colonel cassad for nov 27

Pashinyan responds to accusations
Colonel Cassad, Nov 27, 13:57

Pashinyan issued a new appeal to the people, in which he tried to shift the responsibility for what was happening on the opposition, which wants to discredit him and, on the wave of popular anger, enter power. He also entered into a polemic with the former head of the General Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces, Hakobyan, accusing that he was involved in the theft of $42m. In general, Hakobyan is also to blame for the defeat. The agreements of Nov 9 must be fulfilled, and part of the Sotk gold mine, apparently, will have to be given to Azerbaijan.

  1. Yesterday some people organized a meeting amid false rumors that the Armenian government ceded territories from Gegharkunik region to Azerbaijan.
  2. We will unearth the goals of the initiators of all this.
  3. There are people and groups that are trying to create the impression that anarchy reigns in Armenia, wreak havoc in our country, want to move the war inside Armenia, use criminal gangs to send the country into a state of free fall and ensure their return to power as saviors.
  4. We will not allow this not because we cling to power, but because the people do not want it.
  5. These days the application of November 9 is being implemented.
  6. And this also implies that in Gegharkunik region [where the Sotk mine is located], in particular, the RA Armed Forces should be located on the state border of the RA, the border that we know as the border of Soviet Armenia.
  7. Moreover, this limit is determined not by eye, but by GPS coordinates. As it turned out, the Sotk mine was partly located in Soviet Armenia, and partly on the territory of Soviet Azerbaijan.
  8. Unfortunately, the ninth defensive area was breached, resulting in a disaster.
  9. The general, who shares responsibility for this failure with his illegal interventions, now gives press conferences, makes “disclosures,” forgetting to remind that in his time a criminal case was opened on the theft of $42m for the purchase of useless weapons (we are talking here about these revelations)
  10. He (Hakobyan) aims at my wife, forgetting to ask the question of what a member of the Prime Minister’s family was doing in the city under missile attacks, when most of the population left the area?
  11. Throughout the war, truth was spoken according to the rules of war. Everything was said with faith and determination in the conditions of a rapidly changing situation at the front, and for this we must maintain morale and declare defeats so that it does not break the soldier.
  12. An important goal today is to preserve the achieved peace, make it lasting, and if successful, make it permanent.
  13. An important goal is to ensure the stability and security of Armenia and Artsakh, the uninterrupted and safe functioning of the Lachin corridor, the restoration of the affected regions of Artsakh and Armenia, and for this is necessary to fulfill the agreement of Nov 9.
  14. You shouldn’t panic and trust only official information. As painful as the facts are, the authorities provide the necessary information.
  15. It is important to maintain national dignity, especially in the current situation.

In general, so far Pashinyan is clearly not going to leave, but how long he can hold out in conditions of a completely understandable attitude towards him in Armenian society, the question is certainly interesting. He will definitely stay until the end of November, since Armenia has not yet passed everything in Karabakh. But after fixing new borders, the need for Pashinyan already disappears.

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