colonel cassad for sunday nov 22

Karabakh. Video.
Colonel Cassad, Nov 22, 12:45 pm

Large video from Armenian positions during the fighting on Oct 8-9. Filmed around the time when the Armenians’ defenses in the Hadrut region began to crumble. The video shows two destroyed Azerbaijani APCs.

Plus another video on Karabakh

Report of “Al-Jazeera” from Azerbaijan.

October. The helicopters strike at the Armenian positions.

Video of battles from Azerbaijan in the mountainous area.

The soldiers’ parents are trying to find out about their fate in Yerevan.

AP story about the exodus of Armenians from the territories transferred to Azerbaijan.

Ambush area on the Shusha-Stepanakert road.


Karabakh drift. Shusha.

Azerbaijani soldiers wipe their shoes with the Artsakh flag.

On the work of Russian peacekeepers.

Transportation of equipment to Armenia.

Patrick Lancaster on the protection of Armenian churches by Russian peacekeepers.

Tests of the Armenian UAV.

It is worth noting that the Armenians began to test their first own strike drone only in the summer of 2020, and by the beginning of the war they approached practically without strike drones.

Planting the Turkish flag on the border with Armenia.

Updated map of the deployment of peacekeepers after the transfer of Aghdam region to Azerbaijan on Nov 20. And some more photos.

Rally against Pashinyan in Yerevan.

View of Shusha from the Armenian positions.

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