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Defense Minister replaced in Karabakh
Colonel Cassad, Oct 27 2020

In Karabakh, according to the Armenian version, NKR Defense Minister Jalal Harutyunyan was wounded and according to the Azerbaijani version killed (not to be confused with the President of Karabakh Arayik Harutyunyan). The minister’s car was driven from a drone and hit on the road, while moving in the front line. If Harutyunyan really survived and got off with injuries, as the Armenians say, then he is a very lucky person, since a hit on a staff car looks almost fatal. On the other hand, there is no particular reason to immediately trust Azerbaijan. as earlier a fake about the serious injury of the NKR President Harutyunyan, who turned out to be quite alive and well, was already thrown in. So we will wait for additional confirmation about whether Harutyunyan is alive or died. In any case, the NKR minister of defense has already been replaced: instead of Harutyunyan (for now temporarily, according to the statements of the Armenians), his deputy lieutenant general Mikael Arzumanyan will become the new minister. Arzumanyan is positioned as a talented commander, who started out as an ordinary militiaman, and at the age of 22 he commanded a regiment of the NKR army and made a good career in the local army. A participant in the war in the early 90s, he received his higher military education in Russia. In general, a typical self-made man who rose from the very bottom.

It is worth noting that in Armenia the head of the border troops of the SNB, as well as the head of the counter-intelligence department, were also suddenly replaced. Without further details, their dismissal is linked to the facts of espionage and treason. No matter how it turned out later that somewhere there was a leak and the route of the minister’s movement was leaked to the other side. This is not the first resignation in the leadership of the Armenian special services since the beginning of the war. Earlier, the head of the National Security Service was dismissed. It is noteworthy that all these persons rose to prominence precisely after the “energy Maidan” in Armenia and Pashinyan’s coming to power. But when it came to the war, it suddenly became clear that there were problems with the fulfillment of basic official duties. It should be noted that the first prime minister of independent Armenia, Manukyan, called on Pashinyan to resign and hand over power to the military. In principle, this is a fairly reasonable proposal from the point of view of Armenia’s long-term interests, given the situation and Pashinyan’s role in all this. Under Kocheryan and Sargsyan, there was no such garbage, although they were also, frankly, far from ideal. I am sure that the further the war goes on, the more calls for Pashinyan to dump into the fog will be voiced in Armenia itself.

There follow two stories about Turkish-paid mercenaries in Karabagh which I have omitted. The first is a TV interview in Arabic, and the second is a mammoth forensic exercise translated from a US military blog. In the following, Colonel Cassad sarcastically refers to Erdogan as “friend Recep” because Putin once called Erdogan his friend, and Trump as “agent Donald” because of Democrat claims Trump is a Russian asset – RB

American armistice attempt failed
Colonel Cassad, Oct 27 2020

It is being respected. The ceasefire is being respected.
– Donald Trump
Our position remains unchanged. We defend justice. In this issue we will go to the end.
– Aliyev
I want to state that the efforts of the international community, this time with the mediation of the US, the ceasefire regime was unsuccessful. And, as a result, today, as a result of continuing shelling by the armed forces of Azerbaijan, civilians were killed and injured.
– Pashinyan

In general, so far “friend Recep” is in every possible way hindering the attempts of Moscow and Washington to settle the matter by customary arbitration, making their diplomatic efforts ineffective.
The attempt of the agent Donald and the State Department to solve the case by swoop and at the same time to wipe the nose of Russian diplomacy ended in the same failure as the attempts of the Russian Federation. So the war continues. For now. Meanwhile, the pressure on “friend Recep” is growing.

  1. Partially blocked supplies of components for “Bayraktar.”
  2. The Turkish lira has confidently broken through the ceiling of 8 lira per dollar. It hasn’t fallen this low since 1999.
  3. The EU countries and Canada have condemned Erdogan’s insults against Macron, and the press is vigorously campaigning about Turkey’s incompatibility with the European values ​​of democracy, freedom of speech and multiculturalism.
  4. Macron and Erdogan exchanged threats to boycott Turkish and French goods, respectively. The Turkish boycott of French goods is already being rolled out in countries in the orbit of Turkish politics, starting with Qatar.
  5. Greece continues to declare. that Turkey’s actions in the Mediterranean are putting relations between Greece and Turkey on the brink of war. NATO and the EU continue to hint to Turkey that a compromise needs to be made, but Erdogan has already bitten the bit and wants to get what he himself draws on the maps.

In general, “friend Recep” with great enthusiasm breeds enemies and ill-wishers, but so far he gets away with his tricks. For now.

War in Karabakh
Colonel Cassad, Oct 26 2020

Armenian TV report from the Lachin corridor area.

The settlement of Padar occupied by Azerbaijan.

Villages occupied by Azerbaijanis in Jabrayil and Zangelan regions.

Cutting strikes on the Armenian armor.

Shooting battle near the border with Iran.

Another Armenian report from the front.

Armenian volunteers promise to fight until victory.

Armenians and bad weather.

Swearing of disgruntled Armenian soldiers.

Armenian prisoners of war.

Somewhere on the southern front.

Dmitry Solntsev, who fought for Azerbaijan, was killed in Karabakh.

Trenches captured from the Azerbaijanis. There, from the phone
of the killed Azerbaijani soldier, his relatives were called and reported that he was dead.

Yet more.

The killed Armenians. In the background you can see the destroyed MLRS “Grad.”

Killed Azerbaijanis and destroyed APC.

An Azerbaijani soldier catches chickens.

Armenians sing in the trenches.

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