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War With Russia: The Last Hope Of The Globalists
South Front, Jan 24 2021

In the span of just one stint in the presidency, Donald Trump, with some assistance from MSM and a good part of the Washington establishment, has faced two impeachments. Finally, he has managed to lose the Presidency, the House of Representatives and Congress. “Make America Great Again” has become the slogan of dissidents. The Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol building were dubbed “domestic terrorists.” President Donald Trump was permanently banned from mainstream social media, accused of inciting violence and of having revealed himself as a “complete tool of Russian President Vladimir Putin.” He was in his last days of office, and still the Democrat Party, headed by Nancy Pelosi, wished to impeach him in order to send a message to those who disagree with the rule of neo-liberalism that’s being imposed. Resistance, evidently, is futile. The new authority has already begun to implement its own rules of the game, imposing a new “normality” and erasing any “red lines.” Democracy in the traditional understanding of this term has publicly ceased to be a political reality in the US.

The US military is removing any “potentially offensive” unit emblems, as well as its motto. US citizens are giving away the identities of their loved ones, because they are Trump supporters or took part in the Capitol storming. Now we see only the beginning of the creation of a new type of dictatorship. Further fierce witch-hunts hidden behind claims of fighting against oppression and hate are to be expected. The Republican Party has all but capitulated to the Democrats and the new Presidential administration. Big Tech has also gained unprecedented power, resulting in a previously unthinkable censorship and the total control of public opinion. In spite of the fact that the mainstream propaganda engine is heavy and corrupt, the huge and direct support it is getting from Big Tech and government allows it to dominate the media space, especially when alternative sources of information can be simply cut off.

Amid a major split between Americans after the presidential elections, the main theme of the inauguration of Joe Biden will be “United America,” which should reflect his commitment to unify the country. Meanwhile in the current political conditions any real consolidation of national unity can only be achieved if a significant external threat appears. Thus, the US desperately needs an enemy. Customarily this would remain China and Russia, and indeed this is unlikely to change: they need to be made to appear as ever worsening adversaries. After all, Trump, a “tool of Putin” incited supporters to attempt the destruction of American democracy. There is no choice but to fight against this powerful enemy in the guise of Moscow. Currently, the situation with COVID-19 lockdowns and a deepening global economic crisis is such that the new US administration can take advantage of it. In addition, the increased support of global corporations and quantitative easing is likely to follow close behind. The Trump administration’s focus on developing the national economy is forfeit.

In the advent of a further stand-off in the struggle for global dominance, global elites will require more and more resources to promote their agenda. They also need to overcome the current crisis and return the West to some kind of sustainable development. The obvious measures to take are the capturing of new markets and gaining control over new territories, which should be rich in natural resources. As such Russia and the other post-Soviet states, with their vast territories, which are both quite rich in resources and relatively low in population, seem to be worthwhile targets from various points of view. This process has already begun. The year 2020 revealed the globalists’ commitment to profit from the political destabilization in Kyrgyzstan, Belorussia, Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia. Their main target however seems to be Russia. In the short term, Russia could be fully suppressed either through stunning preventive nuclear strikes, or through a color revolution that would lead to its division into several small states.

Today, a more or less prolonged war with conventional weapons would lead to catastrophic consequences for Russia as well as for Western countries due to internal socio-economic and political factors. Such a crisis might well lead to the collapse of the current regimes and bring about a change of the established socio-political system. At the same time, the very same internal factors force the Western elites to maintain their escalation course towards Russia. Moscow has been painted as an enemy of Western civilization for years. This easily understood and tangible image is intended to unite all the conservative and traditionally contradictory heritage of Western civilization.

The victory of Joe Biden equals the victory of the neo-liberals and globalists over the national-oriented part of the American elites. Thus, it is logical to expect a drastic increase of pressure on Russia via “soft power” methods, including economic sanctions, the expansion of specific propaganda and psychological operations to destabilize Russia and its system of governance. The strategic goal of such a campaign would be to weaken the Russian leadership and create conditions for carrying out a devastating preventive strike or to destroy its statehood and disrupt the country by non-military means. If this approach does not succeed before 2024, the administration of the US neo-liberals, in order to remain in power, could raise the stakes and initiate a nuclear conflict. This devastating decision would leave Trump’s childish attempts to maintain influence and secure the leading global position of the US far behind …

US To Deploy Iron Dome Missiles To Persian Gulf Bases: Report
South Front, Jan 24 2021

The US is expected to being deploying the Iron Dome missile interceptor defense batteries to its bases in the Persian Gulf, according to reports by Arabic-language media. This is likely because the Patriot largely doesn’t work, against drones, ballistic missiles, or anything at all, as it has become apparent. The decision by US comes in wake of the Abraham Accords between Israel and two Gulf States, the UAE and Bahrain. It also relates to two big weapons deals between the US and the UAE and Saudi Arabia, respectively. The US currently has two Iron Dome batteries. One was delivered in Sep 2020. The second one was delivered on Jan 3. Tel Aviv also hopes to sell more of these systems to the US in the future, as Saudi Aramco’s destroyed infrastructure back in 2019 stand as evidence of the Patriot’s fabled “effectiveness.” The Iron Dome missile interceptor system has been co-developed by Rafael Advanced Systems and IAI’s Elta Division. It is designed to protect populated areas and critical assets by neutralising short-range aerial threats. The system has been in operational use for nearly 10 years in Israel during which it has intercepted more than 2,400 projectiles. The batteries include Rafael Advanced Systems-developed launchers and missiles and a radar array made by Elta. The contract features a command-and-control centre delivered by Amperst. Back in Dec 2020, Israel also signaled that it was ready to skip the middleman in the face of the US and deal directly with its supposed enemies in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf. Israel could be open to future cooperation on missile defence with Gulf Arab states that share its concerns about Iran, a senior Israeli official said. But Moshe Patel, who heads the Israeli Missile Defence Organisation that is part of the Defence Ministry, said it was still premature to pursue any such deals. When asked whether any of the systems might be offered to Israel’s new partners in the Gulf, or synchronised with comparable systems there, Patel told reporters:

Things can be done, maybe in the future. From an engineering point of view, of course there is a lot of advantage. That information can be shared, like sensors that can be deployed in both countries because we have the same enemies.

As such, support for the Palestinians is supposedly there from the Arab states, but Iran as a common enemy is simply too overpowering for any sort of principles or integrity.

Biden’s Novelty Appointments: Lloyd Austin Confirmed As “First Ever African American Secretary Of Defense”
South Front, Jan 24 2021

Lloyd Austin just looking confused at his committee hearing back in 2015.

On Jan 23, US Senate confirmed retired US Army General Lloyd Austin as the first ever African American Defense Secretary. Austin, who retired in 2016 and had to be granted a waiver from a law requiring a defense secretary to wait seven years after active-duty service before taking the job. So far, the Biden administration has been various “inclusivity” appointments, such as the first transgender federal official, Rachel Levine as assistant Secretary of Health, and the biggest one, VP Kamala Harris, with her impressive list of firsts: highest-ever post held by a woman, first-ever Asian American but also somehow first-ever African American to hold the VP seat. Confirmation of the defense secretary gives Biden another key department chief in place as congressional Democrat leaders attempt to move swiftly to confirm Cabinet members and other key officials following Biden’s inauguration. The old is being kicked out at full speed with Biden, any and all reminders and ties of conservativism and Trump are disappearing rapidly. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said that the Senate should “pause and reflect” on the fact that Congress has granted waivers to both the Trump and Biden administrations to confirm defense secretaries. McConnell said:

The law that we keep waiving actually exists for a good reason. Civilian control of the military is a fundamental principle of our republic. We emphatically do not want high-ranking military service to become a tacit prerequisite for civilian leadership posts over the Dept of Defense.

In the run-up to his confirmation vote, Austin has worked to overcome objections from some lawmakers to allowing a recently retired general to assume the civilian post. He addressed those concerns directly at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, saying:

If confirmed, I will carry out the mission of the Dept of Defense, always with the goal to deter war and ensure our nation’s security, and I will uphold the principle of civilian control of the military, as intended. I understand and respect the reservations some of you have expressed about having another recently retired general at the head of the Dept of Defense. The safety and security of our democracy demands competent civilian control of our armed forces, the subordination of military power to the civil.

If for some Lloyd Austin is largely unknown, the retired general is infamous for his statements regarding the training initiative in Syria that was worth approximately $500m and resulted in 4 or 5 “moderate rebels” that were trained and subsequently deployed to end terrorism. This also famously backfired, since they simply just joined the terrorists, in a reference to the proverbial “If you can’t beat them, join them” situation. Austin notoriously said:

We’re talking four or five.

This was regarding the numbers trained by the US to fight against Daesh in its prime, back in late 2014 and 2015. That $500m effort then went up to 54 individuals! And there were even 100 more being trained. What happened with it, nobody knows, since it just faded into oblivion. As a result, Austin has experience in making massive sums of money disappear, something appreciated in the Pentagon. The Biden Administration, so far, has shown that no lessons have been learned from any past administration’s mistakes, be it Trump or others. The cycle is likely about to repeat, and it is simply a return to the standstill the US was at before the Trump administration, which is not progress. It is, once again, time to intervene in various countries’ internal policies, support local “moderate opposition” (read here “radicals”), launch “humanitarian operations” which mostly feature deliveries of bombs, in the form of airstrikes. There are concerns that the peace deal with the Taliban will be forfeit, and the money pit and loss of life in Afghanistan for the US will continue for many “happy years” to come, if this were to happen.

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