colonel cassad for nov 29

On the genocide of the population of Ukraine
Colonel Cassad, Nov 29, 17:57

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) today suddenly remembered the events of almost 90 years ago – the famine of 1933 or the so-called. Holodomor, which is now the cornerstone of the national identity of modern Ukraine, which positions itself as Non-Russia or even Anti-Russia. They say that the damned moskali staged genocide for the Ukrainians and now refuse to repent for their guilt and pay reparations. That is, they turned a purely historical issue into a political and ideological issue of a nationwide scale. What is the SBU telling us this time? They allegedly declassified some archival documents and found out that the all-Union census of 1937 showed a real demographic crisis: according to the data obtained, the population of Ukraine was 29m, that is, almost at the level of 1926. At the same time, according to the SBU, Soviet demographers expected that there should have been 35m inhabitants in Ukraine at that time. The leaders of the Communist Party did not like this final report. Therefore, the leaders of the census were accused of receiving artificially low and distorted figures and were shot.

I, as a person who has been dealing with this topic for a long time, do not understand at all what is the secret here? This is Openel’s secret and the facts that the 1937 census was found to be defective, because did not correspond to the data of the operational registration of registry offices, are known to everyone who deals with this topic. That is, according to the annual reports of the registry offices, there should have been one figure, and according to the 1937 census, it turned out to be 7m fewer people. Moreover, the reasons for this discrepancy are not that in Ukraine, allegedly, many millions of Ukrainians suddenly died, but that the 1937 census was carried out within just one day and for this reason a huge underestimation of the citizens of the USSR was recorded. And not only in Ukraine, but throughout the country. Imagine, the organizers decided at public expense to conduct an experiment and take into account the entire population of a huge country in one day. Huge government money was thrown to the wind.

It is logical that in those harsh times it was regarded as sabotage and the head of the Central Department of the National Economy and the State Planning Committee of the USSR, Comrade Osinovsky and his comrades went under the relevant criminal article, becoming, as they say now, “innocent victims” of repression. Well, how would you like to waste millions of public money, and not answer for it? Due to the mistakes of the previous leadership of the TsUNKHU, it was necessary to organize a normal multi-day census in 1939, the results of which have now entered the scientific circulation and are not refuted by anyone. And now only speculators from history and propagandists use the results of the defective census of 1937. And also the SBU. And now these rather well-known facts are passed off by the SBU as a kind of revelation. It would be better if the SBU asked other questions. For example, why hasn’t a census been conducted in Ukraine for 19 years since 2001? Don’t want to know how many Ukrainians have become victims of their own rule? I can show the reasons for this reluctance on the data of the population of Ukraine from the last century:

It’s just that the Ukrainian authorities do not want to admit the stubborn fact that 11.4m people have disappeared with them since 1991. That is, the demographic losses from their rule have long exceeded those from Hitler’s attack in 1941. At the same time, the very real supermortality rate since 1991 has ranged from 4.6m to 5m people:

By the way, it is useful to compare this figure with the real losses of the population of Ukraine during the famine of 1933 according to the current registration of registry offices:

That is, they themselves committed 4-5 times more people than died during the famine in 1933, but at the same time they shout louder than anyone that the accursed Stalin gave them genocide? Although, of course, no one suited him. In 1932, in the central part of the USSR and in Eastern Europe, there was a crop failure caused by a complex of reasons. He then became the main cause of the famine, both in Ukraine itself and in its Polish part. In general, the SBU, like other speculators on the tragedies of the past, has put itself in an openly stupid position with declassifying what is already known.

Compare and contrast with the frequently brainless right-wing Russia Today (

Ukrainian journalist attacked on air, channel called ‘fascist’ at memorial for Soviet-era famine victims, Nov 29 2020

A violent confrontation broke out in Kiev on Saturday after a reporter from Ukraine’s News One network was accosted at a memorial commemorating those who died in the 1930s Soviet famine. In shocking footage, Violetta Tovkes had her microphone knocked to the ground by an unknown man as she was broadcasting live on air. He then proceeded to shout at her and can be heard accusing the channel of being “fascist.” The man also broke a mourning candle the reporter had been holding. In a statement over the weekend, the channel called for police to take action, saying:

Such an egregious fact of physical violence against a journalist requires immediate intervention. Given the general context of the incident, the importance of coverage of the ceremony and the peculiarities of the work of journalists during the quarantine, the attack merits special attention.

According to various estimations, up to 7m people died of starvation during the Soviet famine between 1932-1933. Most of the deaths are believed to have occurred in Ukraine (part of the USSR at that time), where the period is known as the Holodomor. The legacy of the famine remains controversial, while, according to Ukrainian researchers’ data, a significant proportion of the country believes food shortages were a deliberate policy of Joseph Stalin’s communist government.

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