colonel cassad for tuesday nov 24

Exodus from Karabakh through the eyes of Patrick Lancaster
Colonel Cassad, Nov 24, 20:58

A series of stories by military commentator Patrick Lancaster from Karabakh on the theme of the withdrawal of Armenians from the territories that are transferred to Azerbaijan.

Destruction of your own business in Kelbajar.

A cemetery near Martuni destroyed during the hostilities.

Exodus from Karvachar.

Armenians ask Russian peacekeepers to protect Dadivank monastery.

Armenian soldiers leave the base in Kelbajar.
The Armenians must leave Kelbajar by the end of November.

Plus Azerbaijani video of Shushi from the air.

Departure for permanent residence in Karabakh from Syria
Colonel Cassad, Nov 24, 11:25 am

Kurds scribble boldly about Turkey’s plans to transport ethnic Turkmens from Syria to Karabakh. Afrinpost learned from its sources that the Turkish occupation authorities recently opened two offices in the center of the occupied Kurdish region of Afrin in northern Syria for families wishing to register their names in preparation for moving to the Nagorno-Karabakh/Artsakh region, with a view to a final settlement on territories occupied by the Azerbaijani army after the battles with the Armenian army. Sources confirmed that the first office is located at People Credit Bank in the old Afrin district, which Turkish intelligence has converted into its headquarters, and the second office is located in the former “Ronahi Press” site located near Al Shifa in the New Afrin district, which is also the center of Turkish intelligence activities. Sources indicated that two offices have already seen the turnout of Turkmen families, especially from the province of Homs, and data on families is being collected in preparation for their transfer to the Karabakh region, most of which has been occupied by the Azerbaijani army after three weeks of fighting with the Armenian army. Sources indicated that the so-called “Abu Tarvat,” a Turkish intelligence officer from the Azaz countryside, is in charge of the first office, and a second man named “Khiru,” a Turkmen from a village in the Rai district, as they promote the plan in cooperation with Islamic militias, which contain armed Turkmen in their ranks. So far, the Kurds have not provided actual data, but I would not be surprised if the Turks have such plans, given that Ankara considers such a contingent of citizens as an instrument of its foreign policy in relations with Syria, Greece, Libya.

Police attack on a migrant camp in Paris
Colonel Cassad, Nov 24, 12:50 pm

Punishers of Macron’s totalitarian regime attacked the camp of peaceful migrants in Paris, which is tolerantly located in the Saint-Denis area. The protesters, in the best democratic traditions of Ukraine, set up a tent camp, taking warm clothes and good mood with them. But having lost all popular support, Macron decided to arrange the dispersal of the Parisian tent camp.

As a result of these terrible events, Tikhanovskaya called on the French police to be declared a terrorist organization and to impose powerful sanctions against the leadership of the French Ministry of Internal Affairs. France will be a free country!

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