colonel cassad on nagorno-karabakh, wednesday

Fights in Karabakh
Colonel Cassad, Sep 30 2020

Against the background of the lack of serious advancement of the Azerbaijani army, the sides show dozens of people killed on both sides and destroyed equipment. The battle is more and more like a meat grinder, where armies grind each other’s manpower and equipment. The key question is the actual proportions of this grinder. Since an approximately equal exchange is not very beneficial for the Armenians.

Video of the fighting in Karabakh

Destroyed Azerbaijani armored vehicles.

Air defense work of Armenians.

The killed Azerbaijani soldiers.

More Azerbaijani corpses.

A truck with the corpses of Azerbaijani soldiers.

Artillery positions of the Armenians.

The Iranians are watching the ongoing war from their territory.

Destruction of Armenian technology. For today, the destruction of 1 “Osa” air defense system, 3 “Grad” MLRS, 1 “Uragan” MLRS, 2 D-30 howitzers and 1 BMP-1 has been announced.

This video claims the destruction of two Armenian tanks, but the second was obviously missed.

Destruction of an infantry truck. Many killed and wounded, you can see the flying bodies.

Destruction of two guns without servants.

The work of the Azerbaijani MLRS.

A mercenary from northern Syria killed in Karabakh. He started a jihad against Assad, fought as part of a number of jihadist groups, but found his end in Karabakh. According to various estimates, from 30 to 108 Syrian mercenaries deployed by Turkey to Azerbaijan (“Hamza” division, “Sultan Murad” division and others) have already been killed in Karabakh. The title photo shows a seriously wounded SNA militant dressed in the uniform of the Azerbaijani army. He died a few hours later.

They are not long before.

Militant Hussein Talkh (originally from Aleppo) from the Nureddin al-Zinki group (which “became famous” for the shots with cutting off the head of a Kurdish child) was killed in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Azerbaijani artillery.

The wreckage of the downed Israeli UAV Harop (declared 3 destroyed, confirmed by photo and video 2)

Consequences of the shelling of Martakert. There are 3 killed and 3 wounded civilians in the city.

Armenian soldiers.

Rally at the Turkish Embassy in Barcelona. In Paris, a similar rally was held together with the Kurds.

Azerbaijani “Smerch”

According to “Military Maps”, the wreckage of the Su-25 is lying on the border of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh.

In general, in the middle of the day on Sep 30, the Armenian army is holding the front line. The successes of the Azerbaijani army are so far exclusively tactical.

Areas of NKR and Armenia that were hit.

Politically, Azerbaijan demands the withdrawal of the Armenian army from Karabakh in order to start negotiations. This obviously will not happen. The UNSC, the EU and individual European countries are calling for an immediate start of negotiations and a ceasefire. However, there are no signs of a decrease in the intensity of hostilities.

The wreckage of the Armenian Su-25
Colonel Cassad, Sep 340 2020

The wreckage of the Armenian Su-25 attack aircraft shot down yesterday, according to the Armenian Ministry of Defense, was an F-16 of the Turkish Air Force that took off from the Azerbaijani airfield in Ganja. The deceased pilot’s name was Valery Danelin. Azerbaijan and Turkey deny the involvement of the F-16 in the destruction of the attack aircraft. According to Azerbaijan, two Armenian Su-25s themselves “crashed into the mountain” yesterday. Radar data or other factual evidence, which is still insufficient, could shed light on this matter. An important point will be the localization of the place of the crash of the car, since if it fell in Karabakh, this is one situation, if in Armenia it is completely different.

Statement by the Armenian Foreign Ministry.
Yesterday morning, Sep 29, one of the F-16 fighters of the Turkish Air Force deployed at the Ganja airfield in Azerbaijan shot down a SU-25 assault aircraft of the RA Armed Forces, which was carrying out combat missions to repel in the RA airspace – Vardenis region attacks from the Azerbaijani side on military and civilian objects located on the territory of the Republic of Armenia. Major Valery Danelin, pilot of the RA Armed Forces, died. This is not the first provocation of the Turkish Air Force. With the appearance of the Turkish Air Force in Azerbaijan, they carried out provocative flights along the contact line between Artsakh and Azerbaijan, and during the aggression unleashed by Azerbaijan, they actually provided air support to the attacking armed units of the Azerbaijani army. It should be noted that provocative Turkish flights are also carried out along the Armenian-Turkish border, in some cases crossing and violating the airspace of Armenia. On Sep 27, on the same section of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, a Turkish F-16 aircraft violated the air border of Armenia and fired missiles in the direction of the Vardenis region. The Turkish armed forces appeared in Azerbaijan during large-scale Turkish-Azerbaijani exercises in the period from Jul 29 to Aug 13 and have not yet been withdrawn from the territory of Azerbaijan. The provocative actions of the Turkish armed forces seriously threaten regional security and impede the efforts of the international community to end the hostilities. The international community has called on regional forces to refrain from fomenting the conflict, and Turkey must heed these calls. We strongly condemn the provocative actions of Turkey and demand the immediate withdrawal of the Turkish armed forces, including aviation, from the conflict zone.

War in Karabakh.
Colonel Cassad, Sep 29 2020 (evening)

On the evening of Sep 29, the sides declare heavy losses in men and equipment on both sides. Armenia reported several downed drones and a helicopter. Heavy artillery, MLRS, and drones are very actively used. Armenia has not yet applied OTRK. For the downed Su-25, by the evening, no invoices were provided, neither radar data, nor photographs of the wreckage. So far, Azerbaijan and Turkey have not been able to achieve operational successes, now, in fact, an exchange is underway and it is most likely not in favor of Azerbaijan, which suffers significant losses trying to hack the defense of the Armenian army in several directions, which relies on the difficult terrain with extensive field fortification. Drones and artillery inflict significant losses on the Armenians, but this is still not enough to break through the front; the mechanized columns repeatedly fall either to minefields or to powerful anti-tank lines, where the Armenians are massaging ATGMs inflicting heavy losses in materiel. The picture of the offensive is somewhat similar to the unsuccessful offensive of the SAA in Northern Hama in Nov 2015, when the Russian Aerospace Forces achieved great success in destroying the positions of the militants, but on the ground, Assad’s tank units bled out ramming the defense saturated with TOW. However. it is too early to talk about the formation of a tendency towards positionality. If the Azerbaijanis and Turks succeed in pushing through the defense in 1-2 directions and preventing the pulling up of reserves, then the crisis of the entire Armenian defense in Karabakh is quite possible. But so far, after 3 days of active war, the Armenians in general are coping. It is worth remembering that their army is smaller in number, and its resources are inferior to those of Azerbaijan and Turkey. Therefore, achieving tactical successes at a short distance, Armenia can break down with a longer conflict, which devours people and equipment quite intensively. Hence the importance for Armenia of the issue of external support.

Video of the fighting in Karabakh on Sep 29.

Armenian infantry in defense. Intense fighting.

Reflecting an attack by a mechanized group of the Azerbaijani army.

Destroyed Azerbaijani armored vehicles. Some shots are from yesterday.

Air raid and shelling in Stepanakert.

An Azerbaijani vehicle with ammunition is on fire.

Road Martakert-Stepanakert

The work of the Armenian artillery.

Destroyed Armenian tanks.

Armenian trenches.

A kamikaze drone strike against the Armenian infantry.

The work of the Azerbaijani artillery.

The results of the Armenian shelling in the Terter region.

Aliyev and Pashinyan’s statements shown on Russian TV.

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