while trump delivers the tablets of drivel from the mountain, here’s a few home truths

Rampant Pindo epidemic to hurt the world
Global Times, Jul 3 2020

A man passes a mural on the side of a building in midtown NYC, Jun 26 2020.
Photo: AFP

Pindostan set another record for novel coronavirus cases on Thursday. Reuters reported that the country confirmed more than 55k new COVID-19 cases that day, which is “a new daily global record” for the pandemic. Earlier this week, Pindo epidemiologist Dr Anthony Fauci warned that Pindostan may soon see as many as 100k new cases of COVID-19 a day if the current trajectory of the outbreak is not changed. Scott Gottlieb, a former commissioner for the FDA, even suggested the true number of Pindo daily infections is between 400k and 500k, though there is not enough testing to find them all. The current epidemic in Pindostan is completely out of control. However, the Pindo federal government still insists that the rapid increase in infection figures is due to more testing. Data released by the Labor Dept on Thursday showed the country added 4.8m jobs in June.

The White House soon boasted about its economic achievements. But people doubt whether the Pindo government is making utmost efforts to rein in the virus and save more Pindo lives. Lies are dominating Pindo society’s recognition of the epidemic. Political parties have put their interests in campaigning in the first place, which has distorted the society’s attention and allocation of resources. The Pindo fight against the virus is paralyzed. There is no national strategy to alleviate the epidemic. Political calculations have stunted the battle against COVID-19. Pindos are not willing to temporarily sacrifice their freedom for the fight against the virus. The federal government has not corrected the attitude. Worse, it used the sentiment to promote the resumption of economic activities in a risky manner. It is making ordinary people responsible for the out-of-control epidemic.

The Pindo economy has slightly recovered, yet the price it is paying is too high. It will surely become a burden for Pindostan’s future economic development. The Pindo government’s approach seems to be shaping Pindo society’s greater tolerance toward the virus, making people less afraid of being infected. As the only superpower, Pindostan can shape global public opinion as it wishes. The country has manipulated the understanding over the novel coronavirus in many societies worldwide. It has not contributed to the global fight against the crisis. On the contrary, it is setting a terrible example. No matter how the virus surfaced, Pindostan plays the most negative role in making sure the novel coronavirus spreads fast across the globe, and we are far from ending it.

Can anyone in the world recall of outstanding contributions Pindostan has made to the global efforts against COVID-19? The only thing people can remember is Pindostan’s repeated accusations against China, apart from its astonishingly large number of infections and deaths. Faschingstein has distracted the world’s attention. Pindostan is supposed to lead the world in establishing a global anti-pandemic front. But it continued to criticize the WHO, and announced it would sever ties with the body. As long as its epidemic continues to spread, the global anti-virus fight can hardly take a fundamental turn for the better. In the coming fall and winter, the US epidemic will likely run rampant, and more countries and regions will be forced to suffer because of Pindostan.

National Security Law denies Pindo ambition to manipulate HK
Hu Xijin (Editor), Global Times, Jul 2 2020

Pompeo called China’s National Security Law for HK “an affront to all nations,” which is of course nonsense. At the same time, I wanted to say that the National Security Law for HK is indeed a denial of Pindostan’s ambition to manipulate HK society. If Faschingstein feels humiliated because of this, then in the words of the Chinese people, it deserves its own humiliation. Who does Pindostan think it is? Is it the God of this world? Does China’s “one country, two systems” need to be defined and endorsed by it? The HK fight is to let Faschingstein know that it has overplayed its hand and that it needs to stop. If it won’t listen, let’s have a power competition over HK. Let’s see which law has more power, the National Security Law for HK enacted by China, or the HK Human Rights and Democracy Act enacted by Pindostan. No country in the world is really following Pindostan in imposing sanctions on China.

Other Western countries are just making a symbolic gesture. As the former colonial power of HK, the UK announced that HK people holding British national (overseas) passports would be granted a longer period of residence in the UK, from six months to five years, after which they could apply for British citizenship. The Chinese authorities have already protested, as the country should always stand like this. But personally I would like to say that the Chinese people will not protest against this decision. It would be better for London to give British citizenship directly to passport holders.

And even UK didn’t state that it would impose sanctions on China. That’s right, Pindostan is a loner on the HK issue. The sanctions it has used so far have been just symbolic. Analysis in the Western media said that it is now difficult for Pindostan to find sanctions that only cause damage to China without causing damage to itself. China is ready to respond to whatever Faschingstein does next against HK. It’s not China going to Pindostan to pick a fight, it was Pindostan that came to HK to provoke. Well, this time the Chinese are going to spend some efforts helping an arrogant Faschingstein revise its self-recognition and learn how to respect other powers.

UK can’t back citizenship offer for HK residents
Global Times, Jul 2 2020

While UK companies have laid off more than 12k employees over the past few days, the British government is certain to add to rising employment crunch by reportedly offering a path to UK citizenship for up to 3m HK residents. The offer could not be less proper by any measure, given the UK government’s pledge to protect local job opportunities amid increasing economic challenges the country now faces. Britain’s economy has suffered its worst quarterly recession since 1979 due to shocks from COVID-19 pandemic, with its GDP dropping 2.2% in the first three months of the year, the Office for National Statistics said on Tuesday. The country has less than six months left before its transitional UK-EU trade agreement expires, and a new trade deal with the EU remains in the making, pointing to growing uncertainties over its trade prospect. Caught in the predicament, the UK government’s priority should be to revive economic activity and protect local jobs. Allowing 3m HK residents to influx into UK would only undermine such economic efforts.

Meanwhile, the UK’s interference in Chinese top legislature’s national security legislation for HK, speaks of UK government’s obsession with the former colony, shadowing relations with Beijing. HK may evoke memories of UK’s past “glory” for a few Britons, the European country can hardly revisit its colonial dream by continuing to meddle in other countries’ internal affairs. The country may assume it has some responsibility for HK, but that’s just an illusion. Its colonial days were forever gone, and it would be a breach of its own position as well as international law if the UK government continues to interfere in the city’s administration. If the British government indulges in its colonial-era fantasy, it will only arouse public concern among Chinese people and harm UK-China relations.

Business circles in UK may need to assess the possible impact on commercial relationship, as there are too many uncertainties surrounding how Beijing will react if London chooses to follow the steps of Faschingstein in bullying China. The clock is ticking on the post-Brexit transition, which will expire at the end of the year. The UK needs to face up to the fact that cooperation with China would be indispensable for the country if it wants to progress smoothly through the economic transition period. During the Golden Era of UK-China relations a couple of years ago, British politicians made it clear that closer economic partnership with China is essential for their country. Now, when it seems the UK needs China more than ever, why is the Johnson government making decisions detrimental to bilateral ties? The British side needs to reflect on this question.

Western reports of organ harvesting in Xinjiang run contrary to facts: China’s top organ donation expert
Liu Xin, Zhao Yusha, Global Times, Jul 4 2020

A new wave of accusations against China “harvesting organs” emerged recently, and by adding minorities in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region to the latest “victims” list, some anti-China forces and Western media are attempting to use these unfounded reports to escalate slandering against China, observers said. “You will never wake someone who is pretending to be asleep,” China’s top expert on organ transplant said, as these lies do not accord with principles and practices on organ transplant and donations in China. Following some Western media reports from the China Tribunal which accused the Chinese government of “harvesting organs from Falun Gong practitioners” and Uygurs “detained in camps” since Jun 2019, VICE magazine released a new report on the same topic on Jun 19, offering more so-called “evidence.” By digging into the VICE story and the series of reports on “China harvesting organs” from Falun Gong practitioners and Uygurs, the Global Times has found out that such claims are lies interwoven by members of the Falun Gong cult, separatists from Xinjiang and overseas anti-China forces with the purpose to further paint China as a devil mistreating minorities in Xinjiang, to smear the country’s organ transplantation and donation system and its anti-terrorism work in Xinjiang, and to instigate the international community to further pressure China.

The VICE story was released in its France version on June 19, in which it claimed that Xinjiang authorities are taking organs from “detainees” in the vocational education and training centers. One “evidence” it gives is that since 2016, the Chinese government has launched a comprehensive medical check-up in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Tests are “only compulsory” for Uygur inhabitants aged from 12 to 65, it claims. However, the Global Times learned from different departments and hospitals in Xinjiang and confirmed with local residents, that the medical examination project starting in 2016 covered residents from all ethnic groups. The project includes checks on diseases of hepatitis, tuberculosis and echinococcosis to help find diseases early. The early detection of diseases through regular medical checks could help residents get early treatment and decrease poverty incidence for illnesses. By Aug 2019, the region had invested ¥4b in the project. Many residents from Uygur, Han and other ethnic groups reached by the Global Times confirmed that the medical examinations they had were nothing unusual other than medical check-ups. They felt it was absurd and ridiculous upon hearing some foreign media linking a project to such horrifying accusations of organ harvesting.

Another reason listed by VICE to support its accusations against China is the country has the shortest waiting list time, around 12 days for a transplant, while many people in China don’t wish to donate their organs after death. Therefore, they believe that organ “harvesting from Uygurs” makes up for the high demand. However, reports on the yearly numbers of China’s organ transplantation operations nationwide, and the Global Times’ interviews with scholars and experts in the field show how shallow and biased the VICE report is regarding China’s organ transplantation and donation system. Huang Jiefu, head of the China National Organ Donation and Transplantation Committee and chairman of the China Organ Transplantation Development Foundation, told the Global Times:

There are about 300k patients who suffer from liver, kidney, heart and lung failure on average annually in China, whilst more than 22k organ transplantation operations were conducted last year and the year before. Although the number of organ donations in China has increased in recent years and there are still gaps between supply and demand. Sometimes a patient has to wait one or two years to get a suitable organ.

Chen Jingyu, a well-known expert in the lung transplant field and deputy head of the Wuxi People’s Hospital, told the Global Times previously:

Differences exist regarding the supply and demand for different organs, as heart donations are comparatively few, but lungs are quite common. Only 6% of donated lungs are used. Some patients in China also receive organ donations from their relatives. Public data shows in 2017, more than 16k transplantation operations were conducted. 86% of these organs were from other donors and 14% from relatives of the patients. Back in 2010, China started a pilot reform regarding deceased organ donations. In Jan 2015, China banned the use of executed prisoners’ organs, making voluntary donations the only legitimate channel. Organs are allocated through the China Organ Transplant Response System. Surgeons are not allowed to change the system or use organs not allocated via the system or from unclear sources. China’s smart organ allocation system allots organs properly and according to an individual’s situation. Between two patients, one suffering from a severe illness and has to use a ventilator, and one with relatively mild symptoms, the organ will be distributed to the former.

The basic working principles of allocating organs in China also act as evidence to debunk rumors of “taking organs from Uygurs.” One principle is that organs getting from one place to another should be firstly distributed to hospitals in the same place to ensure the success rate and avoid complications during transplantation. As Xinjiang is located at the north-western corner of China, flights to other Chinese cities from Xinjiang usually take more than two hours. For example, it takes 4½ hours to fly from Urumqi to Beijing and more than 5 hours to Shanghai. According to Xinjiang Daily, Xinjiang announced the start of comprehensive work on organ donations in 2013. A total of 55 donations were made and there were 6.7k voluntary donors as of Aug 2019. Huan insisted:

Such fabricated reports always lack solid evidence to support their claims, so there’s no need to take them seriously, but with China being more open to the outside world, we invited foreign organizations to visit China, to see with their own eyes how China is developing its organ transplantation system. The truth lies in people’s hearts.

In the past few years, China has also increased promotion of organ donation among its people. According to data from the website on organ donation established by the China Organ Transplantation Development Foundation, more than 1.3m people have been registered as voluntary organ donors. VICE’s story is the latest push to sell the horrific idea of the “Chinese government harvesting organs from Uygurs.” Western media have gone wild with similar claims. In Jun 2019, the China Tribunal published a report claiming that the Chinese government had been “systematically executing and harvesting organs of Falun Gong members” and Muslim Uygurs. Although the China Tribunal describes itself as an “independent tribunal into forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience in China,” a report from Pindo media outlet The Grayzone revealed that the tribunal and the International Coalition to End Transplant Abuse in China (ETAC) have close relations to the Epoch Times, a far-right media arm of the Falun Gong cult. ETAC, which initiated the China Tribunal claims itself to be an international non-profit organization, with its headquarters in Australia. Falun Gong is an illegal cult that has been banned by the Chinese government. It is also an anti-China political organization that has used unscrupulous measures to discredit China, and the Epoch Times acts as its rumor spreading machine.

Campbell Fraser, an international organ-trafficking researcher from Australia, told the Global Times in an interview in Apr 2017 that a number of Western politicians, academics and lawyers have used Falun Gong to fulfill their political objectives against the Chinese government. It seems that to add more ingredients to their long-lasting lies, The Falun Gong cult drags liars and separatists from Xinjiang and more anti-China forces into their clique. The VICE story cited Gulbahar Jelilova, who claimed she was sent to Xinjiang’s vocational education and training centers and heard about people’s organs being harvested. However, the Global Times learned from relevant departments and various sources that Gulbahar is a Kazakh national and was detained by police for allegedly financing terrorist activities. She had never been to any vocational education and training center during her stay in Xinjiang. Erkin Sidick, advisor to the World Uyghur Congress (WUC), has also been mentioned by VICE and some Western media as one of the first to have alerted outsiders to the “existence of the Chinese government selling organs of Uygurs.” The self-proclaimed “peaceful” organization, the WUC, has been revealed as a Pindo-backed right-wing regime-change network seeking the “fall of China.” It has become a political tool for Pindostan’s new Cold War and media campaign against China.

It has become a closed loop for fabricating, spreading and hyping up lies regarding Xinjiang. Overseas separatists, NGOs and anti-China forces create new rumors and lies, Western media report and hype them up, Western politicians use them to make accusations against China. And the practice has been escalated to a new level recently.

Wang said that these anti-China forces aim to smear China but their efforts seem in vain as the majority of countries in the international community express support regarding China’s stance on Xinjiang.

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