why couldn’t trump ‘pardon’ flynn like he ‘pardoned’ roger stone?

New evidence shows FBI knew General Flynn was not ‘agent of Russia’ but prosecuted him anyway
RT.com, JUl 11 2020

Support for Flynn in Faschingstein, Dec 18 2018. Photo: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Trump’s first national security adviser Michael Flynn was “not acting as an agent of Russia” by the FBI’s own determination, yet the Mueller probe was based on that claim and his legal odyssey still continues. New evidence provided by the Justice Department to Flynn’s legal team this week, and made public on Friday as part of a court filing, shows that the FBI determined Flynn wasn’t a Russian agent, and believed he did not deliberately lie to agents during his Jan 2017 interview. A handwritten document shows the officials believed there were no reasonable grounds for prosecution under the Logan Act, an arcane law prohibiting Pindo citizens from engaging in foreign policy.

After the WaPo published fragments of leaked information from the FBI suggesting the opposite, however, Flynn was forced to resign in Feb 2017, and later that year faced perjury charges arising from the Mueller investigation into ‘Russian collusion’ by the Trump campaign. What makes these revelations particularly egregious is the fact that the scope memo for Mueller’s probe, written by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in May 2017 and kept classified for years, cited the Logan Act as one of the predicates for going after Flynn.

The 14 pages of additional evidence provided by the government on July 7 demonstrate Flynn’s innocence, the “absence of any crime,” as well as “government misconduct” in investigating Flynn and “prosecutorial misconduct in the suppression of evidence favorable to the defense,” his legal team said in a statement. Flynn initially pleaded guilty to one count of lying to the FBI, but later changed legal counsel and claimed prosecutorial misconduct. A steady drip of evidence from the DOJ ever since has revealed the plot to catch him in a perjury trap, the roleof disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok in keeping the case improperly open, and that Flynn did nothing wrong in his conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, among other things. Despite the overwhelming evidence against the prosecutors, Pindo District Judge Emmet Sullivan has refused to approve the DOJ motion to drop the case. Instead, he appointed a retired judge who had just denounced the DOJ in the Washington Post to help him challenge it as amicus curiae. Flynn’s lawyers took their case to the appeals court, which ruled on June 24 that Sullivan had to dismiss the charges. He refused, asking for a full-bench (en banc) review, with Flynn and the government now given 10 days to respond.

The entire process is without precedent in Washington, but is hardly surprising given the political implications of the trial. Mueller’s probe was supposed to get Trump impeached and invalidate the 2016 presidential election, and though it failed the mainstream media and Democrats continue to insist on ‘Russiagate collusion.’ As the new documents show, all of it rests on the prosecution of Flynn, and falls apart entirely if he walks.

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