some time soon the boogaloo bois will turn up with a MLRS mounted on the back of an old pickup truck…

Green Zone in Washington DC
Colonel Cassad, Jan 18, 1:00

It didn’t work in Baghdad – it will work in Washington. A diagram of the organization of the Green Zone in the center of Washington. for Biden’s inauguration.

If in Baghdad the embassy had to be evacuated due to the constant shelling of unguided 80-mm shells, then in Washington everything should go smoothly for now. The enemy does not yet have an extensive fleet of pickups with mortars and homemade MLRS, using which it is possible to conduct harassing shelling of the “Green Zone,” so the situation in Washington is still better than in Baghdad.

But preparations for possible attacks by internal enemies are already under way. Resistance nodes have been prepared around the main government buildings, and the movement of civilians will be restricted. The soldiers have already received live ammunition and permission to shoot to kill at the inner enemies of democracy.

This is what the organization of the inauguration of a free leader in a free country looks like now – don’t confuse it with some African dictatorship. Meanwhile, an armed militia took up positions outside the Capitol in Michigan. The National Guard forces are deployed nearby.

It is closer to Fallujah and Mosul. “Shiite militias have blockaded the house of the governor of Mosul. A battalion of the 4th division and a detachment of the PDT apparatus have moved into the city to maintain order.”

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