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Joe Biden Seems To Have No Idea What He’s Doing. MSM Does Not Agree
South Front Jan 25 2021

On Jan 21, a video was shared on Twitter of Joe Biden’s inauguration as US president. The video allegedly show Biden simply repeat what he was told in his earpiece. It has since been removed from Twitter, and the associated account has been deleted. However, MSM rushed to defend Biden’s honor and the narrative. The tweet read:

Someone in Biden’s earpiece told him to salute the marines, and Biden just repeated the words ‘salute the marines,’ because he is so used to just repeating what comes from his earpiece. The marines were not saluted.

As per the WaPo, the longer, original video, which shows the same camera angle, also shows the arrival of Biden, his wife Jill, Vice Pres Kamala Harris and her husband Doug at the Capitol the morning of Jan 20.

As for Biden saying “salute the Marines” as he passed through servicemen that flanked him, it’s just not the case. After multiple viewings, we’re also able to make the determination that Biden did not utter the phrase “salute the Marines.” Instead, Biden remarked, “Good-looking Marines” as he passed through the Capitol doors.

The C-Span video had a part of it on YouTube and also had similar comments. One YouTube video showed a snippet from C-Span’s live coverage of the Inauguration Day events, with a captin that read:

Biden fails to salute the Marines, hears the headset remind him to salute them, and says it aloud.

The caption was later removed. It took multiple viewings to establish the truth, after all.

Another video on YouTube alleges that when signing his barrage of 17 executive orders after being inaugurated, Joe Biden doesn’t even have an idea what he’s signing. Of course, this comes down to speculation, since the sound quality is poor, but it is quite believable, based on past experience and odd behaviour and interviews of the 46th US President. Regardless, this is in line with Kamala Harris saying that this was the “Harris Administration with Joe Biden,” and other odd statements by Biden himself about “faking an illness” and resigning eventually.

A Democratic National Treasure: The Saga Of Nancy Pelosi’s Laptop
South Front, Jan 25 2021

The Jan 6 events at Capitol building became not only an attack on the US democracy as MSM claimed, but also caused a lot of controversy. The Democratic “National Treasure,” the laptop of Senate Speaker Nancy Pelosi, appears to have been stolen, causing an entire drama series on American TV, including mighty ‘QAnon provocateurs’ and even Russian GRU having been involved. Initially it was reported that Christopher Stanton Georgia, a 53-year-old father and businessman, took the laptop, and even had photographs taken with it. He then suddenly committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest, allegedly from a distance of three meters. However, the laptop, which reportedly contains ‘presentations only’ and nothing important, was nowhere to be found. Days later, a likely spiteful ex-boyfriend of the 22-year-old Riley June Williams notified the FBI that she was in possession of the carry-on computer, after having allegedly stolen it. She was arrested, and there are reports circulating that she wished to sell it to “the Russians” but the deal fell through. The only problem is that computer is still missing, as Williams is not in possession of it.

Meanwhile, there is little doubt in MSM that Nancy Pelosi has nothing to hide, after all she supports the New Green Deal, the LGBTQ community, and all minorities and is a staunch supporter of the mainstream left agenda. All is well and good, besides a few discrepancies that set apart her actual persona, that are seen in the spotlight. She is a career politician, with nearly 50 years of experience in big politics, a millionaire, with her husband and her happily buying automotive industry shares, and oil shares when the price is right. She also has 5 children, despite openly opposing traditional marriage and promoting ‘gender neutral’ names. And for sure, she is a vocal supporter of the BLM agenda. Nancy Pelosi is consistent in one thing: vehemently hating Donald Trump and all those who support him. Now, with Hillary Clinton,Pelosi is pushing an idea for a 9/11-style commission to investigate Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Vladimir Putin and the supposed Russian involvement in the Capitol stand-off. The position is clear. Every person who doesn’t openly and ardently support the neo-liberal agenda is also added to that list as a subject of a future witch hunt and censorship. The National Treasure, the laptop, is nowhere to be found, but so are the first-ever Speaker of the Senate’s integrity and principles.

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