black agenda report: altogether more realistic than WSWS

Trump as Othello in a Corporate Theater
Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report, Jan 21 2021

Donald Trump has slunk off the national stage for the time being, but we must remember who made him a contender for president in the first place: the Democrats and their corporate media. As Wikileaks revealed, the Clinton campaign encouraged friendly media to boost Trump’s Republican primary prospects, hoping to set up a straw man that could easily be knocked down in Nov 2016. By Election Day, the corporate press had lavished $5b in free media on Trump; more than Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and all of Trump’s Republican presidential competitors combined. If you are desperate to flush the stink of four years of Trump out of your brain, remember who put it there, through constant, daily repetition.

How long will the Orange Menace stay gone? Not long; soon either Trump will make a comeback or the corporate media will inflate another racist straw man to run against. The only way the corporate Democrats can mobilize their base to eek out slim national victories while keeping Biden’s promise to the rich that “nothing would fundamentally change” is to position themselves as the sole defense against the racist hordes. That’s how Clinton succeeded in completing Reagan’s quest to “end welfare as we know it,” while vastly expanding the structures of mass Black incarceration. Biden proudly “wrote the bill,” gutting safeguards against bankers blowing up the economy, and facilitating the exodus of good jobs to sweatshops overseas. Gingrich and his Contract with America confederacy stampeded Blacks and “progressives” into the corporate Democrat corral, where they were politically neutered.

The Democrat Party remained a safe vehicle for corporate agendas for the next 20 years, until an Orange Demon was conjured to scare the Democrat base back into the party’s corporate bosom, in 2016. The corporate Democrat/racist Republican symbiosis is simple, obvious and naked, yet it works every time, as the Democrat Party’s base, with Blacks at the core, allows its own aspirations to be sacrificed in the interest of turning back the threat from the White Man’s Party (GOP). If I have repeated myself over the years in these pages, it is because the oligarchy keeps using the same formula to defeat every popular revolt against the corporate Race to the Bottom and endless imperial wars. The dictatorship of the rich grows deeper, even as last summer saw the greatest popular mobilization in the history of the United States, under the Black Lives Matter banner.

What should have been a re-emergence of an independent, people’s mass street politics outside the corporate kill-zone of the Democrat Party, was once again devoured by the duopoly. All such victories are pyrrhic, meaning “won at too great a cost to have been worthwhile for the victor.” When Blacks and progressives rallied behind Bill Clinton to defeat Gingrich, the corporate rulers were enabled to plunge the society into a great leap backward that wiped out the last vestiges of the New Deal, condemned another generation of Black youth to the Gulag, and set the stage for two economic catastrophes that rivaled the Great Depression, while the US military vastly intensified its rampages around the world, the national security state penetrated every digital device on the planet, and huge corporations perfected the tools of public self-surveillance.

Biden’s call for “unity” is even emptier than Obama’s “hope and change.” In response to the Trump-instigated racial hooliganism at the US Capitol, we are expected to unify behind a 9/11-type expansion of the police state whose main mission has always been to repress non-whites and the left, while forgoing creation of a truly public health system and any respite from the accelerating Race to the Bottom, all because “Joe,” the Great Incarcerator, corporate stooge and warmonger, “saved” us from Trump. Too late for Hillary Clinton, but just in time for the equally loathsome Joe Biden, Trump the straw man has finally been knocked down, giving the Democrats a victory that costs their corporate masters nothing.

The assent and subsequent dismantling of Trump, largely engineered at all stages by corporate Democrats and their media, created an alternative, artificial and mainly “fake” political landscape, in which “the Russians” teamed up with white nationalists to undermine “America” at home and abroad, only to be thwarted by an aroused electorate, with Black voters at the phalanx. In reality, Black voters have saved the corporate duopoly that has nullified and coopted every popular movement of the past three generations. And it couldn’t have happened absent the ineffable vileness of Trump. Like some weird, orange Othello, Donald Trump can truly say:

I have done the state some service, and they know it.

Why the Left Don’t Protest
Margaret Kimberley, Black Agenda Report, Jan 20 2021

The sight of a Trump-incited mob storming the US Capitol was a political turning point for this country. It confirmed the worst fears about the outgoing president and his supporters, but ironically has also empowered right-wing tendencies which are never far from the surface. There are cries for domestic terror legislation which is unneeded and which will be directed not at Trump’s “deplorables” but against the left. The event also amplified positive feelings about the incoming Biden administration, feelings based on hope and not on facts. There are many legitimate questions surrounding the Jan 6 Capitol riot, how it happened, who planned it, and what their motives were. In addition to investigating the incident, there must be a discussion about the absence of any effective left-wing activism.

Why are the right wing so determined to make their voices heard while what passes for a left wing is largely silent? Why aren’t the left marching on Washington? They have much to be concerned about and the issues of great importance to them are routinely ignored by Republicans and Democrats alike. Millions of people are suffering and have more reason to “take their country back” than Trump supporters do. The quality of life for most people in this country was already in decline even before the COVID-19 virus killed 400k people and put millions out of work. Sore loser Trump supporters should not be the only group angry enough to mass in Washington with an expectation of bringing about change.

Leftists don’t act as they should because they are still tied to the Democrats, who are devoted to crushing them as a political force. They rarely even bother to throw their left flank a bone. Until leftists break with the Democrats they will always be on a fool’s errand, defending the party that is committed to keeping them neutered. Biden promised wealthy donors that “nothing would fundamentally change” should he be elected. He declared opposition to Medicare for All while the impact of COVID falls disproportionately on low income communities. His pledge to raise the minimum wage to a meager $15/hr is greeted as a sign of success when it is in fact proof of failure. The promised $2k stimulus payment has now fallen to $1.4k. The number of unhoused people grows and so do long lines at food pantries. There are a multitude of reasons to protest. Yet the left is largely silent, restricting any action to social media debates. There is no will to act in concert and make political demands.

The left were already marginalized even before Donald Trump’s election. The damage done by decades of corporatist allegiance continues. Anyone who questioned bank bailouts, falling wages or privatized public education was labeled unrealistic at best, and a spoiler at worst. After the Democratic Party leadership coalesced around Biden the deed was done yet again. Neoliberalism is again ascendant, progressives have been shoved aside and the sight of right wing mobs results in sneering instead of the urge to join the fight. It is shameful that thousands of people believe that Trump won the election, and were willing to wreak havoc against the symbol of the federal government, without any countervailing action taking place or even being contemplated.

Obviously many people who want a better and more just country do not really believe that they can bring about the changes they want to see. They barely survive on the margins and every four years hope that the people determined to give them the proverbial bum’s rush will suddenly have a change of heart and give them a hearing. Black people suffer the most from this dynamic. They are the most left leaning cohort in the country but their politics have been undone by the black political class of misleaders. They lay claim to representing millions of people but in fact only represent themselves and the interests of their patrons. The Congressional Black Caucus has not proposed meaningful legislation in a very long time, and they have not shown an inclination to change now that a Democrat will be in the White House. In fact, that is when the real back-stabbing takes place. Democrat presidents bring welfare “reform” that impoverishes the already poor, deregulation of financial services, bank bailouts and health-care plans that empower the private sector.

There must be a complete rejection of the political status quo. A Democrat president with control of Congress should be seen and treated as an adversary. Biden is not a friend, nor are the CBC or phony progressives who call themselves a squad. The left need not riot at the Capitol but they must believe that they can get what they want. The era of the liberation movement in the 1960s and early 1970s should be remembered as a moment when millions of people made demands knowing that politicians did not want to meet them. That is how that time should be remembered. It can be repeated again if defeatist attitudes are rejected. There must be a commitment to wholesale change from top to bottom. The failed state must be taken on without hesitation or apology and dependence on the electoral system must end. Republicans fear the Capitol rioters and straddle the fence instead of denouncing the people who make up the bulk of their party. Democrats have no such concerns about the left, and see them as an irritant to be placated at key moments. Leftists need not behave as the Trumpers do, but they must lose their own fears and leave the Democrat Party behind. It would indeed be shameful if the Capitol rioters are the only people who believe they can achieve their political goals and are willing to act accordingly.

Casualties of the Old Cold War Should Inform Opposition to US’ New Cold War against China
Danny Haiphong, Black Agenda Report, Jan 20 2021

This past week, the US celebrated another Martin Luther King Jr holiday. King’s murder occurred not a year after he came out in full opposition to the US imperialist invasion of Vietnam, In the spirit of King’s anti-imperialist legacy and in remembrance of the “Cold War” which shaped the historical moment from which King arose, this is a previously unpublished article explaining why the US’ New Cold War on China must be approached from a historical perspective as Biden replaces Trump at the helm of Commander in Chief of imperialism.

On Sep 3, China celebrated the 75th anniversary of its victory against Japanese aggression. Earlier this summer, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) joined Russian military forces to celebrate the anniversary of Victory Day. China and the Soviet Union lost upwards of 50m people in total during WW2. The end of WW2 also marked the beginning of the Cold War. Unlike WW2, which was largely a war between capitalist countries over the redivision of the world, the Cold War set the stage for a decades-long battle between contending social systems: capitalism and socialism. The US came out of WW2 as the imperial hegemon and the largest capitalist economy in the world. Despite devastating losses to life and economic infrastructure, the Soviet Union emerged as a global power by employing a socialist model of development. There are many tragedies associated with the “old Cold War” between the US-led capitalist bloc and the Soviet Union-led socialist bloc. Perhaps the biggest is that the US maintained a monopoly on the ways in which the Cold War has been narrated historically. In the name of defeating the existential threat of socialism, the US spent more than fifty years downplaying imperial violence during the Cold War as a benign and necessary precondition toward the preservation of democracy and liberty.

At no other point in history has it become more important to remember the casualties of the first Cold War to inform opposition to the New Cold War that has emerged against China. The dangers of the New Cold War against China are clear. According to renowned documentary filmmaker John Pilger, more than 400 military bases form a ring around China in the Asia Pacific. On Jul 3 2020, two naval aircraft carriers and a B-52 bomber with nuclear capacity were deployed to the South China Sea. The Indo-Pacific Command will be in charge of over 50% of all US military assets and 60% of US naval assets by the end of 2020. Trump and his administration have rebranded the Obama Administration’s “Pivot to Asia” with a strategy of “Great Power Competition” at the barrel of a gun.

The US-led New Cold War is not merely fought on the military front. Sanctions on Chinese Communist Party officials for evidence-free claims of Uyghur oppression, covert support from the National Endowment for Democracy for “pro-democracy” protestors in Hong Kong, threats to ban popular Chinese apps such as TikTok and WeChat, the closure of the Chinese consulate in Houston and a host of other hostile measures have been taken by the US to foment tensions with China. All of these measures foster an atmosphere of war not dissimilar to the one that existed throughout the latter half of the 20th century. The COVID-19 pandemic, which China contained in three months, has only given the US further reason to scapegoat China to deflect from its own criminality. And because China possesses a different social system to the US, peace-loving people should be very much concerned that the US will commit further war crimes in its bid to contain China as it did during the first Cold War.

The US operated as a force of mass destruction throughout the duration of its crusade against communism from 1945-1991. US-led covert military operations and occupations were commonplace in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Two of the most notable US occupations in Asia during the Cold War took place in Korea and Vietnam. From 1950-53, the Truman administration deployed weapons of mass destruction to prevent the Korean revolution from uniting the country along socialist lines. Over 3m Koreans died over this period and cities such as Pyongyang were completely obliterated by the US strategy of “bombing anything that moved.” An armistice was signed in 1953, but the US has yet to sign a formal peace treaty to truly put an end to the war.

While the US invasion of Korea is known as the “Forgotten War,” many activists remember the US war in Vietnam as the spark that set the anti-war movement ablaze. The US initially provided indirect support to the brutal puppet regime in South Vietnam after the ouster of French colonial forces in the mid-1950s. However, by the latter half of the 1960s, the US stepped up its campaign to defeat the National Liberation Front of Vietnam. Carpet bombings, torture campaigns and massacres of women and children were just some of the brutal atrocities conducted by US forces. An estimated 4m Vietnamese were killed before the war’s formal end in 1975 and 3m litres of deadly toxins of Agent Orange dropped onto Vietnam’s agricultural lands. Both the Vietnamese diaspora and former US soldiers continue to struggle with the wide-ranging biological effects of Agent Orange toxins.

Much of the Cold War was characterized by US coups and proxy wars that installed compliant governments in countries deemed vulnerable to the influence of communism. In 1954, the CIA engineered a coup of the progressive and democratically-elected president of Guatemala, Jacobo Arbenz. Arbenz’s violent ouster laid the basis for a three-decade long “civil war” that took the lives of over 200k Guatemalans, with the US consistently supporting the puppet government militarily throughout the war. Guatemala was but one country in Latin America that was devastated by US Cold War interventions. US-backed contra wars, coups, and death squads murdered hundreds of thousands of people in Brazil, Chile, and Nicaragua over the course of the so-called Cold War.

Africa was viewed as an equally important battleground in the US Cold War against communism. One of the most prominent examples of US meddling in Africa during the Cold War occurred in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The CIA, Belgium, and Congolese elites collaborated to assassinate the nation’s first democratically-elected president, Patrice Lumumba, in 1961. In 1966, Ghana’s first post-independence president, Kwame Nkrumah, was overthrown by a CIA-backed coup. Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso met a similar fate not two decades later. Each one of these leaders were viewed as threats for their potential to align an independent Africa with the Soviet Union. Their demise laid the basis for the proxy wars, sanctions and Western financial debt traps that plague the continent to this very day.

This only scratches the surface of the US’ destructive role in the Cold War. Another casualty of the old Cold War was the struggle for a more egalitarian world. The Soviet Union’s collapse in 1991 paved the way for the normalization of capitalist and imperialist ideology, namely the notion that no alternative exists to the US hegemony. All sectors of official society in the US participated in the erasure of the domestic consequences of the Cold War such as the heavy-handed repression of socialists, communists, peace activists, and Black movement leaders throughout the 20th century. Hegemonic imperial narratives of American exceptionalism concocted and repeated ad nauseam since the fall of the socialist bloc have justified the decline of living standards for much of the world, including workers and poor people in the US.

A New Cold War against China has emerged from this backdrop to shine a light on a changing global landscape. China survived the onslaught of US unipolar dominance and Cold War hostilities by integrating into the global capitalist economy. Few remember that China was once a very poor country that found itself completely isolated diplomatically and economically for more than two decades after the Chinese Revolution of 1949. China is no longer in such a position. China not only carries prestige in world affairs as the second largest economy in the world, but is also highly integrated with the economies of both the Global South and the Western world in ways that the Soviet Union was not.

China’s rise has also come during a period of US decline in many areas, not least in the economic realm. The US share of the global economy has shrunk dramatically since 1960. On the other hand, China is on pace to surpass the US in GDP terms by 2030. This is likely to accelerate due to the role that the uncontrolled spread of COVID-19 in the US is playing in sinking the US capitalist economy into a prolonged depression. The Trump administration has thus taken the position that if the US cannot compete with China economically, then it will use whatever weapons possible to bully China into submitting to the dictates of the US.

Make no mistake, the New Cold War against China is a bipartisan project. Biden and Trump used a great portion of the 2020 presidential election campaign to chastise each other over who is softer on China. The bipartisan character of the New Cold War is most starkly represented by the recent passage of the NDAA in July. Both chambers of Congress agreed to counter the “China threat” with a $2b increase in the defense spending budget from $738b to $740b for FY 2021. While Republican Congressmen Mitt Romney, Joshua Hawley, and Jim Inofe have been the most visible advocates of increased military hostilities toward China, the Democrat Party has done little to nothing to stem the tide of the New Cold War. What this means is that the military industrial complex and its handful of private contractors have free reign to use anti-China hostilities to fuel a dangerous militarization of the Asia-Pacific.

The influence of the military industrial complex in the New Cold War against China is clearly spelled out in the Trump administration’s approval of up to $10b worth in arms sales to Taiwan, a blatant violation of the One China policy. That the New Cold War against China is quite literally being fought on China’s doorstep should be enough to garner opposition from peace-loving people in the US and the world at large. However, there are many more reasons why the US’ New Cold War should be rejected. Increased hostilities toward China come at a time when US-based workers are facing a devastating economic crisis on top of a pandemic that the US government has utterly failed to contain. Furthermore, the US has absolutely no authority to lecture China or any other nation on the treatment of ethnic minorities. Massive protests occurred nearly every day over the summer to protest the regularity with which Black Americans such as George Floyd are killed by US police departments and incarcerated in US jails.

Lastly, support for the New Cold War against China has reached dangerous levels of popularity in the US. Over 70% of people in the US hold a negative view of China. Anti-China racism is nearly two centuries old, and has been encouraged by both political parties in recent years to deflect blame onto China for the negative effects of globalization. Blaming China for US economic policy detracts from the solidarity that is needed to address pressing global problems such as poverty, climate change and war. No amount of hatred toward China will change the fact that its economic influence is here to stay. China will be a global leader in high-tech industrial production, green technology and infrastructure development for years to come.

The only question is whether the people of the US will continue to abide by a hostile posture toward China which serves no-one but the ultra-rich overlords of the American Empire. This question cannot be answered without reference to historical memory. Tens of millions were sacrificed by the old Cold War to fulfill US foreign policy objectives. The US remains dedicated to endless war, and its New Cold War against China only makes the world a more dangerous place for humanity. US military expansion in the Asia Pacific only adds to the possibility of catastrophic confrontations between the US and China, or more likely China and its regional neighbors. A more peaceful world where domestic and international problems can be resolved is only possible if and when the US is forced to relate to other countries on the basis of cooperation and respect for self-determination.

Uganda: Bob Wine Rocks the Vote but Museveni Claims Victory
Ann Garrison, Black Agenda Report, Jan 20 2021

Thirty-six year dictator Yoweri Museveni claims that he won Uganda’s January 14 presidential election, but pop star turned presidential candidate Bobi Wine claims that he won by a landslide and promises to challenge the results in court. Museveni has kept Bobi Wine and his wife under house arrest in their own home since election day. The Black Alliance for Peace calls for support for Bobi Wine, as does Ugandan American Black Star News Editor and CUNY African Studies professor Milton Allimadi. I spoke to Allimadi.

Ann Garrison: Milton Allimadi, do you have any doubt that Bobi Wine is Uganda’s choice and that he would have won the presidency this week if it had been an honest election?

Milton Allimadi: I have no doubt that he’s Uganda’s choice. I have no doubt that he did win the election. But only the fraudulent results have been announced by the Election Commission, which is handpicked by General Yoweri Museveni.

AG: We saw huge crowds turning out for Bobi Wine, even as his guards and some of the media traveling with him were shot. Could you say anything about that?

MA: Of course. Absolutely. These are the folks, the young folks that he’d signed up. He had a national voter registration drive and he added millions of young new voters to the voting rolls. Who in the world believes that he’s going to go out there and register all these millions of new voters and, at the end of the day, these young folks are going to end up voting for the 76-year-old dictator. It is illogical and ludicrous. Everybody knows Bobi Wine won. Even General Museveni’s Western supporters know Bobi Wine won, as you can see if you read carefully between the lines when the US State Department starts saying this was a fundamentally flawed election. Translation: These elections were not credible, not transparent and will not be acceptable.

AG: I think we should add here that three quarters of Uganda’s population are under 35 years old, with very few prospects under Museveni, right?

MA: Absolutely. And Bobi Wine is 38 years old, so you have a situation where 80% of the population is under the age of 35. You also have an unemployment rate of 80%. Why would anyone vote for Museveni? There was a story that appeared in the Uganda Daily Monitor, which of course is the leading independent newspaper in Uganda, on Friday. And it reported that the first results announced by the Election Commission giving General Museveni a lead gave him 4.7m votes and then when the next batch of returns, the purported returns came in and each candidate got additional votes added to their total, General Museveni’s totals went down by 129k votes, the clearest evidence that these numbers were being concocted and somebody made a mistake during the concoction process.

AG: What is the U-Vote app?

MA: The U-Vote app is an app that was developed by supporters of Bobi Wine, and it allows people to capture the images of the declaration forms at each one of those 34k+ polling stations around the country, and each of those declaration forms have the totals of what each candidate got in each of those precincts, and each of those forms are signed by the representatives of each of the candidates. It means that Bobi Wine’s representatives have evidence of the true numbers from each of those police stations, and those numbers should have been transmitted to U-Vote as soon as possible, but Museveni shut the Internet. They’ve only been able to get very few of those declaration forms. Yet at the last count, I think they had tally sheets from only about 400 polling stations but had a consistent pattern. Bobi Wine was leading by wide margins in all of those stations that had been able to send their information nationally, including in all the regions where the Election Commission claims General Museveni won. And their aggregate was that Bobi Wine was leading by 74% to 16.2% with the other votes going to the other well known candidates. I believe Bobi Wine when he says this was an overwhelming victory, and just based on the demographics alone, it actually reflects the population of Uganda, the young population, so 74% wouldn’t shock me at all, since 80% of the population is youthful.

AG: What are the people who sign the tally sheets called?

MA: Each party has a polling agent, a representative observer. This role is often called “poll watcher” elsewhere. So Museveni would have his polling agent, Bobi Wine would have one for the National Unity platform, as would candidates of the Democratic Party, the Alliance for National Transformation, the Forum for Democratic Change, and the minor, little-known candidates as well.

AG: Did the polling agents put themselves in danger by signing these?

MA: Yes. And now we’re getting reports that many of them have been killed already. Many have been kidnapped, and the Army is essentially searching for every polling agent that may have a copy of a declaration form.

AG: Oh my God.

MA: At the end of the day, I think Bobi Wine and the National Unity platform are going to be able to prove that they won this election, to use Bobi Wine’s own term, “massively.” And I think there are indicators that the countries that have been supporting Museveni’s dictatorship all these years will finally stop. I’ve also come to that determination. Now, if you read the United Kingdom calling for an investigation of the electoral process, this is something that’s never happened in the past. They would accept whatever was declared to be the outcome of elections.

AG: Tibor Nagy, the US Asst Sec State for African Affairs, said that “the US response will depend on what Museveni does next.” He said that without specifying a preference. Would you call that unusual and significant in this case?

MA: It is significant, and I think we’re going to hear even stronger language after Biden is sworn in as the POTUS. And what are the things that the US could do? First of all, it should be made clear that the soldiers that are surrounding Bobi Wine’s home must be withdrawn. Many of these soldiers, after all, are trained by the US. They’re armed by the US. They’re sustained by part of the $1 billion in American taxpayers’ money that the US sends to the Ugandan regime annually. That’s number one. Number two, as Bobi Wine himself has said, the US should reconsider and halt military assistance to the Museveni regime because, as he put it, even though Ugandans understand that the US works with Uganda on national security issues such as trying to stabilize Somalia, Ugandans do not want the US to support Museveni’s terror against the people of Uganda.

AG: On Ghetto TV, the channel created by Bobi Wine and his supporters to cover the election, I heard people saying that Bobi Wine supporters should try to be persuasive rather than confrontational with police and military, and that they should not throw rocks at them. Does this seem wise to you?

MA: Absolutely. I think that the police forces and the armed forces have had enough of General Museveni as well. In fact, there are reports that many of the soldiers that have been most brutal in enforcing Museveni’s terror, particularly during this election season, are not even Ugandans, that some of them have been brought in from South Sudan. Some of them may be remnants of the M23 terror movement that Museveni used to finance in eastern Congo.

AG: Troops from Uganda and Burundi have been part of AMISOM, an African Union peacekeeping mission in Somalia, which is in fact managed by the Pentagon. Horace Campbell, a professor at Syracuse University, was on Pacifica airwaves recently, and he said that the conflict in Somalia had been manufactured by the US, that the US has funded terrorists in Somalia, as in so many other countries, and that Ugandan soldiers have been proven to be selling them arms. Bobi Wine has said in interviews, television interviews, that he will sustain the Ugandan troop support for AMISOM. I don’t know whether Horace Campbell heard him say that, but either way, I’m sure he agrees with you that Bobi Wine should end the tyranny of Museveni. However, some anti-imperialists are alarmed by this. Western anti-imperialists are alarmed by this support for a clearly imperial project, not only imperial but also profoundly dishonest, and by other soft power support that Bobi Wine has in the West. But I don’t think there’s any way Bobi Wine would have gotten this far if he had described the Somali conflict as Horace Campbell did.

MA: Absolutely not. But Bobi Wine, on the contrary, has said the problem with the Somalia intervention is that it’s a purely Museveni project, and that in order to actually resolve the crisis in Somalia, to stabilize Somalia and create a peaceful Somalia, a more multi-state African force must be involved. It should not just be soldiers from Uganda and Burundi. You have to get other major African countries involved. For example, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal. If you have a multi-state African military force, the people of Somalia would be able to understand that this is indeed an authentic operation to help the people of Somalia. But right now, the Ugandan soldiers in large segments of Somalia are seen as an occupation force fulfilling US interests in Somalia. And yes, it’s absolutely true that Ugandan soldiers have been selling weapons to al-Shabaab, the same movement they’re supposed to be fighting against. Now why would they do this? It’s obvious that Museveni really does not want this conflict to be resolved. The longer it’s prolonged, the longer Museveni has an opportunity to get financial and military assistance from the US and the longer he can get the US to shut up when it comes to issues of human rights abuse in Uganda. Because Uganda can always play the Somalia blackmail card and threaten to withdraw Ugandan soldiers.

AG: The Ugandan and Burundian troops in Somalia are paid by the US and they make more than they would at home. Why would a more PanAfrican force, presumably paid by the US, be any less beholden to the US?

MA: The mission would have a firm timeline so it really wouldn’t matter who pays for it. By a date certain they would all leave Somalia, unlike the Ugandan scam where Museveni not only prolongs the conflict by selling weapons to al-Shabaab, but also threatens to withdraw anytime he’s confronted about human rights abuses.

AG: OK, Milton Allimadi, is there anything else you’d like to say?

MA: I think that any American taxpayers listening to this should ask themselves, “Do I want to really be a part of financing the terror regime of General Yoweri Museveni?” And if the answer is no, you should call your elected representatives, your member of Congress and your Senators and tell them “not with my tax dollars.”

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  1. Paul
    Posted January 21, 2021 at 11:08 am | Permalink

    This is the thing. The Musuvenis of this world are going to be emboldened by what they saw happen in the US. You can do what you like as long as the media is in your pocket, or in the pockets of your backers and financiers.

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