colonel cassad

Israel launched an invasion of Gaza
Colonel Cassad, May 14 2021, 0:48 am

Israel launched an invasion of the Gaza Strip. After zero hours, artillery preparation and armored vehicle fire began on the outskirts of settlements. The world community, as usual, is pouring out useless concerns. Throughout the day, the sides carried out strikes that led to destruction and casualties in both Gaza and Israel. Part of Israel is engulfed in riots and pogroms, in some cities the authorities have actually lost direct control over the situation. In addition to the victims of rocket attacks among both sides, there are casualties from the actions of the pogromists. Iranian proxies are not yet involved in the case, as they have not received a request from Gaza for help.

Update, At 2 am:

  1. Israel’s ground is still limited to massive artillery preparation, which is complemented by missile and air strikes.
  2. Armored vehicles are simply shelling Gaza for the time being, but they have not yet gone over to the offensive with the aim of occupying the territory.
  3. From Gaza, there is a stream of outgoing missiles into central Israel. As usual Tel Aviv, Beer Sheva, etc.
  4. Iranian proxies are still watching. There have been no requests for assistance from Gaza so far.
  5. The international community is suffering another fiasco, which is already customary for the disintegrating late Washington world order.

The broadcast as usual goes on Telegraph. (subscribe, who is interested)

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