colonel cassad, with his usual drolleries

Banner of the United Wilayats of America
Colonel Cassad, Jan 22, 23:54

Banner of the Jihad after the inauguration of Caliph Abu Marazm al-Bidoni

1. Trump’s impeachment will begin to be considered in essence from February. The Republicans are postponing the process somewhat, but in principle they are not blocking it. Since Trump is already out of office, this is actually a political trial, where Trump will be tried to be brought to political responsibility and prevented from pursuing politics further, as well as to avenge everything he has done to the Democrat Party, including threats to jail Hillary Clinton (unfortunate flaw of Agent Donald). As for Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s statements about the need to impeach Biden, so far it is not a fact that they will even reach consideration on the merits. The leadership of the Republican Party is keeping silent about this, so as not to be ranked among “internal rebels,” but at the same time does not openly oppose them, so as not to force an internal split and the departure of the “Trumpists” to the side. The Republican establishment is interested in Trump being moderately punished, but in such a way as not to alienate the Trumpists from the Republican Party, since without the Trumpists, the Republicans will have no chance in any power struggle in Washington in the coming years. Hence the present Jesuitical position.

2. The Russian Foreign Ministry is outraged that the US Embassy in Russia allegorically calls to go to rallies for Navalny. If you scold the US Embassy properly, then it will certainly stop engaging in subversive activities in the Russian Federation (Not really). The US Embassy is doing exactly the same thing that the US embassies usually do in those countries where the US is interested in a regime change or political correction. So the US Embassy is not doing anything unusual, but simply doing its usual job. If not so long ago the US consulates in other cities of the Russian Federation had not closed, they would have been doing the same there, and the Russian Foreign Ministry would have received additional reasons to express displeasure.

3. As expected, the Kremlin welcomed the US decision to return to START-3. But the key is the caveat that you have to “see the details.” Here the dog rummaged. As mentioned earlier, the details may turn out to be unacceptable for Moscow, since they will contain unacceptable demands for unilateral concessions (for example, restrictions on the development of hypersonic weapons that are unfavorable for the Russian Federation, where the United States is still somewhat behind), which Moscow will not be able to accept. After which the United States will throw up its hands and say “Well, you see, we wanted to return to the treaty, but insidious Russia does not want and sabotages the process. So now you know who is to blame for the new arms race and the destruction of the last major treaty of this kind, but Biden did everything he could.” So we are not waiting for general statements, but for specifics, which will immediately say a lot about the approaches of the Biden administration to the Russian Federation and the emerging methodology. In all senses, this will be a bifurcation point. The arms race will unfold in any case. The only question is to what extent this will happen.

PS. Plus to the heap. The complete archive of the American magazine “Soldier of Fortune” Total 5.3 GB of scanned issues of the magazine from 1976 to 2014. The magazines are posted in pdf format. The distribution is temporary, so download it now. This page has a link to the cloud, from where you can pull the entire archive.

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