while english cops order people out of their own front gardens…

Flights Continue To Stream Into Uk From Cv Hotspots. There Are No Checks On Passengers
Skwakbox, Apr 10 2020

Heathrow’s latest coronavirus safety video makes clear there are no temperature checks, except on some passengers leaving the UK. Although it would surely astonish many UK citizens enduring lock-down because of the wildfire spread of the deadly coronavirus, flights continue to stream into the UK, including many from global virus hotspots such as Madrid and New York. It would surely shock those people even more to realise that there are still no health checks on passengers arriving from them, not even a temperature check, except on some passengers leaving the country. The Heathrow Airport coronavirus ‘FAQ’ page confirms that this is the case, and that nothing is being done except to recommend passengers wash their hands and keep 2 metres apart:

As the page explains, Public Health England is telling airports not to conduct temperature checks, and passengers are simply allowed straight onto the capital’s public transport system once they clear passport checks, and then on to their destinations anywhere across the country:

The government is insisting that its ‘herd immunity’ strategy has been abandoned, even though the truth keeps surfacing. But while the UK endures lock-down, the Tories are doing nothing to prevent infected passengers from entering the country, even those arriving from the worst-hit places, and travelling on public transport crowded with essential workers. Herd immunity is alive and well. Because of government decisions, many more people in the UK will not be.

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