the end

Trump cannot be reversed. Dania Kuzmichev on the consequences of Trump.
Colonel Cassad, Jan 16 2021

Who is he, this Trump of yours? Maybe he is a protégé of the secret lodge of the Bolsheviks? A major socialist figure? The leader of the working people? Nope, on the contrary. He is a fat capitalist, flesh and blood of his class. And a great patriot of his star-striped homeland, bothering him. Just the same illustration in the section of the encyclopedia: “classic bourgeois.” So maybe he is one of these, from the “most reactionary, most chauvinistic circles” of your capital? That is a fascist. Divorced class and racial terror, bloody destroyed the opposition, pushed the country into new wars? Again, nothing like that. If we look not at the cartoons and articles, the lack of success of the opponents of Trump, who were so destroyed, but at the impartial facts of his presidential activities, then we will not see anything so terrible there. Trump didn’t eat Mexican babies, didn’t drown black gays in 200% acid, didn’t put covid bacilli into the panties of the American people with his own hand. If he had come to a post in another era, you would not have distinguished him from all sorts of Reagan Bush. So why did everyone get so angry at him then? In my opinion, the reason for this, and Trump’s main merit, is that he is one huge system failure. This is a natural failure, I note. After all, how did he think? Ridiculous clown, caricatured “white cisgender” “obsolete” capitalist. Against the background of which the victory of the “first woman president” will look especially contrasting and allegorical … And yes, it turned out to be contrasting and allegorical. But quite the opposite than intended.

The guys with the girls who thought they were holding Uncle Sam by the beard played with “bourgeois democracy” and missed the signal from the era and society. Such a fat, blond signaller, who for 4 years became their nominal head. And I do not need here nonsense about the XP Masons (ХП масоны) behind Trump. 4 years of incessant hysteria and bullying by the US president clearly show that if those Masons existed in the first place, then they all were poisoned to death by a burned whiskey at the celebration of the Trump inauguration. No, seriously. Are there people in the audience who are better than mine in US history? Was there, from the time of its foundation, any other president to whom his entire establishment put a spoke in the wheel, his entire term? It seems that even Kennedy will shake his head negatively. Imagine what it was like for this very establishment to observe all these years what a screw-up they made, who “governs” the US, represents it in the international arena, at the same time demonstrating to all countries of the world, let’s say, this establishment’s lack of omnipotence. For them, it turned into four years of shame and, I repeat, incessant hysteria (and this hysteria was also visible to the whole world). Have they learned a lesson from what happened? Yes. Just never again to allow such a person as president, after the agony he caused to American society. “At any (any) cost to prevent Trump’s second term!” Here is their conclusion.

When it became clear that the anti-Trump propaganda, which had been pouring all these years from every American press, from magazine articles to cartoons, could not guarantee that this time the elections would go “correctly” and smoothly, the guys seemed to have lost their nerves. “Enough of your toy democracy!” Anything but four more years of such shame! The hysteria forced them to crunch the pedal of propaganda and falsifications to the floor for the election of the “fashionably youthful” Joe Biden. Out of habit it came out so rude and clumsy that not only the “democratically elected” kings of Africa, but even the representatives of EdRa (ЕдРа), could not look at this circus without blinking with admiration. By the way about the circus. I must admit that the “capture of the Capitol” was turned around already in focus. First, it turned out much better and more effective than the “burning of the Reichstag.” And, thank Gods, it is much less bloody than the last September reason to tighten the screws on the valve of democracy “in the name of the fight against terrorism.” And now all the supporters of Trump have already been registered as “Enemies of the People” and “Terrorists.” It’s time to move on to repression! Before they had time to kick Donald out of the oval office, “independent” private companies are already deleting his accounts in social networks, and for fidelity, the social networks themselves to which he could move. Senators are tearing their asses to get another attempt to impeach Trump on the road (What is this, the third attempt?). Impeachment in which there is no longer any particularly real meaning, but how much symbolism it would have for them! Retribution will certainly not be limited to Trump personally. Lustration lists of “Trump supporters” have already been created, and blacklists (wolf tickets) have already begun to be handed out for them. Have had enough! Cancelled! (Дорвались!)

And the guys do not notice at all, right now, that the orgy over Trump’s dismissal may harm their already tarnished reputations, perhaps more than even a second term for Trump would have harmed them. All these years, this abscess has swelled to burst loudly, finally splashing shit on the “bright” face of American democracy! Did I know this would happen. Yes of course! Who didn’t know? Did I know what would happen like this? Of course! Moreover, I will say that I was looking forward to Trump’s defeat, no less than the anti-Trumpists! Because it’s one thing to know what the extravaganza will be, and it’s another to observe it with your own eyes. And now the official propaganda, the fall of confederation, the “culture of cancellation,” the protracted commemoration of Floyd and much, much more, like bubbles of fat on the surface of the borscht flowed into one huge bubble of the official course. I am especially pleased now to observe the propaganda of the Westerners. In the current situation, the level of doublethink required for this has increased so much that it is practically tearing their carcasses trained in this discipline in half. They are accustomed to cursing the “unruly” capitalism of the Russian Federation as a censor-repressive Mordor, and with it, swearing at the “damned Soviets (клятый Совок).” And here, just admire, the comparisons rushed that throw shade on the (not even ideologically close) “Putinism.” Now it’s time for “Stalinism” to advance! Censorship? Denunciation? Renaming? Indiscriminate reprisals? Yes, we have here all the notorious 1937, all in one fucking month!

If there is anything unexpected about it, then it is only the fact that it is happening so fast. Soon the FBI will censor the under-censored incumbent president, in order to tell how to correctly inform on “enemies of the people.” The fugitive “Putin whistleblower” Illarionov is thrown out of work, for raising his tail on the US. If the irony of this very fact is not enough, Karl, just know that the dude flew out of the “Center for Global Freedom and Prosperity of the Cato Institute” of “Global Freedom and Prosperity”! Orwell with his ministries of truth and love sucks, and in real life, not in a literary pamphlet! It would have been funnier if the institute had been named in honor of Cato’s grandson “Censor,” not in honor of himself, who committed suicide when the “republicans” were washed up. But even so, the rules. Massacre? Disaster began, but the man who climbed into the laptop Pelosi during the storming of the Capitol, has accidentally fallen with his back to the gun 32 times. However, I suppose this is all just vile rumors from the yellow press. Coincidentally coinciding with the accidents that haunted the people who got in the way of an aunt nicknamed Killary. But we, of course, will learn the truth only when all the US archives are declassified. “Half of the country sits (in prison), while the other half guards it”? Oh, but haven’t half of the US country been recorded here as “internal terrorists” and nasty “rebels”? And wasn’t the second half obliged to write denunciations of the first?

Of course, you should not think that the Anunnaki brought this whole mess upon the USA this week from Nibiru. All this has a rich history and traditions, older than any pathetic McCarthyism and “witch hunt” there. In fact, the arbitrariness of the authorities, denunciations, journalistic slander, segregation, brazen strangulation of freedom of speech and of course hypocrisy, not only denying everything listed in the US, but also attributing it to other countries, you can easily find on the yellowed pages of the Soviet magazine Krokodil. But thanks, including Trump, that because of him the American capitalists have elevated all this shameless shame to the most indicative absolute at Stakhanov’s pace! Already I foresee criticism in politically correct language by the “alternatively gifted,” who will giggle:

So, naive commune (коммуняка), do you think that because of such bullshit as Trump, the Great City on the Hill will collapse tomorrow?!

Oh no, silly people, your fucking “bulwark of freedom and democracy” will not collapse tomorrow or even the day after tomorrow. This is not how it works. Nobody gets off that easily. Biden will come, but from this amazing victory of the “forces of light,” it will not get any easier for anyone in an way (surprise, surprise). After all, there are no programs or even good intentions to solve all the accumulated problems, highlighted in contrast by the Trump rule, nor are any planned. The entire plan is to kill all supporters of “bloody Trumpism” and pretend that these four years never happened. But do you think the renaming of toponyms named after Trump’s grandmother will help solve the swollen socio-economic problems of the US? Yeah: that’s just about the size of it. And, just as now a bunch of “Trumpists” are running like rats to repent for their “excesses in the Trump era,” so very soon if not already there will be a number of politicians who understand that Biden will naturally fuck up even worse, and that it is possible and necessary to build a political career on “the fight against repression of true patriots by the Bidenists” and on the fact that “there was no such shit under Trump.” Then they will probably come back to power and get fucked up too. They’ll fuck up because they can’t help but fuck up. They’ll fuck up because the end of capitalism is inevitable. Because it’s not about Trump, but about capitalism itself. Dixi (I’ve said it, Дикси).

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