colonel cassad for apr 19/20

US Ambassador to Leave Russia “to See Family”
Colonel Cassad, Apr 20 2021

Despite the fact that US Ambassador to Russia Sullivan twice refused to follow the “recommendations” of the Russian Foreign Ministry to leave for “consultations” in the United States, he will temporarily leave Russia. Although yesterday evening it was reported that the US Ambassador did not want to follow the recommendations and leave, seeking to be officially kicked out in full uniform. According to with reference to a State Dept spokesman, the US Ambassador will leave for Washington for “communication with his family and consultations.” The departure will take place this week. He will return to Russia “in the next few weeks.” In general, in its recommendations, the Russian Foreign Ministry this time turned out to be very persistent and convincing.

Czechs leave Moscow
Colonel Cassad, Apr 19 2021

Departure of the staff of the Czech Embassy in Russia. The rush is due to the fact that they were given 24 hours to get ready. After the expulsion of the Czech diplomats, only 5 people will remain in the embassy. In fact, we are talking about minimizing diplomatic relations. The Czech Republic called Moscow’s reaction “tougher than expected.” What can I say, in recent years they have been taught to be “mirror-like” and “symmetrical.” And no one especially appreciated this “mirroring.” And as they began to beat with an overlap, surprises for the respected “partners” immediately began.

Despite the reluctance of US Ambassador Sullivan to leave for consultations in Washington, the Russian Foreign Ministry once again “recommended” him to get out “for consultations.” So far, the US embassy is pretending that they do not understand what the Russian Foreign Ministry means by “the current proposal to leave for consultations.” Apparently, after another 1-2 refusals, they may be asked to “consult” on their own, especially if the current trends continue. The Russian ambassador is not going to return to Washington yet.

PS. Borrell said that the Russian Federation has concentrated up to 150k bayonets on the border with Ukraine and “it worries.” Here he even surpassed the estimates of the most stubborn Ukrainian media outlets, who called the numbers 80k and 120k bayonets. However, the EU has not yet planned new sanctions.

PS2. And suddenly. After the arrest of a US citizen for participation in a conspiracy to overthrow and murder Lukashenka, the US stopped some of the sanctions against Belarusian enterprises. 9 enterprises of Belarus are allowed financial transactions until Jun 3. This is called the bargaining stage and “damage control.”

PS3. The Prague authorities demand that the Czech government hold negotiations with the Russian Federation in order to take away from the Russian Embassy in Prague a part of its territory, which is called “occupied territory.” At this rate, it can even reach the rupture of diplomatic relations.

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