there’s a riot goin’ on, in portland, oregon

(52 minutes!)

Police ‘army’ blasts non-lethal rounds at BLM protesters in Portland as riot declared, Jul 3 2020

For the second night in three days, Portland police have declared a riot in the city, opening fire on protesters with non-lethal munitions outside the Multnomah County Justice Center. The demonstration had remained peaceful throughout the night but then all hell broke loose when, at 11:45pm local time, a group of protesters set fire to a piece of wood, prompting a police response which escalated as people refused to leave the area and continued protesting. Eyewitness video from the scene purports to show that police stationed at the courthouse were surrounded by angry protesters hurling insults and missiles. The besieged police responded by opening fire with pepper bullets. “Army shooting us,” claimed one eyewitness at the scene. The situation was officially declared a riot at 11:53pm local time, as police claimed there were several people “starting fires, throwing rocks, pointing lasers and launching projectiles with slingshots at officers.” It was the second time in three days that a riot was declared in the city. Police deployed tear gas and other crowd control munitions as they cleared the streets of protesters. Demands for judicial and criminal justice reform, as well as the defunding of the police among others, have been made repeatedly across Pindostan since Minneapolis police killed George Floyd in late May.

Firework explodes in protester’s face as Portland riot continues into early hours, JUl 3 2020

Several hundred people gathered in downtown Portland for protests which, though initially peaceful, morphed into a riot complete during which mortars were fired and knives were thrown. There was some collateral damage as one protester was injured by a firework in an incident captured in eyewitness video from the scene. Police allege the protesters unleashed “commercial-grade fireworks” throughout Thursday evening and Friday morning’s unrest, and even published images of what they allege was a “mortar” exploding outside the city’s Justice Center. At 11:42 pm on Thursday, police claim protesters began firing projectiles including “large rocks, full cans, and bottles” with slingshots, triggering a firefight with police who used non-lethal munitions to disperse the crowd. Police claim that protesters began lighting fires at the same time as they deployed the “commercial-grade fireworks” on Southwest Main Street. Authorities said in a statement:

To protect the life and safety of personnel both inside and outside of the Federal Court House, at 11:52pm, a riot was declared.

Several arrests were made at this point in the night, though exact figures were not provided. During these confrontations, authorities claim an open pocket knife was thrown at officers. At approximately 12:46am local time, protesters returned to the courthouse and opened fire with “mortars.” A small fire broke out inside the building where the glass doors had been shattered in previous clashes. Crowd control munitions were deployed again and further arrests were made. Police claim that no CS gas was used during the protest, which was ongoing at the time of writing.


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