biden won’t change anything, except to make it worse

The future of US politics
Colonel Cassad, Jan 20, 11:37

From the statements of the future heads of the State Dept and the Pentagon, Blinken and Austin during the Senate hearings regarding their confirmation in office.

  1. The US will continue to consider Guaido “the leader of Venezuela.”
  2. The US will retain its embassy in Jerusalem.
  3. The US will continue to exert sanctions pressure on Turkey due to the purchase of the Russian S-400 air defense system, which makes it an inferior ally.
  4. The US will continue to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine.
  5. The US will continue to put pressure on Russia in the Navalny case and will demand his release.
  6. The US will continue to try to stop Nord Stream 2.
  7. The US will continue to view China and Russia as its main adversaries.
  8. The US will continue to fight for world leadership and the right to lead humanity into the future.
  9. The US will continue negotiations with the Taliban terrorist movement for peace in Afghanistan.
  10. The US will improve relations with Pakistan.
  11. The US will cut support for Saudi Arabia because of its actions in Yemen.
  12. The US will increase pressure on North Korea to force it to abandon nuclear weapons.
  13. The US intends to extend the START-3 treaty with Russia.
  14. The US will continue to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, including by returning to the nuclear deal.
  15. The US will purge the army of racists and extremists, as well as other internal enemies.

In general, nothing new. Almost a copy of the foreign policy of the second Obama administration, adjusted for the changed world.

65k National Guard soldiers and officers deployed to guard Biden’s inauguration
Colonel Cassad, Jan 20, 1:25

According to a tweet of the leadership of the US National Guard, before Biden’s inauguration, 65k National Guard soldiers and officers are deployed in Washington and some Capitol buildings in various states. This is more than the total troops deployed by US in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan combined.

This is how a “democratic” country looks now after “fair” elections before the inauguration of a “popularly elected” president. Trump is leaving the White House tomorrow and Biden is driving in.

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    Many thanks for share Colonel Cassad´s articles..!

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