i think ukraine are just trying to pretend they are not the aggressors

CNN: Ukrainian Trains With Heavy Weapons Going East Are ‘Russian Aggression’
Moon of Alabama, Apr 12 2021

Today, CNN continued its long stint of publishing anti-Russian propaganda. But this video ‘report’ falls on several levels:

Unprecedented footage shows front line of Ukrainian conflict with Russia
CNN, Apr 12 2021
As tensions with Russia continue to rise in eastern Europe, CNN gains unprecedented access to the Ukrainian president on the front line in Donbas, eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian military officials tell CNN they estimate more than 50k Russian troops are massing near the border. CNN’s Matthew Chance reports.

First, this isn’t news. Zelensky visited the troops at the front line on Thursday. Second, the tensions are not ‘on the rise’ but have moved down a tack or two since Friday when Zelensky gave up and filed for peace. In the video Zelensky and the CNN correspondent and camera team enter a helicopter. The voiceover says:

CNN has gained this unprecedented access to the Ukrainian president on a carefully planned troop visit flying with him fast and low to avoid ground fire.

Where please is that ‘ground fire’ supposed to come from, when Zelensky is flying over Ukrainian-held ground towards some Ukrainian command post near the front line? This is followed by scenes in which Zelensky, a trained actor, does telegenic hops over ditches. Two minutes into the video, CNN shows some military transports. The voiceover says:

With growing tensions a dramatic build-up of Russian forces near the Ukrainian border and in Crimea. Cellphone footage has emerged of armored columns like this one. And military hardware being transported by rail towards the border.

It is quite interesting what footage CNN is using at that point.


Behind the train with the tanks there is a passenger train in the station. Its cars are blue with a yellow stripe, the colors of the flag of Ukraine. The cars in the CNN video are obviously Ukrainian rail cars. Like this one which also features the Ukrainian state emblem.

Some searching reveals CNN’s source:

CNN uses footage of Ukrainian weapons moving to the front to claim that Russia is moving arms to the front line. CNN knows its viewership. People who still watch it after four years of CNN Russigate nonsense will certainly not detect such fakes. There is a lot of additional footage of ‘military hardware being transported by rail towards the border’ that CNN could have used. Here is a small selection of such tweets with videos from Mar 11 through Apr 1:

  • Photo from a civilian in Dnepropetrovsk. “Ukry from the side of Dnepropetrovsk, without hiding through the stations, are driving hundreds of tanks on railway platforms! Today, about 7 trains have passed. Previously, All this equipment goes to #Donbass! hundreds of tanks and APC!
  • Footage taken on 12/3/2021 of Ukrainian train transporting tanks to Donbass. #Ukraine #Russia #Donbass
  • #Ukraine sends Tanks and APCs to #Donbass Front-line. Seven trains is not normal rotation !! part-1
  • #Ukraine sends Tanks and APCs to #Donbass Front-line. Seven trains is not normal rotation !! part-2
  • #Ukraine sends Tanks and APCs to #Donbass Front-line. Seven trains is not normal rotation !! part-3
  • On Mar 17, a train with military equipment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was seen in Sloviansk, including 122-mm self-propelled howitzers 2S1 “Gvozdika” and rocket launchers UR-77.
  • Ukraine sends trains loaded with tanks, BMPs and howitzers to Eastern Ukraine to confront the Russian aggression.

‘… the Russian aggression!’ Those trains were all Ukrainian trains which, since early March, have been moving heavy weapon towards the frontline each and every day. Of course none of those Ukrainian trains were reported by CNN as Ukrainian aggression towards its renegade citizens in Donbass. They were not reported on at all. It were these unprecedented number of trains, together with the bellicose rhetoric coming from Kiev, that convinced Russia that something bad was being planned. Russia had to react to that and it did so in a convincing manner. Zelensky has folded and the crisis has, for now, been defused. But that is, again, something you won’t learn on CNN.

After The Bear Showed Its Teeth The Ukraine Filed For Peace?
Moon of Alabama, Apr 10 2021

First the Ukraine said it would use force to recover the renegade Donbass region as well as Crimea. It then moved heavy troops towards the contact lines. The ceasefire at the contact line was broken multiple times per day. Several Ukrainian soldiers died while attempting to remove a minefield in preparation of an attack. It became clear that a war in Ukraine’s east was likely to soon break out. A successful war would help Zelensky with the ever-increasing domestic crises. A war would also give the US more influence in Europe. The US and NATO promised “unwavering support for Ukraine’s sovereignty.” Russia gave several verbal warnings that any Ukrainian attack on the renegade provinces of Lugansk and Donetsk or Crimea would cause a serious Russian intervention. There was never a chance that the US or NATO would intervene in such a war. But it was only after Russia started to move some of its troops around that sanity set in. It dawned on the Ukrainian leadership that the idea of waging war against a nuclear-armed superpower was not a good one. Late yesterday it suddenly decided to file for peace:

The Armed Forces ruled out the use of force to “liberate” Donbass
RIA Novosti, Apr 9 2021
KIEV – “Liberation” of Donbass by force will lead to mass deaths of civilians and servicemen, and this is unacceptable for Kiev, said Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Ruslan Khomchak. The General Staff’s press center quoted him as saying: “Being devoted to universal human values ​​and norms of international humanitarian law, our state puts the lives of its citizens in the first place.” According to Khomchak, the Ukrainian authorities consider the political and diplomatic way to resolve the situation in Donbass a priority. At the same time, he added that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are ready for an adequate response both to the escalation of the conflict and to “the complication of the military-political and military-strategic situation around the country.”

Zelensky himself chipped in:

Zelensky spoke for a truce in Donbass
RIA Novosti, Apr 9 2021

MOSCOW – President Zelensky announced the need for a new truce in Donbass after visiting the contact line. The head of state wrote on Facebook that shooting at the front lines had become “a dangerous routine.” Zelensky said: “After several months of observing a complete and general ceasefire, we returned to the need to establish a truce.” As the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Ruslan Khomchak emphasized earlier, the use of force to “liberate” Donbass is unacceptable for Kiev, as it is fraught with casualties among the civilian population and military personnel. At the same time, last week he said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will strengthen the grouping of troops in the Donbass and in the Crimean direction, in response to the “build-up” of Russian forces on the border with Ukraine.

It seems that order has come from Washington to stand down, at least for now. US reconnaissance flights near Russia’s border continue. One should therefore consider that the sudden call for a renewed ceasefire might be a ruse. But if it is not, why was all of this allowed to happen in the first place?

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