colonel cassad for dec 1

Lachin region passed to Azerbaijan
Colonel Cassad, Dec 1, 12:45 pm

In addition to yesterday’s (below): At the beginning of December, Azerbaijani troops entered the Lachin region surrendered by the Armenians.

The entire Lachin corridor remains under the complete control of Russia. The Russian military is already working hard to create the infrastructure for a long-term stay in Karabakh, where they will have to spend many years, if not decades.

Leaving Lachin
Colonel Cassad, Nov 30, 11:27 pm

Lachin comes under the control of Azerbaijan tonight. Over the past few days, Armenians have burned houses, shot livestock and collected their belongings.

Pegov from the Lachin corridor.


Destruction of houses.


It turns out that you have to leave before 12 pm.

Armenians leave Lachin.

Azerbaijani soldiers enter Lachin.

Briefing of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on the situation in Karabakh.

Russian field hospital.

An interview with a protester against Pashinyan.

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