the democrat party base is being seriously narrowed by all this obvious hypocrisy

“Lady with Cookies”
Colonel Cassad, Jan 19, 10:36

Interview by journalist Max Blumenthal to the Chinese channel CGTN on the topic of American policy towards China and the new Cold War. Also, at the end, they mentioned Ukraine with Victoria Nuland, who now again oversees the direction of Eastern Europe and Russia.

QUESTION: Max! Welcome to CGTN!

MAX BLUMENTHAL, American journalist, editor-in-chief of The Grayzone: Very happy.

QUESTION: Let’s talk about the four years of Trump and Pompeo’s anti-China policies. What institutions or individuals do you think have been behind the Trump administration’s anti-China campaign over the past four years? Many considered this approach to be fanatical, and, in fact, it marked a new Cold War, a new Red Panic.

MAX BLUMENTHAL: I have to point out that Mike Pompeo and Donald Trump and Matthew Pottinger are reigniting a new Cold War. And at home, among the American right, there is enough fertile ground for this, because, unlike Russia, China is a socialist country. Therefore, an ideological conflict comes into play here, which a right-wing ultra-capitalist administration can “sell” to its electorate in the US. A new Cold War with China has served Trump’s domestic political goals. But then there is military intelligence, Congress, a layer of think tanks in Washington, which are funded by the military-industrial complex and foreign governments. There is also a certain layer of the American intelligentsia that is in support of this new Cold War. They are interested in it. They benefit when the US has what they call an “almost equal” rival – a large, powerful state that America needs to contain. With this new Cold War with China, a lot of money is pouring into their pockets. And this will continue under the Biden administration, which I believe will develop a humanitarian intervention approach focusing on Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Tibet to play on the sentiments of the gullible middle class liberals on both coasts of the United States and make them believe that this aggressive war America’s sake of containing China and the truth is somehow connected with saving innocent people from a dictatorial regime. Whether they really want to sacrifice the survival of the entire world for the sake of insane rivalry between the great powers or not, such a situation is beneficial only to a small segment of their elite. Unfortunately, at the moment, no one in either of the two parties, or in their electorate, thinks about this.

QUESTION: When it comes to America’s position on Taiwan, Hong Kong, the South China Sea, Xinjiang, and Tibet, how much of this policy or position do you think is built on ideals, the permanent US value system, the principles of freedom for all people? And how much of this policy, in your opinion, comes from the intentions of the American elite to contain the rise of China and maintain the supremacy of the United States?

MAX BLUMENTHAL: First of all, I will stress that most Americans do not understand the history of China. They do not know what a “century of humiliation” is, do not understand the history of the once colonized state, do not understand what it was like for a country that had to live under siege for a long time. They do not understand why regions such as Tibet, Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan are of such great strategic importance to China, because again they do not understand that the United States, Britain and their allies tried to use these regions to “Balkanize” China, to surround it with the aim of forcing Beijing to make big concessions, if not even a regime change. The US is acutely threatened by the growing socialist party (in China – InoTV), which has managed to create the world’s largest economy at its “commanding heights”, while being a model different from American monopoly capitalism, or what we would call neoliberalism. So the US is led exclusively by its cold calculations and interests, the same from which George Kennan’s “long telegram” was written, calling for the containment of the Soviet Union. The hybrid war with China is being promoted by the American public under the guise of values ​​that resonate with different populations and ages. For example, workers in the Rust Belt states that support Trump are told that China is taking their jobs, and not the oligarchy decided to send these jobs abroad, instead of leaving them in the United States. And progressive young people on the coast are told how China contains millions of minorities in concentration camps and dislikes the Dalai Lama, this great spiritual healer. The fact that he was a CIA resource can be omitted. At the same time, there was no understanding of what role Tibet played in that war with China.

QUESTION: Do you think there are double standards when we hear American politicians talk about “domestic terrorists” versus how they talk about participants in demonstrations in other regions such as Hong Kong?

MAX BLUMENTHAL: Americans should reflect on the fact that what happened in the Capitol and what they call “coup”, “uprising”, “betrayal”, “horrible crowd” – is what the United States supported in Hong Kong. all over Venezuela, Nicaragua, Syria, Libya, wherever the United States wants a regime change. They turn right-wing fanatics into their weapons, use them, cook, agitate, and encourage. And they are storming parliament buildings, as they did in Hong Kong, smashing everything inside and frightening legislators. By the way, in the midst of that raid on the Capitol, when my hands were shaking, I wrote on my Twitter that all this reminds me very much of what I saw on the Maidan Nezalezhnosti square in Kiev, Ukraine. All these right-wing forces are trying to take the center of power by storm. The only thing that was missing was that Asst Sec State Victoria Nuland …

QUESTION: Lady with “cookies”!

MAX BLUMENTHAL: Exactly. So that she would hand out these cookies to the rioters, as she did on the Maidan. Or how Democrat Senator Chris Murphy, a prominent Liberal from Connecticut, personally visited the Maidan and stood on the same stage with a member of the far-right Social-National Party, supporting the participants in the speeches. There is so much hypocrisy in this.

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