the false left wallowing in identity politics, of course

MSM Already Helping Next Administration Hide Corruption Under ‘Diversity’ Banner
Caitlin Johnstone, Nov 24 2020

The NYT has published an article entitled “Could Limiting Corporate Candidates Hurt Biden’s Diversity Push?”, for the benefit of all those normal everyday readers who’ve been lying awake at night wondering if limiting corporate candidates might hurt Biden’s diversity push. The article’s authors warn against the non-existent, completely imaginary threat of the next presidential administration rejecting corporatists for cabinet positions to appease the Democrat Party’s progressive wing, claiming that doing so would be “narrowing the candidate pool” in a way that hurts Biden’s stated aim of creating an administration that is as diverse as America. Because apparently executive positions in the corporate and financial sector are the only place you can find ethnic minorities in America. “Groups from the far left throw out edicts, but these don’t reflect the realities of the American experience or inequality, the racial wealth gap, and may prove counterproductive to diversify the administration and to implement policies that work for all Americans,” NYT is told by a member of the influential DC lobbying firm Mehlman Castagnetti.

The NYT is warning of the pressing danger of the Biden administration conceding too much to “the far left” at a time when progressive politicians have reportedly already been ruled out as candidates for cabinet position due to concerns of appearing to be too far left, and when members of the Biden camp are already waving off demands from progressives using the phrase “we don’t negotiate with terrorists“. Vox has also put out an article celebrating diversity without regard to policies or behavior titled “President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team is one of the most diverse ever,” subtitled “Biden wants his administration to ‘look like America.’ His transition team is a start.” Vox reports:

Thus far, 46% of Biden’s transition staff are people of color and 41% of senior staff are people of color. More than half of the transition staff, 52% are women, and 53% of senior staff are women.

Meanwhile exactly 0% of them oppose war, nuclear brinkmanship, starvation sanctions and imperialism. 0% oppose US oligarchy or its sociopathic intelligence agencies. 0% support universal health-care or redistributing the nation’s immense wealth to end poverty in the US. 0% support ending the drug war, ending the prison-industrial complex, ending the US police state, ending mass surveillance. 0% oppose Israeli apartheid, oppose internet censorship, oppose mass media propaganda via US plutocracy. Real diversity in any government is of course important. But what you don’t see Vox reporting on is the fact that Biden’s transition and advisory teams are packed to the gills with corporate cronies and war whores, and that the women he’s eyeing for key foreign policy positions are as murderous and depraved as any man anywhere on earth. They might be diverse in gender, skin color and sexual orientation, but in terms of bloodshed, exploitation and oppression they couldn’t be more homogeneous. They are all devout acolytes of the murderous, imperialist, oligarchic religion that is the mainstream consensus of the US political/media class.

But that’s all you’re ever going to get out of the Democrat establishment. Taking away power from the warmongers and plutocrats in any way, shape or form has been completely ruled out as a possibility, so all they have to offer in terms of “progress” is giving prominent positions to those few women, minorities and LGBT individuals who happen to be fine with choking people to death, with neoliberal austerity at home, and with dropping cluster munitions on children abroad. That’s what “progress” looks like in a power establishment that is built on a foundation of violence, oppression and theft. And of course the people who will be hurt worst by it are members of those very same marginalized communities you’re supposed to get excited about being elevated to Deputy Asst Sec Def for Strategy or whatever under the Biden administration. They are hurt by the austerity policies, they are hurt by the authoritarian police state policies, they are hurt by the fact that they’re the ones getting bombs dropped on them overseas, and they are hurt by the fact that there is still so very far to go in terms of racial and sexual equality, yet the thrust toward getting there is being diverted into a pussyhat parade for Susan Rice as Sec State. The most influential news reporting should be that which holds power to account and draws attention to its most malignant aspects. Instead it is actively facilitating the most malignant aspects of power and hiding them under the banner of “diversity.”

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