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Israel-Palestine Situation on the Verge of Being a “Real War”
Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer, May 12 2021

I mentioned yesterday that Bibi Netanyahu seems to do some Palestinian conflict nonsense every time he’s having election troubles. However, this one seems to be a bigger deal than usual. The obvious assumption here would be that with Donald Trump out of office and a much more pro-war administration taking over the US, Israel is ready to foment broader conflict across the Middle East. Per AP:

Israel stepped up its attacks on the Gaza Strip, flattening a high-rise building used by the Hamas militant group and killing at least three militants in their hideouts on Tuesday as Palestinian rockets rained down almost nonstop on parts of Israel. It was the heaviest fighting between the bitter enemies since 2014, and it showed no signs of slowing.

Yes, see: biggest fight since before Trump. Also note that the AP simply takes the IDF’s word that Hamas is using those high-rise buildings they flattened.

That is despite the fact that Israel has repeatedly gotten caught using rockets from Gaza as an excuse to just wipe out random civilian buildings.

Netanyahu vowed to expand the offensive, while Gaza militants unleashed a fierce late-night barrage of rockets that set off air-raid sirens and explosions throughout the densely populated Tel Aviv metropolitan area. Just after daybreak Wednesday, Israel unleashed dozens of airstrikes in the course of a few minutes, targeting police and security installations, witnesses said. A wall of dark gray smoke rose over Gaza City. Iyad al-Bozum, a spokesman for the Hamas-run Interior Ministry, said airstrikes destroyed the central police headquarters in Gaza City, a compound with several buildings.

That is apparently the AP admitting that at least that building was not used for firing rockets? Or are the police themselves firing rockets from their stations?

Five Israelis, including three women and a child, were killed by rocket fire Tuesday and early Wednesday, and dozens of people wounded. The death toll in Gaza rose to 35 Palestinians, including 10 children, according to the Health Ministry. Over 200 people were wounded. In the West Bank, meanwhile, a 26-year-old Palestinian was killed during clashes with Israeli troops that entered al-Fawar refugee camp in southern Hebron, the ministry said.

Imagine if Greek police killed an Islamic refugee in a refugee camp. That would definitely be a top headline in the AP, not a mention halfway down the page.

In another sign of widening unrest, demonstrations erupted in Arab communities across Israel, where protesters set dozens of vehicles on fire in confrontations with police. The fighting between Israel and Hamas was the most intense since a 50-day war in the summer of 2014. In just over 24 hours, the current round of violence, sparked by religious tensions in the contested city of Jerusalem, increasingly resembled that devastating war. The booms of Israeli airstrikes and hisses of outgoing rocket fire could be heard in Gaza throughout the day, and large plumes of smoke from targeted buildings rose into the air. Israel resumed a policy of airstrikes aimed at killing wanted militants and began to take down entire buildings, a tactic that drew heavy international criticism in 2014.

So: who knows? This is kind of pretty standard bullshit. But given the context of this new Biden regime, and the apparent desire to very immediately start a bunch of large scale new wars, it is deeply concerning. The US military is still preparing for an offensive in the Ukraine, but there are also a bunch of Russians in Syria. Russia has warned Israel to stop attacking Syria, or Russia will strike back against Israel. If Russia ever attacked Israel, that would give the US an excuse to invade Crimea or whatever else they want to do. Also, Israel could fake a Russian attack, of course. All kinds of things could happen. The thing to remember is this: we do not know who is running the US military right now. It seems to be operating completely on its own. Clearly someone is running it, but it has become clear that these someones are not visible members of the Biden Administration. So really: anything can happen now. What we can say is that although there is much more consolidated government support for war in the Middle East than really even during the Bush Administration, there is also probably less popular support than ever before.

Typically, Republicans support any war for any reason, but they’re going to be much less enthusiastic under Biden. Democrats are much more likely to be against war (though they will support Biden in general). But the Democrats have been pumping up this “brown people are the master race” thing really hard lately, so it is confusing to then get on board with Israel slaughtering brown people. Big protests in New York right now.

I’m sure a lot of computer simulations have been run on the public reaction to intensified war in the Middle East, but these simulations can be flawed. I would think invading Syria to save the Jews would be unpopular. Twitter, Facebook, etc. have been caught in the last days shilling for Israel, but there is no way at this point that they can just wholesale delete all of these images of Jewish atrocities.

For some reason, Kpop avatar people are really into the Palestinian thing right now.

Israel isn’t concerned about PR, probably because they’re preparing for a new liberal government. This time around, the Jews are also facing a barrage of Palestinian fan art.

Andrew Yang Shills for Israel, Then AOC Pretends That She is Not Also an Israel Shill
Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer, May 12 2021

It’s not really difficult to see why someone running for Mayor of New York would be shilling for Israel, but it shows just how dumb and pointless Andrew Yang has gotten.

Tucker Carlson said the other day that Yang has gone from having interesting ideas to being just another Democrat talking points monger. He said the only difference between him and the rest of the Democrat mob is that he is slightly more articulate. Tucker’s comments are in this clip from last week about the Mayoral race in New York.

There’s now a black Democrat, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, who seems like he’s going to be tough on crime that is offering a challenge to Yang. The election is not until November, but the real election is the Democrat primary that is on Jun 22. Well, actually, I guess if Adams loses the primary, he could run as an independent (or somehow get the Republican nomination). But if it came down to that, Yang would just start talking about how he’s going to be tougher on crime, and having the “Democrat” label, would win in November. I haven’t really been following the race, as I just assumed Yang had already won, but Tucker made it sound like Adams is offering a real challenge. Adams did come out on top in one major poll, but only by 3% and that could easily be a fluke. I don’t care enough to look into it. I will say that it is sad that Yang went from saying all of this interesting stuff about technology and the automation revolution to just babbling about this same dumb nonsense about blacks and anal sex. For those who don’t remember, here is an interview from 2019 he did with Tucker Carlson.

If you want to get an actual idea about what he was saying though, you’d have to go back and listen to the Joe Rogan interview (or read something).

I wish that there were interesting Democrats. You know, I’m not really a hater. I like some of the “far left” people more than I like the mainstream right people. When you’re talking about populism, there can only be one “populism.” So it wouldn’t really matter if populism came from the left or the right, because once it was established, it would just be “populism.” By definition, it can’t be left or right, as it just means “what the majority of the population wants.” Of course, with a totally controlled media, populism is not logically possible anyway, so it ends up being a moot point.

That fakey fake el fako AOC went out there and acted like she is defending the Palestinians against Yang’s pro-Jew comments.

Of course, that is just nonsense. She is the top faker. She not only sits down with the Jews and refuses to defend Palestinians against them, but she also sends the sickening cops after anyone who questions her refusal to defend Palestinians.

Yes, that is all confirmed – she called the cops and said this guy was trying to murder her because he said her comments were “incredibly underwhelming.” She or the Capitol Police also convinced Twitter to sell out this guy’s personal information. In AOC’s defense, she does appear to have some kind of mental disorder where she believes that anyone who disagrees with her is threatening to kill her. Remember that she accused Ted Cruz of sending someone to assassinate her, despite the fact that this did not happen in real life.

But her mental disorders aside: she has no leg to stand on in terms of defending Palestinians. Of course, the fact of reality is that no elected politician from New York City can ever really question the Jews and maintain their office. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib have pulled off defending Palestinians by being significantly anti-white enough that it outweighs their anti-Israel positions, but you could never get away with that in New York City. In New York, no matter how anti-white you are, it can’t be enough to overcome being anti-Israel. It’s tiresome.

Cyber Pandemic: Russia Says They Didn’t Do Pipeline Ransomware
Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer, May 12 2021

It was intensely predictable that Joe Biden was going to blame Russia for the supposed pipeline hack. He got the layup from a journalist, which was also predictable. Russia, unsurprisingly, has denied it. Per RT:

One day after Biden said that Russia has “some responsibility” for the ransomware attack that crippled America’s Colonial Pipeline, the Kremlin has firmly denied Moscow had anything to do with the incident. On May 7, the IT systems of the pipeline’s vital infrastructure, which transits fuel between the Gulf Coast and the New York Harbor area, were attacked with ransomware, causing Colonial to temporarily suspend all operations. The FBI has blamed DarkSide, a cybercriminal group that has hacked numerous companies. Ransomware is a form of software that encrypts a victim’s files, holding them hostage until a ransom is paid. “So far there is no evidence based on, from our intelligence people, that Russia is involved, though there is evidence that the actors’ ransomware is in Russia,” Biden said on Monday. “They have some responsibility to deal with this.” Speaking to Moscow-based news agency TASS, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov denied Russia is in any way involved in the attack. “Russia has nothing to do with this,” he said, noting that Moscow has been very willing to work with Washington, but “the US refuses to cooperate in countering cybercrime.”

Of course that’s what they would say, isn’t it? ISN’T IT??? In actual reality, there is no evidence that Russia ever hacked anything in America. The years-long Mueller Report eventually claimed that they posted memes on Facebook and the media called that “hacking.” Also, there was no evidence they posted memes. This “DarkSide” thing is obviously from the CIA and/or the Mossad or whatever. Some Western intelligence agency. They’re going to keep saying the word “DarkSide” over and over again.

“Dark [something]” has clearly been focus-grouped and will be at the front of this. They will link “DarkSide” to the “Dark Web.” Then I guess they’ll add stuff about terrorism and child porn and “sex trafficking” (which is the new scary euphemism for hookers). They don’t seem to care about drug dealing anymore, but they’ll probably also talk about “Chinese fentanyl” (there is still no evidence beyond Jewish whisper campaigns of “Chinese fentanyl” blood libel, nor is it at all believable that China would risk its entire export market to make a few bucks on illegal drugs). This is going to become about censorship and about removing anonymity from the internet. They will also probably attack cryptocurrency. I’m not really convinced that this is a long-term goal of the core establishment, but certainly Bill Gates has come out against crypto. On crypto’s side though, it is already basically too big to fail, and is kind of needed as a way to transition off of the collapsed dollar. That said, they might target privacy coins, and will definitely target sites that anonymize bitcoin. They might also try to shut down Tor. If they do, that means they’ve given up on their CIA projects to undermine the Chinese from within, however. I think in general, they have given up on that. But basically: “Cyber Pandemic” is just going to be another grab-bag of attacks on things the establishment doesn’t like related to the internet and technology. They will say they have to do this or your gasoline will be shut off, then mix in other things like terrorism, sex stuff, etc. We don’t know how long this will take to be rolled out, but it is definitely “the next big thing.” This is a society of total fear and paranoia.

Google Images is Just So Bad Now – It’s Literally Curated
Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer, May 12 2021

People don’t really know how bad this censorship has gotten. We see these high-profile bannings, but while that has been happening, they’ve also been going through and making all kinds of other serious changes. Google Images searches are now literally curated. It may surprise you, but I’m pretty bad at keeping a clean memes folder. I’m actually kind of a messy person. But unlike with my office, where I can hire a woman to come in twice a week and clean up the mess, I cannot hire a woman to clean up my memes folder. So I end up searching for memes. I don’t usually use Google, but I was stumped looking for the version of the “button dilemma” meme that has something like “we have to close down society to protect the 0.01% that are vulnerable” on one button and “if 0.01% of people die from the vaccine that is a meaningless percentage” on the other button.

I typed “vaccine button meme meaningless percent vulnerable” into Google Images. All of the results were “fact checkers” claiming that all of the vaxx memes are “false” and “misleading.”

Those are the top eight results, and all of them but the bottom right one are fact-checkers, claiming that various memes are false. I went through and did a series of “vaccine” and “meme” related searches, and found that this is universal. 95% of the top search results are always fact-checkers saying that memes are false. Listen: there is zero chance that fact-checkers saying memes are false are more popular than memes. This is all being curated, by hand. No-one is studying how much Google has been curated, and I certainly don’t have the time or the manpower to put together a proper study. But we have anecdotal evidence showing that anything related to any controversial topic is curated. We also know that messing with the algorithm on that level means that totally unrelated, non-political searches will break as a result. Here’s the thing: just like the value of the dollar affects all fiat currencies, and the value of Bitcoin affects all crypto-currencies, the accuracy of Google affects all search engines. I could try to explain that, but I’m not going to, and I think you can either figure it out logically in your own head or just trust me.

The basic concept is that if Google artificially boosts sites, other search engines start recognizing them as more important than they actually are. This means that you can’t just jump to StartPage or DuckDuckGo and expect to get pure search results. They might be better, but in the longer run, the fact that most of the English internet uses Google means that the results of the entire English internet on any search engine are going to be corrupted. It’s very sad, but we are moving from the information age into the disinformation age. Brendan Eich of the Brave Browser recently bought a search company, because he understands that what Google is doing is going to corrupt all search. He is planning to come at things from a different angle (limited search). That might work. I don’t know. Either way, destroying something so beautiful as the Google Search is something truly evil. It is not morally the same as burning a classical church, but it is in the same category of crime against culture.

I do think Yandex is ultimately the best search, because it has a huge userbase that at least sometimes uses English (unlike the Chinese, who basically never use English). But the relevance is often not very high. For example, my above lengthy specific search for the button dilemma meme brought back inspirational quotes.

Then when I reduced it to “button meme vaccine” I got CDC PSAs about shingles.

However, that did bring back some legit anti-vaxx memes, of the kind which appear to have been systematically cleansed from Google, almost completely, using a keyword manipulation system.

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