“is this real life?” i don’t think i know what that phrase means any more

Masked About-Face
Ted Rall, Sputnik News, Jul 22 2020

On Monday, a huge backlash occurred immediately after Trump tweeted a photo of himself in a mask after he was seen wearing one in public for the first time last week, following months of refusing to do so. The president suddenly claimed that wearing a face mask is “patriotic” after regularly forgoing the important health and sanitation precaution, which health officials say can stem the spread of COVID-19. Trump has previously not worn a mask during the novel coronavirus pandemic, reportedly fearing that it would make him look like a weak leader. Now he is saying that masking up is patriotic and that nobody is more patriotic than him. What? It wasn’t too long ago that Trump was suggesting donning a facial covering was simply a preference, or mocking reporters and his rival, former vice president Joe Biden, for wearing masks. Did Trump just black out the past six months? Is this real life?

One Comment

  1. Doug Colwell
    Posted July 24, 2020 at 1:22 pm | Permalink

    So this is real life?

    Maybe I’ll listen to some Magazine

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