south front for apr 21/22

Syria To Pay For “Planned Explosion” In Israeli Weapon Factory
South Front, Apr 22 2021

On Apr 20 a large explosion took place in central Israel, at the facility of Tomer, a government-owned defense contractor. As per the contractor, there were neither damages nor casualties, and the massive mushroom cloud that was seen was a “controlled test.” The company, Tomer, produces a variety of propulsion systems for various missiles used by Israel. Videos of the blast were widely shared on social media, prompting speculation that it was the result of a malfunction or sabotage, especially in light of ongoing tension between Israel and Iran. And Tehran’s state media had reports focused on the facility, which led to speculation that it was some form retaliatory attack after the blast in the Natanz facility. The contractor still maintained that it was all planned, but there were none of the customary warnings in advance of the explosion and no confirmation by either the Ministry of Defense or the company after the fact.

Hours later, after midnight on Apr 22, IAF warplanes launched missiles from the skies above the occupied Golan Heights. The targets were located near Damascus and remain unknown. Syrian Air Defense systems intercepted most of the missiles, and then locked on to the IAF jets and attempted to down them. This led to a Red Alert in southern Israel and to Syrian Air Defense hitting an open area near the nuclear center in Dimona. Nearly an hour later, IAF fighter jets circled back and struck a Syrian Air Defense battery, destroying it. Four Syrian Arab Army soldiers were injured in the blast but no deaths were reported.

Separately, in northeastern Syria, a first-of-its-kind incident occurred: a US supply convoy was attacked en route to the Omar oil field on Apr 21. The culprit is unknown. Some accused ISIS cells in southeastern Deir Ezzor of carrying out the attack. In neighboring Iraq, however, pro-Iranian forces have been carrying out similar attacks on US supply convoys for more than a year now. Also, in northeast Syria, in the town of al-Qamishli, heavy clashes broke out between the pro-government Syrian National Defense Forces (NDF) and Asayish, the security wing of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Asayish claimed that NDF forces attacked one of its checkpoints near the Tayy district in the city. In the course of the clashes, which lasted until the morning of Apr 21, Asayish units captured a number of NDF posts. Four fighters of the pro-government force were injured. The fighting subsided when Russian Military Police intervened. Currently, the two groups are negotiating to restore stability in the town.

Clashes Between SDF, NDF Renew In Al-Qamishli Despite Russian Efforts
South Front, Apr 22 2021

Clashes between the pro-government Syrian National Defense Forces (NDF) and Asayish, the security wing of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are still ongoing in the city of al-Qamishli in northeastern Syria. The clashes came to a temporary halt on April 22 morning. A delegation of the Russian Military Police and the Syrian Arab Army met with representatives of Asayish in the Tayy district, where the clashes first broke out. The two sides reportedly agreed on a ceasefire to deescalate tensions in al-Qamishli. However, clashes between the NDF and Asayish returned in the noon. Each side accused the other of violating the Russian-brokered ceasefire. Both the NDF and Asayish used heavy weapons in the clashes. A child, Mahmood Mahmood, 14, died after sustaining wounds from the clashes. Other civilians were reportedly injured. The heavy clashes spread to the district of al-Bsheiriyeh, where members of the Syrian Military Intelligence Directorate opened fire at a temporary checkpoint of Asayish. A personal dispute that saw NDF fighters killing an Asayish officer caused the clashes. According to several sources, both sides sustained human losses. The total number of casualties is yet to be revealed. The SDF is now accusing Damascus and Russian forces of backing what it called “provocations” by the NDF. The US-backed group appears to be taking advantage of the incident to limit the influence of government forces in al-Qamishli city.

Worldwide Chaos Just A Step Away In Eastern Ukraine
South Front, Apr 21 2021

Preparations for open conflict in Ukraine are ongoing as a sense of impending urgency is felt in the air. Zelensky invited Putin for a meeting in Eastern Ukraine in a video address. He said that he went to the contact line every month, claiming that if war was to be avoided, discussions need to be held. There is a diplomatic impasse between Russia and Ukraine and its allies. Diplomats were expelled throughout and any talks appear to come to a dead end. The US Ambassador to Moscow was recommended to leave Russia back on Apr 16. Initially, he boasted that he would not cave to the pressure, but then went to “visit relatives” back in the US. On Apr 20, the Normandy Format talks also concluded and achieved nothing of significance.

Russia closed the airspace over the Black Sea and Crimea for civilian flights between Apr 20–24 due to security threats. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the combat capabilities of the Southern Military District are increasing due to NATO’s attempts to oppose the normalization of the situation in some countries of the Caucasus and the Middle East. As a result, a new motorized rifle division had been formed in the district. On Apr 20, servicemen of the Russian military base in Abkhazia carried out controlled firing from various types of weapons on the Black Sea coast. More than 2k servicemen, as well as more than 500 units of modern military equipment, were involved. Exercises in the Black Sea were carried out by the Russian Black Sea Fleet, as well as by warplanes from the Russian Aerospace Forces. Dozens of warships and warplanes were involved. The concentration of Russian forces near the Ukrainian borders is fact, and it includes units from every branch of the military.

On the other side, American F-15E Strike Eagle fighter-bombers will arrive in Estonia for training flights on Apr 21. On Apr 19, twenty US F-15s from RAF Lakenheath in the UK and four F-16s from Spangdahlem air base in Germany were deployed to Poland within the framework of an Agile Combat Employment exercise. The UK is to send warships to the Black Sea, and all the chips are falling into place and waiting for the incoming storm. Ukraine itself is preparing for hostilities. The Security Service of Ukraine has declared high alert for its units in all regions. Kiev reportedly began digging trenches and setting up mines and fortifications in the Kherson Oblast, just north of Crimea. The Ukrainian 128th Mountain Assault Brigade from the Transcarpathian region was deployed to the south of the DPR, near Mariupol. The unit replaced the 36th Marine Brigade, which went to its point of permanent deployment. A chain reaction was initiated on Apr 15, with the US’ renewed row of sanctions, and the beginning of diplomatic expulsions, and they could all lead to a new hot war in the coming days.

Military Situation In Donetsk People’s Republic
South Front, Apr 21 2021

UAF shelled DPR positions in Leninskoe with 120-mm artillery
UAF targeted the Trudovskaya mine with 82-mm artillery
UAF targeted Leninskoe with grenade launchers
UAF shelled Zheleznaya Balka with a BMP-1
The 128th Mountain Assault Brigade from the Transcarpathian region was deployed to the south of the DPR, near Mariupol. The unit replaced the 36th Marine Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which went to the point of permanent deployment.
DPR forces shelled UAF positions near Pivdenne with 120-mm artillery
DPR forces targeted UAF positions near Starohnativka with grenade launchers
DPR forces targeted UAF positions in Zolote-4 with heavy machine guns
DPR forces targeted UAF positions in Vodyanoe with heavy machine guns
DPR forces shelled UAF positions in Pesky with 120-mm artillery

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