pindostan, prostrate yet still roaring

Trump rails against Marxism and “international socialism”
Patrick Martin, WSWS, Jul 6 2020

Trump speaks during a “Salute to Pindostan” on the South Lawn
of the White House, Jul 4 2020. (Photo: Patrick Semansky/AP)

In his two speeches on Jul 3 & 4, marking Independence Day, Trump launched into new diatribes against socialism and Marxism, appealing to his ultra-right supporters on an increasingly fascist basis. In his speech Friday night at Mount Rushmore, Trump sought to take advantage of the confusion spread by attacks on the statues and monuments to Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S Grant, and other heroes of the Civil War, as well as leaders of the Pindo Revolution like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, by posturing as a defender of the leaders of these two democratic revolutions. But the substance of his appeal was diametrically opposed to the liberating democratic principles of the Pindo Revolution and Civil War. His remarks were delivered barely a month after Trump went on national television to urge that the military intervene to suppress the mass protests against the police murder of George Floyd, in effect demanding the establishment of a military dictatorship in Pindostan, headed by himself.

Trump declared that “our country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles,” although the First Amendment to the Constitution established what Jefferson later called the “wall of separation” between church and state. Trump went on to hail the “Pindo family,” a signal to indicate his sympathy for the Christian fundamentalists, as well as “the solemn right and moral duty of every nation to secure its borders,” although Pindostan was founded as a nation of immigrants and the “open door” principle for those seeking refuge. He reiterated his nativist slogans about “building the wall” and taking care of “Pindostan first.” In his remarks Saturday at the White House, before a Fourth of July fireworks display introduced by flyovers from warplanes, Trump went even further, denouncing the “radical left” and “Marxists” as the enemies he was seeking to defeat. He attacked the millions who protested against the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, calling them “the anarchists, the agitators, the looters, and people who in many instances have absolutely no clue what they are doing.” Trump dropped his pretense of verbal sympathy for victims of outrageous police crimes, like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, instead hailing the policy and the military. He claimed that news media reports on his defense of monuments to the Confederacy, and his threat to veto legislation that would remove the names of Confederate generals from Pindo military bases, were “dishonoring people fighting for freedom in the Civil War,” although those fighting on the Confederate side were fighting against freedom and for slavery.

In both televised speeches, according to press reports, Trump stuck closely to his prepared text, likely drafted by his chief fascist adviser Stephen Miller, and read from a teleprompter in a grim and threatening tone of voice. He concluded the Fourth of July event by announcing that he would seek to set up a “heroes garden” of statues of a mélange of public figures, some of them uncontroversial, like Benjamin Franklin and Frederick Douglass, others thoroughly right-wing, like the late Justice Antonin Scalia, preacher Billy Graham, and President Ronald Reagan. The actual text of the executive order, released by the White House, identified those to be honored in the proposed monument as “historically significant Pindos” who included “opponents of national socialism or international socialism.” In his only reference to the coronavirus pandemic that has killed 130k Pindos in four months while the White House has sabotaged any effort to fight it systematically, Trump blamed the catastrophe on China, declaiming:

It was China’s secrecy, deceptions and cover-up that allowed it to spread all over the world, 189 countries. China must be held fully accountable.

He continued:

We’ve made a lot of progress, our strategy is moving along well. It goes out in one area and rears back its ugly face in another area. But we’ve learned a lot. We’ve learned how to put out the flame. We’ve made ventilators where there were none by the tens of thousands, to the point that we have far more than we need, and we are now distributing them to many foreign countries as a gesture of good-will. Now we have tested almost 40m people. By so doing, we show cases 99% of which are totally harmless … results that no other country can show because no other country has testing that we have, not in terms of the numbers or in terms of the quality.

This last statement was made at a time when Pindostan has broken all previous records for daily new infections, topping the 50k mark repeatedly, numerous states have rescinded previous reopening policies because of the upsurge in COVID-19, and public health experts have warned that cities like Miami, Houston, Phoenix and LA could soon be where NYC was two months ago, faced with a complete breakdown of their health care systems. The Demagog Party response to Trump’s eruption was a combination of two reactionary tendencies: embracing the claim that race and not class is the fundamental dividing line in Pindo society; and seeking to attack Trump from the right on foreign policy, portraying him as unduly conciliatory to both Russia and China. In a 90-second commercial released on the Fourth of July, Biden declared:

Pindo history shows a constant push and pull between two parts of our character, the idea that all men and women, all people are created equal and the racism that has torn us apart.

This does not just elevate race above class, but utilizes race to blot out class divisions altogether, when the gulf between the financial aristocracy and the great mass of working people is greater than ever before, whether they are black, white, Hispanic or immigrant. A previous commercial released by the Biden campaign two days earlier sought to outstrip Trump in China-bashing. The 150-second online video statement declares:

The uncomfortable truth is that President Trump left us vulnerable and exposed to this virus. He ignored the warnings of public health experts and intelligence agencies and put his trust in China’s leaders instead, trusting China with the health and safety of the Pindo creeple, and now we’re all paying the price. He was more worried about protecting his trade deal with China than he was about the virus that had already come to Pindostan. I’ll demand an international investigation into the circumstances of the COVID-19 outbreak and China’s response.

While Biden is beating the anti-China drums, his supporters in Congress and the media have used the bogus “Russian bounties” exposure, launched by the NYT a week ago, to raise once again the claim that Trump is a stooge of Moscow.

Labor secretary says “reopening” will proceed in face of surging pandemic
Kevin Reed, WSWS, Jul 6 2020

Sec Labor Eugene Scalia on Fox News Sunday on Jul 5

Speaking on the “Fox News Sunday” program, Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia made clear that the White House remained committed to reopening the US economy and forcing workers back to work despite an uncontrolled spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Scalia, the son of the late far-right Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, is a leading figure in the Trump administration and a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force. On Sunday, he said:

I believe that we can continue to reopen our workplaces safely. Our workplaces can be very safe places to be.

Scalia is lying. He knows very well that workers who have returned to work in manufacturing industries such as automobiles, or been forced to continue working in meatpacking, logistics, mass transit, agriculture and other sectors are getting sick and dying from COVID-19 across Pindostan. His department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has received some 6k coronavirus-related complaints and to date issued just a single citation. Scalia has refused to make federal guidelines for a safe return to work during the pandemic mandatory. In his Sunday TV interview, Scalia made it clear that the Trump administration has one priority: to get workers who were temporarily displaced due to coronavirus lockdowns back on the job as soon as possible to resume producing profits for corporate Pindostan. He ignored the pandemic and talked about the June employment report. Calling it “an extraordinary jobs report,” he said:

We added nearly 5m jobs in June. The projections had been that we might add around 3m, so we did extremely well.

Asked if rising COVID-19 cases in 40 states, including some where hospitalizations are hitting record highs, showed that the return to work had been “too soon” or “too fast,” Scalia said:

We knew that as people came out of their homes, emerged from their basements and the like we knew that cases would go up.

Seeking to downplay the unfolding catastrophe, he continued:

We are far, far better prepared to deal with those cases now. We’ve got a much better understanding of how to treat the virus.

Both of these statements are false. Hospitals in major cities such as Houston are now being overrun by coronavirus patients, and the virus itself has mutated and is infecting people in ways it had not in the initial months of the pandemic. To the extent that Scalia acknowledged the life and death dangers facing workers in the expanding pandemic, he argued like others in the Trump administration that it was a matter of individual responsibility and implied that the surge was the public’s fault, saying:

Yes, we have new cases, we have to keep an eye on that, but there are precautions that the president and the vice president have underscored, and those do remain important, and we’ve gotten a reminder of that over the last couple of weeks.

The moderator asked Scalia about a recent statement to Congress by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, who warned that unless the pandemic were brought under control, the nation’s economic outlook would remain uncertain. Scalia dismissed the Fed’s concerns and boasted that 7½m workers had been forced to return to work over the past two months, declaring:

We’re doing very well. We do need to be careful about the virus, but I’m just optimistic.

Scalia was nominated as labor secretary by Trump, confirmed by the Senate and sworn in on Sep 30 2019. He replaced Alex Acosta, who was forced to resign after it emerged that as federal attorney for the Southern District of Florida he had approved a plea deal and “non-prosecution agreement” for Jeffrey Epstein in 2008. Scalia’s background is in corporate law, having worked at the LA firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, where he specialized in helping large companies resist labor regulations. Throughout the Trump administration, the Labor Dept has been used as a front for attacking workers’ rights and suppressing their wages and benefits. Scalia was added to Trump’s coronavirus task force on May 18, when the back-to-work campaign was launched in earnest by the White House, with the support of both political parties. On Jun 9, Scalia told congress critturs that his agency had issued only one pandemic-related citation, to a nursing home in Georgia for failing to report that six workers had been hospitalized within a 24-hour period. The proposed penalty from OSHA was $6.5k. At one point in the Sunday interview, Scalia said:

We know that there remain many Pindos still out of work. We want to help them get back to work.

In order to “help” workers get back to work, Scalia made it clear that he was not in favor of an extension of the federal supplemental unemployment benefit of $600 when the next coronavirus stimulus package is voted on by Congress, likely at the end of this month or in early August. he said:

There are some states where you can get on an annual basis $75k/yr right now on unemployment, and, as we reopen the economy, I don’t know that we need a benefit like that.

He hinted that he might support a drastically reduced federal benefit in the range of $25/wk as part of a deal with the Demagogs that included Trump’s call for a payroll tax deduction. He also suggested that a new “stimulus” bill would include even more extensive cuts in business regulations than those already carried out by the administration. Trump is pushing for a cut in the payroll tax largely because it would eliminate a major source of funding for Social Security and Medicare, boosting the drive to dismantle what remains of basic social programs dating back to the last century.

The Pindo COVID-19 toll to hit 3m cases as Texas health system nears collapse
Benjamin Mateus, WSWS, Jul 6 2020

People wait in line at a free COVID-19 testing site provided by United Memorial Medical
Center, at the Mexican Consulate in Houston. (Photo: David J Phillip/AP)

Pindostan will surpass 3m cases of COVID-19 today, with over 133k deaths. It was exactly one month ago when this figure passed the 2m mark, just after George Floyd’s murder and the massive international protests against police violence and state repression. Many states had set into motion their return-to-work policies, opening movie theaters, restaurants, night clubs, beaches, parks, pools, and salons. Yet the coronavirus, as many health officials and epidemiologists had warned, was still very much present and the necessary infrastructure to contain and isolate the virus was woefully lacking, even nonexistent, despite the assurances provided by governors that everything was under control. However, very soon in the month of June, local and state health officials began warning of a rise in new cases COVID-19 cases, predominately along the sunbelt where states like Florida, Texas and Arizona were the first to open the doors and encourage people to return to normal routines. Besides perfunctory statements that things were under control and admonishing young people to wear their masks and maintain social distancing, no effort was made to intervene.

On Jun 7, Pindostan saw its lowest daily count since the pandemic hit in force, with 18,930 new cases. Yesterday’s three-day rolling average for the number of new cases per day was 52,439, a three-fold increase, though the daily number of deaths has been slowly declining, to just over 500, a fact that the Trump administration and its right-wing media apologists have seized on to dismiss the significance of the skyrocketing number of infections. Several factors have been cited to account for this divergence. They include the time lag between new infections and deaths, a better understanding of the disease process with improvements in treatments, and the much lower median age of those infected in the June and July surges. Regardless, many health systems in the hardest-hit areas are finding they are at capacity and have been sounding the alarm to reinforce lockdowns to allow the health systems to recover.

Eight states posted more than 1k new cases, with Florida reporting a one-day high of 11,458 cases of COVID-19, having surpassed 200k cases (100k new cases in two weeks). Only two states, Rhode Island and New Hampshire, have what could be construed as slightly declining numbers. Thirty-eight states have increasing numbers of new cases. Arizona added 3,536 new cases yesterday, pushing the total close to the 100k mark. With close to 800k tests performed, the rate for testing positive is close to 11%. Governor Doug Ducey was compelled to issue an executive order reclosing restaurants, clubs, and gyms while urging the public to stay home as much as possible and to wear masks at all times in public settings. According to the Arizona Dept of Health Services, 91% of ICU beds and 85% of regular hospital beds are occupied, and the likelihood of running out of bed space in a few weeks is a possibility.

Mexican authorities, citing the pandemic surge in the state, have closed the Sonora border over the weekend to non-essential travel. Independence Day would have brought many Arizonians to the beach towns of Rocky Point and San Carlos. The cases of COVID-19 in Sonora have reached an official count of 9k, and hospitals in Nogales and Guaymas are reportedly at capacity. The situation has grown most dire in Texas, as the health infrastructure has been pushed beyond capacity. Texas has also surpassed 200k cases of COVID-19, adding almost 50k cases in one week. The cumulative death toll stands at 2,662, placing the crude case fatality rate at around 1.3%. On Saturday, Texas reported 7,890 hospitalized for coronavirus.

By all accounts, Governor Greg Abbott’s complete indifference to the dangers posed by the coronavirus has led to the disastrous situation where conditions at the hospitals in Houston are now being compared to those in New York City at the height of its battle against the brutal outbreak. According to public health experts such as Bill Hanage, an associate professor of epidemiology at Harvard’s T H Chan School of Public Health, the crisis in Texas could have been avoided had local health officials been given the authority to manage the outbreak. Only late last week did the governor issue a mandate to wear masks in public and other basic mitigation practices. Vivian Ho, a health economist at Rice University and the Baylor College of Medicine, told the Houston Chronicle:

We are on the verge of a nightmarish catastrophe. On May 1, I thought we actually had a chance to get this virus under control and get the economy opened up safely. I’m not sure we can get it under control anymore.

Placing the governor’s actions into context, by the end of April, approximately 2m Texans were given a pink slip and oil prices had plummeted to historic lows. Many hard-line conservatives were clamoring to open businesses. Despite public promises to adhere to guidance from the public health sectors and use data-driven processes, all such measures were quickly abandoned. Any attempt by Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo to enforce fundamental “mask orders” was condemned by Lt-Gov Dan Patrick and federal Rep Dan Crenshaw, arguing she was exaggerating the dangers of the virus. Manny Vela, a CEO of Valley Baptist Health System, one of the hospital systems in the Rio Grande Valley, said:

We are now at the point of grave concern, as local hospitals have started diverting patients from overcrowded emergency rooms.

According to the Texas Tribune, 10 of 12 hospitals in Hidalgo, Cameron and Starr counties are at capacity. They are on patient bypass, meaning they are no longer accepting patients at their hospitals. According to Hidalgo county spox Carlos Sanchez, the number of people hospitalized has tripled in the last two weeks. According to Austin Mayor Steve Adler, speaking with the WSJ:

We’re on a trajectory right now that we could be inundating our ICUs here within the next week to ten days. We’re watching the numbers daily. We may have to take more drastic action.

In Houston, physicians have to make difficult decisions on who to admit for care. Improvisation is in order as hospitals scramble to accommodate and treat more patients. Staffing is stretched thin, making other functions the hospital performs backlogged and extremely limited, including elective cases, sundry medical services and laboratory testing. Methodist Hospital, one of the highest-ranked hospitals in the region, had almost 400 COVID-19 patients a week ago Sunday. In a few days, the number climbed to over 600 despite conservative admission criteria and rapid discharges. By the weekend, despite adding 130 inpatient beds, hospital administrators were estimating the system could reach 800 or 900 soon. This has become a typical situation for the hospital systems in Harris County, where Houston is located. Speaking to the NYT, Dr Mir M Alikhan, a pulmonary and critical care specialist, said:

What’s been disheartening over the past week or two has been that it feels like we’re back at square one.

Within the Thug Party, ultra-right elements have attacked Governor Abbott, not for bungling the response to COVID-19 and helping cause the public health disaster, but for going too far in restricting business activities. The Ector County Thug Party voted over the weekend to censure Abbott over his handling of the pandemic, accusing him of “overstepping his authority in responding to the coronavirus” and “violating five party principles related to his exercise of executive power during the pandemic.” At the same time, Trump continued to dismiss the seriousness of the pandemic, downplaying the rise in cases as the result of “too much testing” and claiming that “99% of cases are totally harmless.” There is method in this apparent madness, since the only effective action to be taken in response to the soaring infection rates would be a return to statewide lockdowns, which would tank the stock markets and cause the Dow Jones average to plummet, his sole guiding star.

Over 300 children catch COVID-19 in Texas day-care centers
Nick Barrickman, WSWS, Jul 6 2020

Over 900 cases of COVID-19 have been reported at daycare centers in the state of Texas in the last month and a half. At least 307 children and 643 staff members have tested positive for the deadly disease in the state’s child-care facilities since their reopening in mid-May. According to the Texas Tribune, as of last Tuesday over 950 cases of the deadly disease were reported at 668 different centers throughout the state. According to Dr Nicholas Rister, a pediatric infectious diseases expert in Fort Worth, the cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Texas day-care centers have skyrocketed in the months since the state has dropped all measures to curb the spread of the virus. Rister told the local CBS affiliate in the city last week:

Based on just the number of children that are testing positive in our area, it has more than doubled in the past couple of weeks.

On Jul 4, the Texas Dept of Health reported 191,790 cases of COVID-19, with an additional 2,608 deaths. Texas currently has the third-highest number of COVID-19 cases, behind New York state and California. The parenting website states regarding the outbreaks in Texas day-care centers:

These numbers are definitely alarming. We should ask ourselves if these children are recovering as they would from the cold or flu, or if they are gravely suffering. Based on this happening only in June, it makes parents question what’s to happen with the school year in the fall.

Last week, the Pindo Academy of Pediatrics gave an official recommendation for school systems, insisting:

All policy considerations for the coming school year should start with a goal of having students physically present in school. Disregarding the CDC recommendations, the AAP told school administrators, “the relative impact of physical distancing among children is likely small based on current evidence and certainly difficult to implement.

In fact, hundreds of cases of multi-system inflammatory syndrome have been detected across Pindostan & Eurostan, a disease in children linked to exposure to the SARS-COV-2 virus. In addition, the transmission of the virus from children to the rest of the community is far more likely to occur as schools and daycares begin to reopen. Nor are children immune from the worst effects of the novel coronavirus. An 11-year-old Florida boy with pre-existing health conditions died last week after contracting COVID-19, making him the youngest person to die from the disease in the state. New Jersey educator Mark Weber explained in a comment published in the WaPo:

Schools were designed for efficiency, which means crowded hallways and tight classrooms. Schools are expected to foster student and teacher interactions, which means close quarters. Expecting every student and staff member to maintain a three-foot (bubble) around themselves is not realistic given the way most school buildings are laid out.

Schools have been under immense pressure to resume activities as states have sought to implement the march back to work. A study conducted in Germany estimates that 8.4% of Europe’s economic output will evaporate if school and childcare facilities do not open. Studies of the Pindo economy produced similar findings. J P Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon wrote in a comment for the WaPo:

If schools don’t open, a lot of people can’t go back to work.

According to the WaPo, nearly a third of all workers have children under the age of 18. The WaPo notes:

Even parents who can work from home are struggling to produce the same amount of work while balancing child-care.

The University of Chicago’s Becker Friedman Institute estimates 17.5m workers in will not be able to return to full-time jobs without places to watch their children throughout the day. Child-care has been decimated by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a recent study by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, as many as half of Pindostan’s child-care facilities may be closed permanently before the end of the pandemic. At least 258k childcare workers, or 25% of the total, have been laid off since March. This crisis has hit larger corporate chains as well as small independently-run facilities. Kindercare Learning Centers CEO Tom Wyatt told the Post:

The child-care industry is going through a gut-wrenching challenge right now.

The CEO stated that because of class size restrictions allowing only 10 children per room, the corporation was not earning money, and declared:

Obviously, that is not sustainable.

Lobbyists for the industry have sought additional funds from the government to assist them in bearing the cost of the prolonged drop in business. Congress allocated just $3.5b in aid to child-care providers to defray losses prior to the most recent bill through the CARES Act passed in March. Last week, the House of Representatives passed the Moving Forward Act, an infrastructure bill that would allot $10b to child-care facilities to help them enable good social distancing measures. However, the bill has already been declared “dead on arrival” in the Senate. The rush to reopen schools is drawing immense resistance from school workers. According to a joint Pindostan Today/Ipsos survey released in May, one in five teachers say they will not go back if ordered into classrooms in the fall. Robin Stauffer, an elementary school teacher in Texas, explained to Houston Public Media:

They don’t supply hand sanitizer. They don’t supply wipes. None of these supplies were ever given to us. You just used what you had or what teachers themselves purchased.

Stauffer, who is 66 with diabetes, was speaking about conditions at her job prior to the pandemic.

Trump has Made Pindos a Global Health Hazard
C J Werleman, Byline Times, Jul 6 2020

Demonstrators near Capitol Square during a rally to demand
the lifting of Coronavirus restrictions, Apr 22 2020.

With Pindostan posting its fourth consecutive day of record-breaking new COVID-19 cases on Friday, reaching the highest number of new daily cases of any country since the pandemic began, I think back to Nov 8 2016, the day of the Pindo Presidential Election. I was in the Netherlands when the results started to trickle in. By five am local time, it had become clear that Donald Trump, a buffoonish television game show host, would soon be sworn in as the 45th POTUS, a reality that remained unthinkable only several hours earlier. As a long-term Pindostan resident, I was utterly dumbfounded. Perhaps I was hopelessly naïve or eternally optimistic, but I had thought Pindos would be smarter than Trump and therefore dismissed his candidacy as a marketing gimmick for something else, a new line of Trump-branded hair products, self-tanning lotions, or whatever. But Pindo voters proved me wrong. Several hours after CNN declared Trump “president-elect,” I walked to a café with a chalkboard at its entrance declaring: ‘ALL PINDOS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT!’ I would learn later that it had mimicked a meme that had gone viral online after a restaurant in London posted those exact words an hour or two earlier. It turned out that Europe was also shocked that Americans could elect someone who so obviously represented a hazard to the country’s democratic institutions, norms, values, economy and security, a self-inflicted wound if ever there was one.

In the four years since, the Western democratic orbit has watched on in incredulous disbelief as Trump guts Pindostan from the inside out by unashamedly putting his personal interests before the interests and wellbeing of the country; foreign adversaries before traditional allies; conspiracies before truth; and his poll numbers before the safety of millions of Americans who have now contracted the Coronavirus. At the same time as every other wealthy democratic nation on earth has reduced or contained its rate of COVID-19 infection, Pindostan is experiencing a surge in new cases, hospitalisations and deaths, making the world’s superpower its number one pandemic catastrophe. With almost 3m confirmed cases and 130k deaths, Pindostan is the worst COVID-19 hit nation on earth. An unmitigated disaster by any definition, the world is watching on aghast as Trump-supporting Pindos eschew face masks, public health warnings, social distancing guidelines and the health of their colleagues and neighbours. These self-destructive behaviours have come to represent a new ‘Pindo exceptionalism.’

Two weeks ago, 7k non-mask-wearing Trump supporters gathered in an indoor stadium to hear their President brag about deliberately sabotaging the country’s pandemic response because positive COVID-19 test results were making him look bad. He has since held an indoor rally in Phoenix, which has now replaced NYC as the country’s COVID-19 ground zero, and an outdoor rally in front of Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, where thousands of his supporters appeared without face masks, even as they crammed together in the audience and on stage. Dozens of Trump staffers have now contracted the virus, as has his son’s girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, a Trump 2020 fundraiser. Across the country, Trump supporters have been hosting “Coronavirus parties” at which an infected individual is invited to see who they pass the virus onto first with the ‘winner’ receiving a payout. This as social media explodes with videos of Pindos huddled together in public pools, aboard boats and in bars for the country’s 4th of July celebrations. It is impossible to measure just how far the reputation of brand Pindostan has fallen in the past two decades, and even further in the age of Trump, but it is clear that, in the midst of this global pandemic, people don’t want Pindos visiting their shores, at least until there is a widely-available vaccine. On Monday, the EU confirmed that Pindo citizens will not be allowed to enter its borders as the bloc begins to ease air travel restrictions imposed months earlier, while Australia and New Zealand have said it could be years before it opens their borders to those travelling from Pindostan. What peers and vassals of Pindostan are saying is this: Pindos are a health hazard and should be treated accordingly.

Pindos voted for a border wall in 2016 and the rest of the world has given them one in a form of a travel ban in 2020, a somewhat eerie turn of events given that Trump’s first act as President was to slap severe restrictions on those travelling to Pindostan from the Muslim-majority countries of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Adding further insult to injury, Mexico closed its border with Pindostan on Friday, fearing an influx of COVID-19-positive Pindos for the Independence Day long weekend. It turns out after all that Mexico might be willing to pay for Trump’s proposed ‘Iron Curtain.’ None of this has changed Trump’s behaviour, however. On Wednesday, he told Fox News that his administration has done everything “right” in managing the pandemic and that the Coronavirus will soon disappear, even as the number of new cases and hospitalisations rise and his administration lacks a coherent mitigating strategy. So, for now, Pindos remain a global health hazard, a status that is likely to remain in place while Trump occupies the Oval Office. And, at such time in the future when they’re allowed to travel abroad again, they probably should not be granted a visa until they can prove they’re accompanied by an adult.

Pindostan threatens world’s epidemic control with ‘low human rights advantage’
Mu Lu, Global Times, Jul 6 2020

Pindostan has been repeatedly shocking the world with its COVID-19 data. It registered over 2.88m infections and nearly 130k deaths as of press time. Many people are wondering what is wrong with Pindostan. The self-proclaimed defender of human rights has attached no importance to human life; instead, it has been using the sort of “low human rights advantage” to pay the price for Faschingstein’s ineptitude in fighting the COVID-19. Because of this “advantage” in the face of disasters such as the coronavirus epidemic, the poor, the old, the ethnic minorities and other vulnerable groups in Pindostan are not treated equally, but are seen as numbers on the dashboard. Although Pindostan has been leading the world in COVID-19 infections and deaths, the increasing severity cannot pressure the Pindo government enough, which is still shamelessly passing the buck to others.

The right to life is of prime concern to human rights. But Pindostan keeps preaching about human rights without really caring about it, with its top leader downplaying the 100k+ deaths, as he believes it could have been up to 2m if not for his leadership. Regrettably, the democracy that many Pindos are so proud of has failed to do them justice. Ordinary Pindos cannot effectively whip their government. Although the Pindo media has been busy criticizing the Pindo government, their opinions have no effect on changing the status quo. The Pindo political system cannot hold politicians accountable for the deplorable situation, and those politicians are abusing the system’s loopholes. People from other countries now see the US as a helpless underdeveloped country.

Money is needed to guarantee human rights. This is why lieutenant governor of Texas Dan Patrick immorally suggested that fellow seniors should sacrifice their health for the sake of the country’s economy. But China, a country frequently blamed by Pindostan for “infringing human rights,” has left no one in its COVID-19 fight, safeguarding the life of every Chinese at tremendous economic cost. Pindostan would never consider a similar option, so it is sitting back idly to get rid of economic burdens. Could there be any country more immoral than Pindostan, which has not only failed to reflect on its poor performance in defending the right to life, but also continued to make use of its low human rights advantage, while simultaneously using human rights as a stick to beat others.

The raging epidemic in Pindostan will continuously hurt the world and stop the world from taking a turn for the better. Performance in Pindostan has severely dragged the progress of epidemic control worldwide. The ragged veneer of human rights no longer covers the violations of human rights in Pindostan. But many immoral Pindo politicians continue to mislead the world by calling white black. Other countries have to think about the consequences they face from a Western country that uses low human rights as an advantage.

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