colonel cassad for wednesday

War in Karabakh
Colonel Cassad, Oct 28 2020

Destruction of an Azerbaijani pickup truck from an ATGM.

Strikes against Armenian positions.


Trophies captured by the Azerbaijani army in the Kubalty area.

Work of Armenian OTRK

In the occupied Azerbaijani trenches.

South of the Lachin Corridor.

Delivery of Armenian wounded to the hospital.

Armenian women undergo military training to participate in hostilities.

Meeting of journalists with an Armenian ATGM near Talysh. Lucky.

The defeat of some Azerbaijani equipment.

Report of “Rain” from Stepanakert.

Another report from Stepanakert.

Reporting by Patrick Lancaster.

Armenian reportage from the Northern Front.

French TV reporting from the Azerbaijani side.

“Euronews” from the Azerbaijani side.

Arrival in Barda.

The dead Armenian soldiers.

Destruction of the Azerbaijani An-2.

Azerbaijani infantry.

Songs on the radio.

Appointment of a new Minister of Defense of Karabakh.

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