colonel cassad for friday

Captured Syrian militant in Karabakh
Colonel Cassad, Oct 30 2020

Mehred Muhammad Alshkher previously lived in the administrative center of the Syrian province of Hama. Apparently, this is the first militant from Syria to be captured. It can be noted that he is wearing the camouflage of the Azerbaijani border service, in which the Syrian militants are fighting (see McKeever). That is to say, a proof for the very stupid ones who for a month denied the presence of Syrian militants in Karabakh. As part of the logic with the F-16, the Azerbaijanis should state that he just arrived, but did not fight. And in general, this is an Armenian production, and then in the voice of Shevardnadze “There were no militants on the territory of Azerbaijan.” Earlier, the emiratis presented evidence of two Syrian militants from the Sultan Murad group, whose accomplices also went to fight in Karabakh (see here).

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