colonel cassad for apr 18/19

“We come for five years …”
Colonel Cassad, Apr 19 2021

A more complete version of the FSB’s operational recording, which shows the negotiations between Zenkovich and Feduta with the yet unrepresented Belarusian military, where the issues of seizing power and eliminating unwanted persons are discussed.

Yes, that’s how they plan military coups. The quality of planning and the level of conspiracy give quite understandable results.

KGB of Belarus on a conspiracy to seize power. According to the KGB spokesman, the conspirators were carried out at almost all stages of the operation, documenting and recording their actions and statements.
Employees of the KGB of Belarus worked in Moscow together with the FSB. The detainees are threatened with rather modest sentences: from 8 to 12 years in a strict regime colony. As a result, we wanted to come for five years, but we will have to sit for ten years.

PS. To the clowns who yelled about the fact that all this is fake and staged, hello.

Russia will expel 20 Czech diplomats
Colonel Cassad, Apr 18 2021

1. In response to the expulsion of 18 Russian diplomats, Russia will expel 20 Czech diplomats. It is worth noting that if earlier the Russian Federation adhered to the line of mirror response measures, sending out an identical number of diplomats, then in the case of Poland and the Czech Republic, they began to be expelled with an overlap. Instead of 3 Poles, they decided to expel 5.

UPD: In addition to the expelled diplomats, the RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs demanded that the Czech Republic reduce the number of embassy personnel in the Russian Federation to the number of Russian diplomats at the Russian Embassy in the Czech Republic. And further.

2. The KGB of Belarus reported that the detained participants in Operation Silence are in jail and are making confessions. We are waiting for incendiary videos, after which hysterics will begin “You are all lying”, “This is all a production”, “They were tortured”, “Lukashenka was completely loose.” The KGB reports that the arrested Zyankovich was connected with the American special services and was engaged in bribery of Belarusian officers with the aim of drawing them into a conspiracy to seize power and kill Lukashenka. A criminal case was initiated on the fact of the crime under the article “Conspiracy and other actions aimed at seizing power by unconstitutional means.”

3. In Iraq, they again fired at the Balad airbase, where the American PMCs and Pentagon contractors are deployed. The fire was carried out by unguided rockets (most likely again a pickup truck or a truck with self-made launchers). 2 people were injured. With a high degree of probability, groups affiliated with Iran are sending another hello to the hegemon. According to Kurdish sources, up to 6 missiles were fired, two of which fell near the cafeteria at the base, causing a fire and damage to various property. The rest fell short or failed to fly.

Czech Republic will not disclose evidence of Russian involvement
Colonel Cassad, Apr 19 2021

The Czech Republic announced that it will not provide Russia with the circumstances of Russia’s involvement in the explosion of the warehouse in Vrbetice (as usual, we have secret evidence, but we will not show it to you). Also, the Czech Republic will consider the possibility of retaliatory actions to Russian retaliatory actions, that is, go to the second round of expulsion of diplomats. As a result of the clownery with Bashirov and Petrov, the Czech Republic will refuse the Russian vaccine and the involvement of Rosatom in the construction of a nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic. As in the case of the dismantling of the Konev monument and the installation of a monument to Vlasov collaborators, this is part of a consistent policy to worsen Russian-Czech relations, which is being pursued by Euro-Atlantic circles in the Czech Republic. This course is systemic, conscious and long-term. Its goal is the full participation of the Czech Republic in the anti-Russian cordon sanitaire. The fact that there are politicians and representatives of the establishment in the Czech Republic who advocate normal relations with Russia does not in any way interfere with the implementation of this course at the current stage.

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