colonel cassad for thursday

5 km from Shushi
Colonel Cassad, Oct 29 2020

Karabakh President Arayik Harutyunyan stated that Azerbaijani troops approached Shusha and are located 5 km from the city. He wrote on facebook:

Dear compatriots! Today, at this decisive historical moment, when the Turkish-Azerbaijani and terrorist groups attacked Artsakh with all military resources, seeking to destroy or extinguish the homeland of Artsakh, living in its origin, we are fighting hurray-death in all senses, unequal conditions. Now they threaten our homeland and existence not only along the front line, but have also invested serious military resources in the direction of Shushi, striving at any cost for a proud Armenian fortress. Shushi is not a city, it is a symbol of the determination to live in its own origin of the Armenian people, a symbol of the victories of the Armenian people. Shushi is the beating heart of all Armenians. As the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of Artsakh, I once again call on you to join us to protect our Shushi, our Artsakh, our national dignity …

Judging by yesterday’s and morning reports of battles in the Avertanots gorge south of Shushi, Azerbaijani infantry seeps through the mountains to the city through the mountains, actually bypassing the defense lines Armenians built near Hadrut and the Red Bazaar. Harutyunyan called on everyone to stand up for Shushi, which clearly confirmed that the situation for the Armenians continues to remain critical, even though they managed to hold the front in the Lachin corridor area (judging by the photo, the Armenian infantry managed to at least break into Kubatly again) and prevent the Azerbaijanis from taking it on a swoop. The loss of Shushi may have no less critical consequences for the Armenians in Karabakh than the loss of Lachin.

An air strike on Stepanakert and shelling of Barda from MLRS
Colonel Cassad, Oct 28 2020

It is reported that an airstrike has been inflicted on Stepanakert. Military correspondents Anna News report four strikes using aerial bombs. Military commander Pegov said that the attack was carried out by Turkish F-16s on the orders of Erdogan. As a result of the airstrike, a maternity hospital, a school and various buildings in the center of Stepanakert were damaged. There is no data on the victims yet. Earlier, Stepanakert was also hit from the Smerch MLRS. Also strikes today. Shusha was exposed. Azerbaijan claims a retaliatory strike for the morning shelling of Barda by Armenians, where 20 civilians were killed and 60 wounded. Judging by the footage, civilians were mowed down on the street and in the private sector.

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