further evidence of imminent escalation in syria

Biden Administration Launched Its First Strikes On Iranian-Backed Groups In Syria And Iraq
South Front, Feb 26 2021

After nearly two months of daily attacks against US convoys and positions in Iraq, on Feb 25 Washington carried out airstrikes in response. US Sec Def Lloyd Austin said that Washington was confident in what it attacked, and that it was the right target. There was no information about this incident or any damage caused by the strike from officials in Damascus or Tehran. Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said that the US had carried out a “defensive precision strike.” This involved airstrikes that struck alleged Kata’ib Hezbollah and Kata’ib Sayyid al-Shuhada facilities. They were located at a border control point in Eastern Syria. The press release misspells the names of both KH and KSS, which is showing in how clearly the US is aware of who continues attacking its interests. Both groups are part of the Iraqi Armed Forces, as they are in the ranks of the Popular Mobilization Units. One of the key forces in the fight against Daesh. Many PMU factions historically have had close relations with Iran and thus they were struck as an authorized response for the strikes on US interests in the Middle East. According to Washington, the strikes aren’t aimed at an escalation, but rather to deescalate the situation.

Any casual observer would note that it is far more likely that Biden will get an escalation as a result. Two days before the “defensive precision strike,” Kata’ib Hezbollah released an official statement denying that it had anything to do with the rocket strikes on US positions. Evidently, to no avail. The last straw for the US happened during the day on Feb 25. Two convoys were attacked by IED blasts. These attacks led to no casualties, similarly to the previous ones. It appears that material damage was the purpose of the incidents. The declared purpose of the attacks was to push the US forces out of Iraq. This, too, is unlikely to happen anytime soon. NATO is increasing its presence in Iraq. The US also said it could deploy more troops to the Middle East. When Biden was elected president, the MSM claimed that the two-faced international policy was done with, after Trump had vacated office. This is a testament to the opposite. On one side, Washington says that it is ready to sit at the negotiating table with Iran, and discuss restoring some normality. One the other side, it strikes Iran’s allies and accuses them of carrying out attacks that they vehemently deny.

Two Truths And A Lie: US Patriot Missiles Leave Saudi Arabia For Syria?
South Front, Feb 25 2021

The US has deployed a Patriot defense battery to Syria’s northeast, at least according to the fairy tales told by Kurdish media. This deployment reportedly took place on February 24th in an entirely different reality, since the reports claiming so are entirely fake. Several Kurdish and opposition outlets claimed that the deployment of Patriot batteries is taking place in Alomar and Al-Shaddadi. There could even be more batteries. Reports also claim that the US is improving its capabilities in al-Hasakah and Deir Ezzor as well. The claims of Patriot batteries in northeastern Syria are currently merely fake news, as any review of the photographs, even to casual observers on Twitter, reveals that they show an entirely different location. What is fact is that Washington is truly attempting to increase its presence and capability in Syria. In another and more realistic report from state outlet SANA, the US sent “shoulder-launched missiles” to northeastern Syria. Two American military helicopters allegedly landed in al-Shaddadi and unloaded artillery shells and shoulder-launched missiles. Prior to this, the coalition built a new airstrip in the al-Omar oil fields in southeastern Deir Ezzor. And the base in al-Hasakah is really being built. These developments, however, aren’t as major as reports make them out to be.

Saudi Arabia, which Washington has vowed to defend and assist, is losing two of its Patriot defense batteries. The two units in Saudi Arabia were helping to protect the Kingdom’s oil fields, but will likely be replaced by Saudi Patriot batteries. Their effectiveness or lack thereof was proven back in 2019, when they failed to protect Aramco’s facilities. As such, even if they were to be relocated in Syria, their usefulness remains in doubt. Still, the Kurds as US allies are hopeful that the patriot battery remains mighty and capable of protecting its positions as they are likely hoping that it would help protect them against the Turkish Armed Forces. Washington, though, is focused on Iran, which, especially so far in 2021, it has largely failed to contain. Iran continues expanding its influence in key areas such as Syria, Iraq and Yemen. In Syria, after being subject to Daesh attacks, Tehran’s forces are building new positions in the southern Homs countryside to protect phosphate mines in the region from the Daesh cells responsible. Empty claims may go around the world quickly. Their effectiveness, however, is dubious at this point. The US is attempting to increase its presence and capabilities in Syria, but so far it appears to be too little too late. Iran’s presence in Syria and influence in the entire region continue to grow despite containment efforts by Washington and its allies.

Fighting Math & Other ‘Non-Tolerant Things.’ The New Normal In The US
South Front, Feb 24 2021

The new normal is entering US society at a steady pace that to some may seem frightening. To most it is plain puzzling and to many infuriating. In recent months, a non-profit foundation called Pathway released a six-part toolkit for fighting against racism. It doesn’t fight against it in any conventional way, but rather by claiming that mathematics is racist. The toolkit “A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction” is meant to help educators in grades 6-8. One of the main points it puts forward is that educators propagate “white supremacist culture.” They do that because they “treat mistakes as problems by equating them with wrongness” in mathematics. Essentially they are proposing that an alternative math could be introduced, in which the wrong solution to a problem is just as acceptable as the correct one. According to this new tolerant and diverse concept, math should be taught through “storytelling circles, incorporating dance, music, song, call and response, and other cultural ways of communicating.” It reaches outside of math, too, as “requiring students to raise their hand before speaking can reinforce paternalism and powerhoarding, in addition to breaking the process of thinking, learning, and communicating.” There is little surprise that no ‘MSM experts’ noticed that the toolkit itself is incredibly racist, constantly describing children of color as less capable than white children. It repeatedly claims that teaching minority kids the “right way” to do math meant reinforcing white supremacist culture. One could say that it was all a joke, or a scam, but the Gates Foundation has donated nearly $140m to the groups behind Pathway.

Separately, Coca Cola is, apparently, forcing its employees to watch an online training made by Robin DiAngelo. The author is infamous for her fringe racial theories and incredible bias against white people. Coca Cola seems not to be bothered much by this and is using it to reforge its corporate culture. It is called “Confronting Racism” and is, again, incredibly racist. It attempts to teach individuals who watch it how to “try to be less white.” Robin DiAngelo, “the best-selling author of White Fragility,” gives people the vocabulary and practices they need to start confronting racism and unconscious bias at the individual level. It also helps organizations do the same. The presentation villainizes a white person, just for being a white person, as oppressive, arrogant, defensive, ignorant and more. These new attempts at “challenging what it means to be racist” are introducing a new normality to Western life. The narrative is being arranged to be as useful as possible to those in power and to cancel, censor and attack those of differing views. Anything challenging is evidently being dismantled and kicked to the curb. This uniform push is actively supported at the highest levels of the governing system and business circles, including the current Biden Administration, the wider Democratic rule and Big Tech.

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