colonel cassad for apr 16

Russian Spacetrain
Colonel Cassad, Apr 16 2021

Russian space train.

Meeting off the coast of Kamchatka
Colonel Cassad, Apr 16 2021

Interception by a MiG-31 fighter of an American RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft near the borders of the Russian Federation in the Pacific Ocean.

Crimean Chernobyl: Zelensky’s dream of the “future” of the peninsula.
Boris Rozhin, Analytical Service of Donbass, Apr 16 2021

In a fresh interview published on Zelensky’s website, he shared a whole bunch of wonderful revelations about the future of Crimea and Donbass without Ukraine. He writes:

This is one of the most difficult issues. People who do not live in Ukraine sometimes say that everything is clear with Donbass, it will return, and Crimea will never return. Other people, even in Ukraine, say that you will return Donbass, and Crimea may not be until the president in the Russian Federation changes. I live in a different paradigm. For me, Crimea and Donbass have not gone anywhere, and these are exactly our territories. And they won’t be happy without Ukraine. We see this in those territories where there is an occupation: in Abkhazia, Transnistria, etc. I haven’t seen any scientific breakthrough, cool enterprises, skyscrapers in Hong Kong there. I haven’t seen life there. That’s why I don’t see happiness there. And when people are unhappy, they come from that territory. So, it’ll be a “dead” territory. It’ll be worse than Chernobyl. Because even tourists come to Chernobyl. And these will be just “dead” regions, unfortunately. Or people on the ground should understand that they are all Ukrainians, and they should want to be in Ukraine. Just like Ukrainians in the controlled territory want to be with us. Because I know a lot of civilians live there like in captivity. But they consider themselves Ukrainians. There are people in Crimea who once shouted that Russia would come and they would be a “pearl by the sea.” But nothing happened. It got worse, there’s no tourism, no enterprises, no work, prices are high, no water. Therefore, I believe that there is no future for them without Ukraine.

This is a very clear illustration of the thesis about “news from alternative reality” which exists in Zelensky’s head. Although, in fact, he certainly understands that he is frankly lying, he is forced to adhere to the same propaganda line that was formed under Poroshenko. Obviously, it is not addressed to the residents of Crimea and Donbass, as they understand perfectly well how things really are. In the case of Donbass, against which Ukraine is waging war, it is Ukraine and personally Zelensky who do everything to worsen the lives of people in the DPR and LPR, to figure out create an exclusion zone there and to make people there unhappy. As soon as the people living in Donbass get rid of the Ukrainian threat and Ukraine in principle, they will become much less unhappy, as the republics will be able to direct part of their resources not to the war with the Ukrainian Nazis, but to restore the consequences of the aggression of Ukrainian Nazism and economic development. The same applies to Crimea. While the population of Ukraine is steadily declining, the population of Crimea and Sevastopol is increasing. Moreover, in 2020, despite the overall population decline in Russia, Sevastopol became a leader in population growth in general. If during the time of Ukraine less than 400k people lived in it, now more than 500k people live only officially, and unofficially up to 650k, and some of them are former citizens of Ukraine who left the country of the “winning Euromaidan” for the “Crimean Chernobyl zone.” At the same time, the topic that by 2030 Sevastopol will become a city of one million is already actively discussed. Such a “dead territory,” worse than Chernobyl.

It is funny to listen to the fact that no one goes to the Crimea, when since 2014 the tourist flow has increased annually, second only to the figures of Soviet times and significantly surpassing the tourist flow of the times of Ukraine. Only the coronavirus epidemic has somewhat shaken this trend, but even in the current conditions, the Crimean authorities are already planning to reach a figure of 10m tourists per year. And, importantly, every year a significant part of tourists are residents of Ukraine, who spit on the horror stories of Poroshenko and Zelensky and go to the Crimea to see with their own eyes the Crimean Bridge, the airport in Simferopol, the highway “Tavrida,” the renewed center of Sevastopol and much more that is “filmed at the studio.” No Ukrainian region has implemented as many infrastructure projects in 7 years after the Euromaidan as have already been implemented or are being implemented in Crimea. Ukraine is just able to offer a “dead territory.” It can do this, as it clearly demonstrates in the territories of Donbass occupied by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And not only Donbass, you can look at the level of “development” of Kherson and Nikolaev regions. How is the once legendary Nikolaev Shipbuilding Plant, where once, under ancient highly developed civilization, aircraft carriers and missile cruisers were built? Here, in Kerch, where the local plant “Giv” was half dead under Ukraine, now 2 helicopter carriers are being built at once, the largest ships that will be built on the Black Sea after the collapse of the USSR.

And also regarding Hong Kong. Not so long ago, Chinese comrades could feel by their own example what “business and development in Ukraine” are, when they were squeezed out by lawlessness of the already purchased enterprise. Where do “cool enterprises” come from with such approaches? And so, with such cases, Zelensky discusses that people living in Crimea “should want to be in Ukraine” should want to be together with Zelensky and the Nazis around him. Even the very construction of the phrase indicates that people in Donbass and Crimea do not want to be in Ukraine, although, according to Zelensky, “should want it.” What’s the reason for this discrepancy? Why don’t people in Donbass and Crimea want to be in Ukraine, want to live in Crimean Chernobyl, but not in Ukraine? Isn’t it because, despite all the objective problems existing in Crimea, and especially in Donbass, where the war is going on, people prefer such a “dead zone” to what is happening now in Ukraine and what Zelensky calls “happiness”? The trick is that in Crimea and Donbass happiness is considered to stay away from Ukraine in its modern form. Far from Zelensky, away from the Nazis, away from Ukrainianizers, away from Selyukovsky rhulyuls, away from the owners of everything that happens chthonic northern fox.

That’s why Zelensky is forced to sigh rhetorically that “they should love us and want to be with us.” He understands everything, of course, very well, but he has to pretend that people in Donbass and Crimea are stupid and do not understand what modern Ukraine is, which is an ordinary Nazi dump. And it wasn’t understood now or a couple of years ago. It was understood back in 2014, when many people realized where everything was going. And conclusions about “Ukrainian happiness” and its prospects were drawn even then, in the relevant referendums, where people said “NO” to Ukraine. We could say YES, but they didn’t say it because the conclusions have already been drawn. Well, the illusions about the old post-Soviet Ukraine dissipated after Odessa Khatyn, where the old Ukraine was finally and demonstratively burned. And no one forgot about it. Therefore, it is possible to discuss as much as you want to discuss the objective problems of life in Crimea, Sevastopol, DPR and LPR. They were, are and will be, including because of the acute desire of the Ukrainian Nazis to turn Crimea and Donbass into a “dead zone” and to shit those who said “NO” to the Ukrainian Nazi dump in every possible way. But the main thing here is that, solving these problems, people are well aware that they will have to be solved within Russia, and not within the framework of Ukraine, because “Ukraine” and “solution of problems” exist in disjoint universes.

The fruits of independence and euromaidan
Colonel Cassad, Apr 16 2021

The head of the Odessa “Ukrposhta” said that over the past 10 years (read from 2010-2011), the population of Ukraine has decreased by 10 million people. That is, every year the country has lost a million inhabitants.
The head of the Odessa regional branch of Ukrposhta Sergei Drozd said this at a session of the regional council on Apr 16. He explained that Ukrposhta has such information because it is present in a very large number of settlements. So, if we take the official statistics, then in 2010-2011 about 46m people lived in Ukraine; that is, the population decreased by 6m people even 4 years before the Euromaidan. Over the next 10 years, as the representative of Ukrposhta assures us, it has lost 10m people at once. Thus, the real population of Ukraine is about 36 million people (officially, absolutely fantastic 42m or 43m people are given, who do not even struggle with losses from the withdrawal of Crimea and Donbass). Given that in 1991 it was almost 52m people. Thus, over 30 years of independence, Ukraine has lost more than 15m people, that is, about 30% of the population at the time of the beginning of independence, which has done an excellent job not only with de-industrialization, but also with the reduction of the population of Ukraine in various ways.

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