iraq & syria

A typical evening in the Middle East
Colonel Cassad, Feb 27, 23:23

A typical evening in the Middle East. Another missile attack on Riyadh. The air defense unit of the capital of Saudi Arabia has reported that it shot down at least one ballistic missile over the capital using Patriots PAC-3:

How many missiles were fired has not yet been reported. One of the missiles overcame the air defense umbrella (as usual, the Patriots cannot handle Iranian missiles 100%) and fell somewhere on the outskirts of the city. Here is video with an explosion:

Unknown persons (most likely Syria or Russia) launched missile strikes using surface-to-surface missiles at the fuel and lubricant depots of pro-Turkish militants in Al-Muzaleh, west of Jarablus, where crude oil purchased by terrorists from SDF was stored as part of a smuggling scheme between pro-Turkish and militants and pro-American Kurds. Reported serious damage, no information about the victims. It is also reported that during the day the Russian Aerospace Forces inflicted several airstrikes on the positions of the militants in the mountainous Latakia and Idlib. Active strikes are being applied for the 3rd day. Can be considered a therapeutic measure. The Turks are whining all day today about the Turkish company destroyed last year, which was written off to the Syrian Air Force, although Su-34s were used there in response to MANPADS launches at Russian bombers. 34 Turkish soldiers and officers were officially killed. Unofficially from 60 to 85. The coalition of Iraqi Shiite militant organizations (oriented towards Tehran) has declared that it will not joke with “Big Satan” and will definitely respond to attacks on sheds near Abu Kemal. We are waiting for new shelling of the “Green Zone” in Baghdad, burned convoys (yesterday in retaliation they burned 2 American vehicles from a logistics convoy in central Iraq) and missile launches at US bases.

Houthis Surprise Saudi Arabia With Large-Scale Missile, Drone Attack
South Front, Feb 28 2021

Saudi Arabia announced late on Feb 27 that its air defense forces had foiled a “ballistic attack” by the Houthis (Ansar Allah) on the capital Riyadh. In an official statement, the Saudi-led coalition said ballistic targets, most likely missiles, were successfully intercepted over Riyadh. The coalition didn’t provide the exact number of the hostile objects which targeted Riyadh. Yet, the Saudi Press Agency, SPA, shared footage showing several successful interceptions in the sky of the capital. At around the same time, the coalition announced that five drones were intercepted in the Kingdom’s southern region. According to the coalition’s claims, some of the drones were on their way to strike civilian targets in the city of Khamis Mushait. The coalition said that the ballistic targets and the drones were launched by the Houthis from Yemen, without providing any additional information. The Houthis are yet to comment on Saudi Arabia’s claims. Over the last few days, the group targeted the Kingdom with several drones without announcing the attacks. In the last few months, the Houthis stepped up their attacks on Saudi Arabia. These attacks are meant to pressure the Kingdom into ending its war on Yemen, which has been wreaking havoc for more than five years.

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