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“The New Normal”
Colonel Cassad, Jan 24, 5:39

While the State Dept condemns “attacks on peaceful protesters in Russia,” it has been decided that 7k armed soldiers and officers of the National Guard will be deployed in Washington until at least early to mid-March 2021 due to the threat of “internal terrorists” for the Biden administration. Harris. After that, in the second half of March, their number will be reduced to 5k bayonets, which will remain in the capital for an indefinite period. Of the 25k deployed to the capital, 15k will be withdrawn from Washington next week. Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser called this the “new normal” and urged residents of the capital to adapt to it. It is interesting what would happen if it was announced that 7k soldiers and officers of the Russian Guard armed with firearms would be permanently deployed in the center of Moscow to protect the Kremlin and government buildings from “internal terrorists,” the Kremlin would be surrounded by barbed wire, and the city would be pasted over with search sheets with Navalny’s phantoms with proposals to hand them over to the FSB. And then Sobyanin would have acted and declared all this “The New Normal,” after which Timati would have recorded a new low-budget clip (бюджетный клип) about how Moscow has become even more prettier under Sobyanin. But of course, this is different.

Enemy of freedom and fighter for democracy
Colonel Cassad, Jan 24, 2:03

Enemy of freedom and fighter for democracy. Guess which one of them the free press will support?

Following the protests on Jan 23
Colonel Cassad, Jan 23, 22:51

Briefly about today’s protests in the Russian Federation. During the day I posted videos of the events on Telegram.

1. The general impression of the size of the protests, the actions of the security forces and the media image is comparable to Belarus last autumn. They were assembled precisely for the sake of the picture, and not for the sake of taking over any administrations or seizing any objects. Of course, after the current picture, it will be even more difficult for the authorities not to jail Navalny, since the absence of a jail sentence will look like a very clear concession to street pressure and threats from the West.

2. In total, 3k to 3.5k people are reported to have screwed up the country. In Moscow, there were up to 15k to 20k people at the rally, while in total there were scores of thousands across the country. The marches of millions of course were not even close, but the initiators of the campaign could well be satisfied with the received picture in large cities. The gap between “millions on the Internet who read Next” and tens of thousands on the streets is exactly the same as in Belarus. Moreover, even in the smallest detail, everything was very similar: there were couplings, a round dance, and even Zmagar flags.

3. The level of violence, judging by the videos and streams published during the day, was within the normal range. The riot police obviously had an intention not to be too fierce. In Moscow, following an ironic order (порядке пост-иронии), Rosgvardia handed out cookies), and attempts at provocations were quickly suppressed, in some cases quite roughly. No casualties were reported. Of course, whether or not the riot police wanted to act like their Belarusian counterparts in the first half of Aug 2020, nevertheless conclusions were drawn from that story, so the option of excessive violence was not used.

4. In general, everything looked like a test of strength and a test of the mobile resource before the protests related to the expected landing of Navalny on Jan 29 and hypothetical protests on Jan 30-31. I believe this is not a one-time action, but an attempt to launch a long-term process with periodic rallies, in the spirit of the Zmagar protests in Belarus or the protests of the “yellow vests” in France, which have a certain resource for mass growth, but not at the expense of the fans of the “minority shareholder,” where the growth limit has long been reached, but due to those dissatisfied with the coronavirus restrictions and the fall in the standard of living in the country. These are precisely the factors that fuel the regular protests in Western Europe (Germany, Britain, France etc). And if imprisoning Navalny is not a difficult task, then here are the deeper factors of discontent, with which it will be much harder to cope.

5. It can be expected that in the coming weeks these events will be followed by a wave of criminal and administrative cases, which will result in a lot of fines, and 10-15 people (or more) will receive real sentences. The authorities will try in every possible way to show that all this will have consequences, which they will illustrate with specific individual examples. You can also expect a tightening of the screws on social networks, the state regulation of which will increase. Also, I will assume that in the coming days, the Russian media will publish confessions of detainees who will begin to confess: “I did not intend anything bad,” “I myself did not understand why the OMON officer was hit,” etc, such as could be observed on Belarusian state channels after regular rallies. This scheme was worked out last year for the penance of those who like to post photos of Hitler and Vlasov on the website of the Immortal Regiment.

6. The US openly supported today’s protests, which caused another displeasure at the Russian Foreign Ministry. The question of whether it is necessary to expel foreign diplomats for interfering in the affairs of the Russian Federation, just as Russian diplomats are expelled from Western countries, seems rhetorical. It is more likely that, as usual, they will get outraged and that’s it. You can, of course, grovel for a long time about the fact that in the USA it is the same or worse. Yes, the same or worse. But attempts to accuse the State Dept of hypocrisy in 2021 are ridiculous enough. Yes, they are hypocrites. So what? This is their job. On the other hand, this has a very specific benefit: it immediately demonstrates the upcoming context of relations between the US and the Russian Federation. So the continuation follows on Jan 29-31.

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