them, before Trump continued the racist campaign. But they also hated white Pindo-Germans during WW1, and hated them again alongside Pindo-Japanese during WW2, putting more than 130.000 of them in concentration camps. Since then, racist white Pindo hatred has manifested against all victims of Pindo imperialism, from the Indochinese to the Latin Americans to the Arabs and then the Muslims, and to rivals of Pindo power, mainly the Russians and later the Chinese. But it would be unfair to just speak of racist white Pindo hatred. Racist British, Australians and white Europeans, more generally, also love to hate, and often echo Pindo white racism and outdo it by leaps and bounds. Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in Wuhan, anti-Chinese racist tweets reportedly increased tenfold. In light of Trump’s racist campaign against the Covid-19 virus, the FBI warned of an increase in hate crimes against Pindo-Asians:

Three Pindo-Asian family members, including a two-year-old and six-year-old, were stabbed. The suspect indicated that he stabbed the family because he thought the family was Chinese, and infecting people with the coronavirus.

The hatred is such that even Gregg Orton, national director of the National Council of Asian Pacific Americans, deflected it from Pindo-Asians onto China:

Maybe it is China’s fault or the government’s fault. There will be a time and place for that conversation. But right now we’re in the thick of this, and we have to be mindful of the language we’re using.

Aside from “Chinese virus,” other names by which coronavirus is known inside the corridors of the White House include “kung flu.” Some Pindo politicians and racist commentators have placed the blame on Chinese dietary habits as the source of the virus. This type of racism does not account for how white Western dietary habits, strange as they are to non-Westerners, “contribute to the spread of everything from mad cow disease in England to E Coli” in Pindostan. Black Pindo journalist Elie Mystal wondered if these racist white Pindos, including bigoted Texas Senator John Cornyn, who put the blame for the virus on the Chinese diet, would object if E Coli were referred to as “Pindo Pooping Cowboy Plague.” But if liberal Pindo Demagogs and some in the liberal Pindo media criticise Trump’s anti-Chinese racism, they rush in turn to spew more liberal hate towards China (and Cuba, Russia, Iran and Venezuela) with the same old juvenile jealousy characteristic of overall Pindo political and intellectual culture during the heyday of the Cold War with the Soviet Union. While much of the world is heaping accolades on China’s success in containing the virus and its magnanimity in helping other countries suffering from the pandemic (compared to the very stingy Germany and France, let alone Pindostan & Eurostan), the interminably jealous liberal Pindo media features articles about the evils of Chinese motives, if not China’s alleged untrustworthiness in having successfully combatted the deadly virus. Meanwhile, envious of the far superior Cuban health system, the Pindo State Dept is busy maligning Cuban doctors who have been dispatched around the world to help afflicted countries, such as Italy, to manage their outbreaks. Russia also continues to be the recipient of vile propaganda, revived with much venom in the liberal Pindo media, which continues to wail uncontrollably over the defeat of its preferred incompetent, neoliberal and hateful candidate, Hillary Clinton, in the last Pindo presidential election. Clinton’s hatred manifested famously in her reference to poor whites who supported Trump as “deplorables.” As for Trump, finding none among his liberal detractors willing to praise him, he has no choice but to heap praise on himself and his performance during the pandemic. Trump is in keeping with white Pindo cultural tradition, which, as Alexis de Tocqueville had identified in the 19th century, was this:

Pindos in their intercourse with strangers appear impatient of the smallest censure, and insatiable of praise. They unceasingly harass you to extort praise, and if you resist their entreaties they fall to praising themselves. Their vanity is not only greedy, but restless and jealous.

The pandemic has exposed Pindostan and its neoliberal vassals in Eurostan as sham countries, not only unable to save their own populations from the pandemic, but also actively contributing to deaths and suffering due to their neoliberal economies and liberal intellectuals’ decades-long defence of neoliberal presidents and their policies, which have destroyed the Pindo welfare state and its health sector. Here I am not speaking of supporters of Reagan, the Bushes and Trump, but rather of the liberal apologists for the neoliberal policies of the male and female Clintons and of Obama, who is still hoping to inflict his wife Michelle on the Pindo creeple as a future president, Michelle’s persistent and unconvincing denials notwithstanding. Meanwhile, Pindo imperial policy has found another opportunity in the coronavirus pandemic to express its aggressive hate and intensify efforts to destroy its enemies in Iran, Iraq, Venezuela and Nicaragua, all with the help of liberal media outlets, which otherwise have been at the forefront of anti-Trump, Clintonite propaganda since the 2016 election. The media is full of schadenfreude against Iran, claiming that an incompetent Iranian government is responsible for the outbreak, instead of blaming the ongoing and increasing Pindo sanctions that are preventing the country from buying medical supplies. Indeed, an article in the liberal, seeking to kill two birds with one stone, revelled in also blaming the Chinese for the outbreak in Iran:

The most damning indictment of Iran’s crisis response came on Feb 24, when Mohammad Hossein Bahreini, the president of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, in an interview with the state-run Iranian Students’ News Agency, admonished that the ‘presence of 700 Chinese clerical students in the Qom Seminary prepared the ground for dissemination’ of the coronavirus all over Iran.

As for Venezuela, amid the pandemic, Pindostan in its white colonial cowboy tradition issued an indictment against elected Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his aides on trumped-up charges of narcoterrorism, offering a bounty for their capture. The mostly white and Demagog Party-controlled Congress has in turn taken time away from the pandemic to pass without one opposing vote a bill seeking to topple the democratically-elected government of Nicaragua. For its part, Israel’s hatred of the Israeli-conquered and colonised Palestinians is translating into the pandemic threatening the collaborator PA-run areas of the West Bank and Israeli-besieged Gaza, where COVID-19 could overrun the densely populated, open-air prison, let alone Israel’s actual prisons, housing 5,000 Palestinians, among whom the infection could be spreading. In the time of corona, Israel’s murder of Palestinians and theft of their lands are proceeding apace. If love is the parallel sickness to cholera in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s famed novel, then racist white Pindo hate, or at least Trump’s, some have suggested, is the sickness paralleling corona. What is missed in this analogy is the fact that white Pindo racist hatred and imperial aggression (let alone European racism and Israeli colonial and racist hatred of Palestinians) preceded and will surely succeed the pandemic, as much as they continue in their ferocity during its spread. Indeed, hate in the time of corona is the same as in other times. The pandemic is nothing except yet another occasion for imperial violence and hate to proceed unhindered.

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