colonel cassad for apr 17/18

Defeat of the Belarusian State Emergency Committee
Colonel Cassad, Apr 17 2021

The KGB of Belarus and the FSB of the Russian Federation carried out an operation to defeat a group of conspirators who operated on the territory of Belarus, Russia, the Baltic States and the US and planned the physical elimination of Lukashenka and the armed seizure of power, with the establishment of an analogue of the State Emergency Committee in Minsk. The conspirators took the assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat with the subsequent seizure of power mechanisms, television and blocking of Minsk as one of the landmarks. But judging by the published operational materials, this whole gang was waged for a long time. Lukashenko made a statement about attempts to liquidate him and that the arrests were made after his appeal to Putin and Bortnikov. Lukashenko announced that the US special services were preparing an assassination attempt on him and his children:

I asked the President of Russia, and we took them there. Living people, everything was recorded, audio-video. I just want to warn you: God forbid they touch my children! Frankly speaking, it will be a terrible massacre! Another thing surprises me. Why do Americans behave this way? After all, to set the task of eliminating the president, no one can give consent, except for the top political leadership. Only they, no special services!

The FSB of the Russian Federation has already confirmed information about the attempted coup in Belarus:

The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, together with the State Security Committee of the Republic of Belarus (RB), as a result of a special operation, suppressed the illegal activities of Yuri Leonidovich Zyankovich, who has dual citizenship of the US and the Republic of Belarus, and Alexander Iosifovich, a citizen of the Republic of Belarus. Zyankovich came to Moscow after consultations in the US and Poland. In the Russian capital, he planned to meet with representatives of the Belarusian Armed Forces to convince them to participate in a coup involving local and Ukrainian nationalists, as well as the physical elimination of President Alexander Lukashenko. The coup was planned in Minsk on May 9 during the Victory Day parade. At the present time, the detainees have been transferred to Belarus.

The assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, which the conspirators were targeting.

It is worth noting that this scenario echoes the attempted assassination of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro during the parade, where the conspirators used drones to eliminate them.

Some scripts don’t change. All in all, excellent collaboration between the special services.

In addition, today in St Petersburg they caught the Ukrainian consul red-handed, who was collecting classified information. He was ordered to get out of Russia within 72 hours. Ukraine will also send a Russian diplomat in response. Also today, the Czech Republic expelled 18 Russian diplomats at once. Allegedly for the fact that Russian agents blew up an ammunition depot in the Czech Republic in 2014. We are waiting for the wholesale shipment of Czechs to their historical homeland.

Petrov and Boshirov blew up a warehouse in the Czech Republic
Colonel Cassad, Apr 17 2021

You will laugh, but Petrov and Boshirov went to look at Czech warehouses in Vrbetice in 2014, after which they exploded. In any case, this is what the Czech police say. Allegedly, they entered the Czech Republic with fake passports in the name of Ruslan Tabarov and Nikolai Pop. On this “fact” 18 Russian diplomats are being expelled from the Czech Republic. Chekhov will be driven back today or tomorrow.

Warehouses in Vrbetice exploded on Oct 16 2014. Many short- and medium-range missiles were destroyed. Two people were killed.

Operation “Silence” and Sasha’s wallet
Colonel Cassad, Apr 18 2021

In the wake of yesterday’s arrest of the Belarusian conspirators, whose conspiracy was called “Operation Silence.” This from

Feduta and Zenkovich brought to the meeting a list of names of persons holding senior positions in the authorities of Belarus, who were planned to be killed or imprisoned. According to the author of the story, this information was helped by hackers. Zenkovich said said: “We have all the personal data on them. Our guys hacked into the servers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the KGB, the Investigative Committee. Dumped all databases. We will provide all personal data.” The plot also says that the suspects planned to involve nationalists from Kiev in preparing the coup. Zenkovich and Feduta said they need at least five years to transform society and the state. According to them, after the coup, Belarus should become an incubator for “growing democracy” according to the experience of Poland. Zenkovich noted: “Because if elections are held now, then Lukashenka will be elected instead of Lukashenka. And it will be the same for another 25 years.” At the end of the meeting, the lawyer and the political scientist suggested that the generals appropriate Lukashenka’s property. Zenkovich said: “I am almost sure that our Sasha has a wallet somewhere with a reserve. You just have to take it, quietly, on occasion.” To this one of the generals asked him where Lukashenka can keep his supplies. The lawyer replied: “At home, most likely, in Ostroshitsky town, and it will not be taken into account.”

Well, they said that the struggle for democracy, and here we are talking about Sasha’s unaccounted wallet. Apparently they liked the plundering of Mezhyhirya and Viti’s property. By the way, it is reported that the topic of a conspiracy against Lukashenka was raised during the talks between Biden and Putin on the phone (that is, even before the arrest of the conspirators was officially announced). Some believe that the story with the new adventures of Petrov and Boshirov, as well as new sanctions against the Russian Federation and the massive expulsion of diplomats, serve the purpose of information cover for the consequences of the opening of the conspiracy against Lukashenko and the failure of the American special services, although in the case of the Czech Republic there are also purely local motives associated with the competition. for the construction of a nuclear power plant and the purchase of vaccines for the Czech Republic. By the way, the names of the generals with whom the conspirators met in Moscow have not yet been named. Given the availability of operational records from the meeting of the conspirators, the FSB probably has the names of all participants. After all, if the assassination of Lukashenka at a military parade was planned, then there must also be potential perpetrators who will take on all the risks of practical implementation. The very people to whom the money was transferred. The story turned out to be so overwhelming that the video of the Belarusian state TV (!) About the detention of conspirators fell into YouTube trends.

Briefly about different things
Colonel Cassad, Apr 18 2021

1. The US State Dept announced that they were not involved in the conspiracy to overthrow and murder Lukashenka. Any government involvement is officially denied. In a similar vein, the US denied the organization of the attempted coup in Venezuela and the assassination of Maduro. The case of the detained US citizen is planned to be dealt with in working order. We are waiting for the publication of the FSB and the KGB of Belarus of new operational materials about the hunters for Sasha’s wallet.

2. The US has threatened with “consequences” for Russia if Navalny dies in prison. As mentioned earlier, living Navalny, like Nemtsov, is of little use. But the dead Navalny, like Nemtsov, can be “capitalized on the media.” The ideal option is Navalny’s poisoning with a horse dose of Novichok. The very same media campaign on this issue is completely identical to the campaign in support of Tymoshenko, when she was in prison under Yanukovych. Almost 1 in 1. If such a coward and Tolstoy’s man Yanukovych didn’t release Tymoshenko, we can expect that Navalny will serve his entire term, even if he starts blowing bubbles on the camera and walking around as a Novice.

3. Navalny’s accomplices, having failed to gather 500k people willing to attend their rally, announced that they would not wait for the announced figure and would hold a rally on Apr 21. The forced haste is due to the need to support the US line with respect to the Russian Federation, as well as the beginning of the work of the Prosecutor’s Office on recognizing this entire gang as an extremist organization. It is highly likely that this will be a farewell tour, after which it will be impossible to get together in principle, especially in the light of the statements of the Russian Foreign Ministry about the intention to end the activities of US-related NGOs in principle.

4. The Russian Federation on Monday will announce retaliatory measures against the Czech Republic, for the expulsion of 18 diplomats and advertising Petrov and Boshirov. The Russian Foreign Ministry stated directly that this whole story serves as a cover for the failed coup in Belarus; de facto, the Czech hysteria is “damage control.” The Czech Republic said that Rosatom’s participation in the completion of a nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic is “unlikely” and that they have evidence against Petrov and Boshirov. It can be expected that the Czech Republic will not receive the vaccine either.

5. The US announced that it was withdrawing from Afghanistan because “all goals were achieved” and “all those involved in the 9/11 attack on the US were punished.” Aha ha. Masters of pulling out victory from a finger. But as noted earlier, the main concern of the US in Afghanistan in recent years is how to get out of there and save face. With such fables, face saving will be a problem. Moreover, the Taliban said that after May 1 they are no longer bound by agreements with the United States, so that if they wish, the withdrawn troops can be attacked in order to hasten the “winners.”

6. The US actually reaffirmed Japan’s nuclear guarantees, extending them to the disputed Senkaku Islands. In fact, the US is veiledly threatening China with nuclear weapons, which the Chinese Foreign Ministry was quick to point out, pointing out that the United States was thus undermining stability. Here everything is developing as expected: in addition to Japan, it was announced by the pumping of weapons in Taiwan, as well as the likely strengthening of the US position in South Korea. Of course, there will be no talk of any de-nuclearization of the DPRK in the current realities. Moreover, it is expected that soon Kim will “bang” again, continuing to test delivery vehicles to Japan and the US. The most likely scenario is the launch of the 1st or 2x ICBMs into the Pacific Ocean over the territory of Japan. Moreover, given the prospects for relations between the US and China, I would say that there is a high probability that under Biden, North Korea will resume underground nuclear testing, as well as work on the hydrogen bomb. Also, the North Koreans will soon enter service a submarine capable of launching ICBMs with nuclear warheads from under the water.

7. Macron called for “drawing red lines” for Russia. Estonia has called for a ban on the entry of Russian citizens into the EU. Britain will send a destroyer and a frigate to the Black Sea. Nothing out of the ordinary is happening. The agenda set by Washington will be worked out, so there will be many more such statements and actions. Now there will be a period of sharp deterioration in relations with the EU against the background of the continuing “military alarm.” The situation for the Cold War is pretty standard. Talk about a “New Caribbean Crisis” is emerging more and more often. Sooner or later, of course, it will come to the rattling of nuclear weapons, after which, possibly, some framework rules for a new Cold War will be formed. So far, there are no such rules de facto, which determines the nature of the statements and actions of the US and its satellites.

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