israel’s reprisal for these rockets killed 20??!??

Everyday life of Israeli apartheid
Colonel Cassad, May 10 2021

What is happening now in Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip seems to be a desperate attempt by Netanyahu to retain the post of prime minister due to the unsuccessful internal political situation for him, which required provocations with the eviction of Palestinians and an attack on Muslim believers at the Al-Aqsa mosque in order to provoke the Palestinians to a reaction, present the case as “Israel’s self-defense” and, under the slogan “rallying against external aggression,” achieve a government configuration where Netanyahu could stay prime minister and avoid the imminent corruption lawsuit that will begin after he leaves office. Unwillingness to leave power and fear of criminal prosecution will continue to push Netanyahu to such bloody provocations. Both in Palestine and in Syria. Moreover, this scheme is repeated not for the first time in the midst of internal political crises in Israel, when an inter-party deadlock that hinders the formation of a government or pushes Israel to the next early elections, they try to resolve through aggressive actions against Palestine or Syria, with the help of which Netanyahu is trying to solve internal problems. In the cover photo, the price of this policy is the murdered children in the Gaza Strip (Palestinians say 15 children have died, while 4 are confirmed). This is in addition to the events in Jerusalem, where the number of victims exceeded several hundred. When Hamas began firing rockets at Israel in response to the abuse of Palestinians in Jerusalem, Israel immediately denounced it as “unprovoked aggression.” Just the same, “the German commandant’s office in Warsaw condemned the resistance in the Warsaw ghetto, where Jewish terrorists dared to endanger the lives of the citizens of the Reich.” At the same time, when a number of countries, from the United States and Turkey to Jordan and Saudi Arabia, expressed concern or condemned Israel’s atrocities in Jerusalem, Israel took the position that no one dares to condemn Israel for what it does there. Nothing new here either. In general, the political regime of Netanyahu existing in Israel, which supports the apartheid regime against the Palestinians, in its essence differs little from the regime that existed in South Africa. From a historical point of view, there is no doubt that sooner or later he will also finish, although the same racists in South Africa in the 70s and 80s also thought that the existing state of affairs would last forever. And the nuclear bomb and the most powerful armed forces in South Africa did not help them.

Number killed in Gaza strike rises to 20

The number of Palestinians killed by Israeli strikes on Gaza has risen to 20, including nine children, the Palestinian health ministry said. It said its emergency operations room has put hospitals, ambulances and emergency services on alert.

FIRE erupts outside Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem amid clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli police, May 10 2021

Israelis gather at the Western Wall as a blaze is seen on the Haram as-Sharif, May 10, 2021. Photo: Reuters TV

Smoke rose above Jerusalem’s Temple Mount as a tree outside the Al Aqsa Mosque went up in flames on Monday. Meanwhile, Israeli police used flash-bangs to disperse a crowd of Palestinian worshippers on a major night of Ramadan. The pillar of fire and a large plume of smoke were clearly visible atop the Temple Mount as night fell on Jerusalem. Eyewitness footage from the scene showed a tree on fire just outside Al Aqsa, one of the three mosques on the plateau.

Israeli police also appeared to be dispersing a crowd of Palestinians assembled on the plateau, using shock grenades. Police said the fire at Al Aqsa was the result of “fireworks being fired at the Temple Mount plaza,” according to Israeli public broadcaster Kan.

MEE correspondent Sara Dajani reporting from al-Aqsa said Israeli police fired tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets at protesters inside the complex. Sheikh Omar al-Kiswani, director of Al-Aqsa mosque, urged people not to confront Israeli police and to maintain a barrier between them, Dajani added.

Nationalist Israelis mark Jerusalem Day at Western Wall

Thousands of Israelis, barred from the Temple Mount on government orders, had gathered on the Western Wall plaza outside to celebrate Jerusalem Day. The public holiday, established in 1968, celebrates Jerusalem’s reunification under Israeli rule after the Six-Day War of 1967. Palestinian Muslims, meanwhile, marked the 27th night of Ramadan.

Gaza families were waiting to break fast when air strike hit

Witnesses interviewed by TV channel al-Araby denied Israeli air strikes on Gaza targeted fighters. They said they were waiting to break their fasts when the missiles hit. “They hit us while we were sitting without any idea. They’re all children, children they killed,” said one of the men interviewed by the channel.

Israeli military claims Hamas members killed in air strike

The Israeli military has released footage of an air strike it carried out on a building in Gaza, claiming it killed three Hamas fighters. The Palestinian health ministry, however, has reported that at least three children have been killed.

Translation: The elimination of a cell that included three terrorists from Hamas who were involved in terrorist activists in the northern Gaza Strip.

Nine Palestinians killed, including three children: Health ministry

The Gaza health ministry said nine Palestinians, including three children, have been killed in Israeli bombing on the besieged enclave. Israel began bombing Gaza soon after rockets were fired out of the strip. There are also several wounded, the ministry added, and they have been taken to Beit Hanoun Hospital in northern Gaza.

Missile from Gaza hits Israeli truck: Army

An anti-tank missile fired into Israel from Gaza has hit a civilian vehicle and wounded an Israeli civilian, the military said. The civilian sustained light injuries and has been taken to hosptial, the military added.

Rockets fired from Gaza

Israel’s Channel 12 is reporting that at least six rockets have been fired from the Gaza Strip towards Jerusalem. Israeli police told MEE rockets have been fired towards Beit Shemesh and Neve Ilan. Sirens are being heard across southern Israel. There are no known casualties or damage. Israel’s military has made no statement. The military is investigating if a rocket had fallen in an inhabited area near the city, according to Channel 12. One rocket fell on an open field, the Times of Israel reported.

Rockets are launched from Gaza into Israel amid Jerusalem violence (Reuters)

The Qassam Brigades said the rockets were in response to “crimes and aggression in the Holy City, and its harassment of our people in Sheikh Jarrah and al-Aqsa Mosque. This is a message that the enemy should understand well.”

Air raid sirens heard in Jerusalem

As Israelis gather to march, air raid sirens have been heard in Jerusalem. MEE’s Lubna Masarwa reports police are encouraging Israeli youth to head off the streets into a shopping centre. The Israelis are dancing and singing “death to the Arabs” nonetheless. Al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’ military wing, said it has fired rockets from Gaza towards Jersualem, according to Al Jazeera Arabic. But there is no evidence seen so far that any rockets have been fired.

Watch: Israeli nationalists march through Jerusalem’s Old City

Despite sky-high tensions and a brutal Israeli assualt on Palestinian worshippers at al-Aqsa Mosque this morning, thousands of Israelis are marching in Jerusalem. They are celebrating Jerusalem Day, the anniversary of Israel’s victory in the 1967 war. The vast majority of Israelis participating are right-wing religious nationalists, and the procession is always provocative, this year especially. The route has been moved from the Damascus Gate, where Palestinians are massing after being assualted by Israeli police in al-Aqsa Mosque, and is now beginning at the Jaffa Gate.

Flag march organisers ‘cede responsibility’ to the police

Just half an hour before thousands of Israelis are set to begin their Jerusalem Day flag march, the event’s organisers have said they are calling it off, but that doesn’t mean the procession will go away. The march’s organsiers say they are “ceding responsibilty” to the police, Haaretz reported. Thousands of nationalist Israeli youth have gathered nonetheless.

Youths wave Israeli flags during a parade marking Jerusalem Day (Reuters)

Hamas gives Israel Jerusalem ultimatum

Hamas has told Israel it has until 6pm to withdraw from al-Aqsa Mosque and Sheikh Jarrah, and to release all detainees during the recent Jerusalem tensions.The ultimatum was issued by Abu Ubaida, the spokesman of its military wing, the al-Qassam Brigades.Israel is nervy over security around Gaza, and has sent reinforcements to the besieged enclave.

Palestinians place the Hamas movement flags atop al-Aqsa mosque (AFP)

Column: Western media’s euphemisms for Israel’s violence

You may have noticed criticism online of the way many, if not most, western media outlets are covering events in Jerusalem. Many had totally ignored the Sheikh Jarrah evictions until Israeli police began cracking down on Palestinians on Friday night. And even then, much reporting has been framed as two equal sides “clashing,” and downplaying Israel’s culpability and its violations of international law. MEE columnist Belen Fernandez takes a swing at this form of misinformation in her latest piece. Read an extract here and the full piece here:

For the media, it’s all in a day’s “scuffle.” There were “scuffles” and “clashes” galore in the WaPo, on the ABC News website, in the Guardian, at Fox News, and again at the WaPo. The BBC, for its part, has dutifully kept its audience updated about “clashes” and “confrontations,” while insisting that, in firing stun grenades and the like, Israeli police have simply been acting “in response” to Palestinian provocations (just as Israel is always acting “in response” when it, like, slaughters thousands of people in Gaza). A NYT article published on 7 May on Israeli police “confrontations with Palestinian protesters,” meanwhile, noted that “the Israeli Foreign Ministry said the Palestinian Authority and Palestinian terrorists were ‘presenting a real-estate dispute between private parties as a nationalistic cause in order to incite violence in Jerusalem.’” In actuality, of course, the whole Israeli-Palestinian “conflict” is Sheikh Jarrah writ large: a “real-estate dispute” in which the party that violently usurped the bulk of Palestinian real estate in 1948, and that continues to illegally occupy the rest, must cast Palestinians as terrorists in order to justify terrorising, killing and expelling them (pardon, “clashing” with them).

30 Rockets Launched Towards Jerusalem, After Tel-Aviv Did Not Follow Ultimatum Of Hamas’ Armed Wing
South Front, May 10 2021

The armed wing of the Palestinian resistance group Hamas issued an ultimatum to Israeli authorities: to withdraw the police from the Temple Mount and the Sheikh Jarrah area in Jerusalem by 6 pm local time, as well as to release all Palestinians detained during the recent clashes. After the fixed time, militants of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group reportedly launched about 30 rockets from the Gaza Strip towards Israel. Sirens were heard in Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh.​ An ATGM targeted a civilian vehicle. One person was injured. The IDF claimed the interception of one of 7 rockets fired at Jerusalem. The rest allegedly fell in open areas, one of them targeted the village of Beit Nekofa. Member of the Israeli parliament were evacuated from the Knesset buildings in Jerusalem. In response, an IDF UAV was launched towards Gaza. The strike reportedly resulted in death of at least 9 civilians, 3 of them were children.

Meanwhile bloody clashes continue in Jerusalem:

Rockets fired on Jerusalem in attack claimed by Hamas after clashes between Israelis and Palestinians, May 10 2021 15:37

Sirens blared in Jerusalem after several rockets were fired on the city on Monday. Hamas has claimed responsibility for the attack, launched after it ordered Israeli forces to withdraw from some areas amid escalating tensions. A spokesperson for Hamas’ military branch said it had fired rockets at Jerusalem in response to Israeli crimes and aggression, including against people in the Palestinian neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, where families are facing forced evictions, and at Al-Aqsa Mosque. Following the rocket launches, Israel dispatched troops to the Gaza border and its air force launched strikes on alleged Hamas targets, according to Haaretz. Palestinian media have reported that three children were killed in those strikes. Footage posted to social media appeared to show rockets being fired towards Jerusalem from Gaza, one of which reportedly landed near the Abu Ghosh area. There have not been any reports of injuries, but one rocket reportedly caused some damage to a house, according to Israeli broadcaster Channel 12. Israel’s military said seven rockets were fired towards Jerusalem, one of which was intercepted, with the rest landing in open areas, the Times of Israel reported.

Red Alert Sirens Sound in Jerusalem as Israel Comes Under Heavy Fire From Gaza Strip
Henry Batyaev, Sputnik News, May 10 2021

The rocket attack comes as tensions are running high in Israel in the wake of a court’s decision to evict a Palestinian family from Jerusalem, triggering a series of clashes between Palestinians and the police. A total of seven rockets have been fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel, setting off sirens in Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh and much of the country’s south, the Israel Defence Forces announced on Monday, as the nation commemorates Jerusalem Day, a public holiday marking the reunification of the city and the establishment of Israeli control over the Old City in the wake of the 1967 Six-Day War. According to the military, one of the rockets was intercepted, while another projectile hit a civilian vehicle in the south, injuring one.

Hamas has claimed responsibility for the rocket fire. The groups’ spokesperson Abu Obeida said:

The Al-Qassam Brigades launched a missile strike at the enemy in occupied Jerusalem in response to the crimes and aggression against the holy city, as well as the persecution of our people in Sheikh Jarrah and the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

He also warned that Israel had until 6 p.m. (15:00 GMT) to withdraw soldiers from the areas of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem. An IDF representative told the media that the latest attack is being treated as “severe” and will not be left without a response. Soon after the siren alert, the Knesset had to end a session that was in progress to follow an evacuation order.

​Meanwhile, Reuters reported, citing Palestinian medical workers, that Israeli strikes in Gaza had killed one and injured several others. Earlier in the day, the police and Palestinian protesters clashed outside the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Later on Monday, a flag parade was launched in the city as part of commemorative events for Jerusalem Day. Those celebrating, however, were denied access to the Temple Mount, which was cordoned off by the police as to avoid clashes. A law enforcement representative told Sputnik that after the sirens went off, the police decided to wrap up the parade.

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