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Barbed Wire And Witch Hunt: Globalist Joe Took Power In US
South Front, Jan 21 2021

The moment of destiny has finally arrived. Joe Biden is now US President, and Kamala Harris the very first black, Asian and woman Vice President. As Biden himself proclaimed: Democracy won. And he couldn’t be more right. After all, Donald Trump is now gone, disgraced, deemed a puppet of Putin, having even almost, allegedly, led his supporters to attempt and carry out a coup. The Republican party capitulated in its entirety, and true Democracy has finally come. Likely, not the kind that most people are expecting; it is simply the kind in which Democrats are in power. And not just any Democrats, but only the most hardcore neo-liberal clique. Joe Biden’s inauguration as president was spectacular. It is likely a unique event. Not that other US Presidents haven’t been inaugurated, or that they’ve not been Democrats, but it’s likely the first time there’s more National Guardsmen than actual audience. The impressive event featured everything that true Democracy signifies: barbed wire, armed troops, censorship, and a good, old-fashioned witch hunt for “dissidents,” or as they are now called “Kremlin Agents.” In contrast, Donald Trump, who was elected after alleged Russian meddling, a “puppet of evil overlord Vladimir Putin” was greeted with a significant crowd, with a mere one third of the number of National Guardsmen and much fewer creative decorations. Until the end Trump refused to accept that he had lost the election, and it would surprise no one if even his farewell words turn out to be in denial of the results. Times sure have changed. And they are changing even more, as Biden’s first undertaking was to issue 17 executive orders. This turned the US’ policy direction almost 180 degrees on a plethora of issues such as immigration, climate and more. The primary objective declared by the new president is to undo all that was done by his predecessor. The novelties are of an impressive nature, such as including the first transgender federal official: Rachel Levine. She will assume the post of assistant secretary of health. Finally, Biden officially promised to “promote diversity and accountability in leadership.” So more to come. Biden’s election and inauguration appears to be a gift that keeps on giving, and it is still in its infancy. One should remember that nothing speaks of confidence in legitimate election results quite like the presence of the National Guard in such extreme numbers, a barbed wire fence around the Capitol building, the complete shut down of the country’s capital, and the blocking all negative or simply differing opinions on social media. The future is now.

Amazon’s push to privatize vaccinations lifts the curtain on the US government’s transformation into ‘public private partnership’
Helen Buyniski,, Jan 21 2021

Having become a symbol of income inequality, Amazon needs all the public goodwill it can get.
Photo: Reuters/Seattle PD

Jeff Bezos’ firm’s offer to the nascent Biden administration to help deliver experimental vaccines across the US is a clever scheme to avoid potential legal liability, and burnish the e-tailer’s own reputation into the bargain. The e-commerce behemoth reached out to the Biden administration on the day of the new president’s inauguration. It offered to help distribute Covid-19 vaccines to Americans, essentially offering to step in where former president Donald Trump had promised the military would deliver. The company’s CEO of Worldwide Consumer Dave Clark wrote in a letter to the Biden administration on Wednesday:

We are prepared to leverage our operations, information technology, and communications capabilities and expertise to assist your administration’s vaccination efforts.

Clark explained that Amazon is not only running its own vaccination stations, but can repurpose these, given an “agreement” it has inked with “a licensed third-party occupational health care provider to administer vaccines on-site at our Amazon facilities.” Due to Amazon’s explosion in market share during the pandemic, it’s a given that these centers saturate every major metropolitan area. The company’s rush to take over the job from the best-funded arm of the US government lays bare the real balance of power in the US. The same mega-corporations that were able to silence a sitting president and his supporters earlier this month are now cozying up to the new administration, which knows quite well what will happen if it takes up an antagonistic stance against the new digital overlords.

While the Biden administration itself has no enmity toward Amazon, whose founder Jeff Bezos owns the WaPo, a major pro-Biden press organ, the progressive wing of the Democratic Party would like to see their new president take back some power from Big Tech. By offering to participate in the Covid-19 vaccine extravaganza, Amazon is effectively immunizing itself against such efforts. Beyond Amazon’s self-promotion as the Savior of Humanity™, there might be other reasons to let a deep-pocketed private company handle the jabs. Despite millions of dollars’ worth of rosy propaganda, the new shots aren’t exactly free of side effects, and some are quite serious. The Norwegian government has already had to explain the deaths of 23 people after they received their first dose of the jab, including 13 nursing home patients, while countries from Israel to the US have experienced a raft of adverse reactions.

And even the manufacturers of both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine have acknowledged there is no proof the inoculation will actually stop someone from transmitting Covid-19. When one is distributing a vaccine supposed to be 95% effective against a disease with a 99.7% survival rate, there are going to be lawsuits. The US has already indemnified Moderna and Pfizer against having to pay out damages, but despite a near-airtight system designed to give vaccine victims no one to sue, the US government itself might have to cover a few of the gnarlier claims.

Thus, it’s a win-win to have Amazon deliver the jabs, for everyone except the recipients, of course. Amazon get all the positive publicity a do-gooding corporation could hope for, and provide an extra layer of insulation against having to actually compensate any potential victims of what is still very much a pharmaceutical experiment. Most Americans couldn’t begin to dream of going up against Amazon in a court of law. There simply isn’t enough money in the average person’s (or even average millionaire’s) pocket. Amazon already tried to get in on the ground floor of the Covid-19 bonanza back in March, partnering with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (who else?) to deliver test kits to homes in the Seattle area. However, that program was shut down by the FDA two months later for unspecified reasons. Jeff Bezos, the world’s second-richest man, has a lot to answer for, making record profits during a pandemic that has sent millions careening into poverty they never expected could happen to them. But if he can help the Biden administration out with its little vaccine ‘problem,’ both parties stand to benefit. Too bad that goodwill won’t do a thing for the American people.

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