the inimitable andrew anglin

Is There a Single US Politician Who Will Side with the Palestinians?
Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer, May 14 2021

The answer to the headline is obviously “no,” “nope,” and “nah, brah.” It’s obvious, but it’s amazing to see.

Greg Abbot has gone so far as to falsely claim that he is going to stand with Israel.

Republicans actually took the line that Joe Biden is not doing enough to help the blood-drinking Christ-killers murder innocent people.

Lauren Boebert is that “far right” bitch, by the way. She’s the one that goes on livestreams with her guns stacked up behind her.

But she’s not far-right on this issue – instead, she sides with:

  • The killers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
  • International interventionism
  • Endless foreign aid
  • Israel First

There is no right-wing let alone “far-right” angle on saying that the US should devote itself to protecting these sickening, evil Jews. In theory you could say you just really hate Moslems and you want them all to die and you’ll support anyone who’s killing them. But for some reason that stops being true with Chinese Moslems (who are actually terrorists and who China is not responding to by murdering children, leveling houses and stealing their land, by the way; two key points there). When the discussion turns to China, Republicans in fact again side with Democrats and say that we have to go to war with the Chinese to protect Islamic terrorists.

Nikki Haley actually went out and said specifically that we need to help Israel slaughter Moslems while also stopping China from slaughtering Moslems. She said those two things in the same sentence.

So, it’s fair to say that support for Israel is not about a planned genocide of Moslems. It is instead about the obvious thing that it is about: both parties are completely bought and paid for by Jews, so the only argument can be about who is doing the most for the Jews. What do Republicans want Biden to do, exactly? What more can he do, than vocally support them while standing by and doing nothing to attempt to dissuade them from slaughtering people? Should he go over and suck Bibi’s dick to help him relax from the stress of killing kids? Or do these Republicans want him to send in American troops to help pile on Gaza? They are kind of obligated to say exactly what more they want Biden to give these Jews. But they won’t, because it would sound insane. From the videos we’re seeing, Israel is doing just fine. They’re destroying absolutely everything in Gaza.

They’re using lynch mobs to clear out houses throughout Israel.

They attacked one of the holiest sites in Islam with the military.

The best thing Joe Biden can do is just casually defend them, while not calling for any kind of peace or negotiations. Russia is calling for a meeting on the conflict and Biden has failed to respond. I just can’t think of anything Biden could do to – oh. Found it.

Yep. Ted Cruz is demanding the Jews get more missiles. How many homeless are there, Ted? And you want to send taxpayer money to the sickening Jews who robbed our economy and sold us addictive drugs? It would almost be more reasonable for Ted to demand Joe go blow Bibi to relieve his stress. The argument for both parties compulsively shilling for these Jews is that Americans like it. I would like to see some 2021 polls on how many Americans support American taxpayer money helping the Jews slaughter people. You know who’s not talking about Israel? Tucker Carlson is not talking about Israel. He’s talking about things that affect the lives of normal Americans.

Israel Says It Hasn’t Launched a Ground Invasion of Gaza as Anti-Semites Attack!
Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer, May 14 2021

Remember when Israel “gave” Gaza to the Palestinians in 2005? It was a really perverse thing, because it was stolen land that they “gave” back. The Jews withdrew their settlers and acted like this was this big grand gesture of peace. Since 2005, they’ve had ongoing wars with the territory, and it now seems that they “gave” them this land because they knew Palestinians would launch harmless rockets from it, which provides a pretext for slaughter. Per RT:

The Israeli army has clarified that it has not launched a ground invasion of Gaza, after inadvertently giving the impression that it had. The IOF has been bombing Gaza after Hamas launched a barrage of rockets at Israeli cities. The IOF clarified to AFP that its troops have not crossed into the Gaza Strip, blaming an “internal communication” error for the confusion. The Israeli army initially told the media that its soldiers were in the Palestinian enclave, but two hours later it sent a new statement saying there were “no soldiers” in Gaza, according to AFP. Israeli media also reported that the IDF had denied launching a ground invasion of Gaza after originally giving the impression that it had done so. “There are currently no troops in the Gaza Strip,” an IDF spokesperson was quoted as saying. The IDF said both air and ground forces had been used to strike multiple targets in Gaza that were linked to the Palestinian militant groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad, which have been firing rockets at Israeli cities. Some “160 aircraft, tanks, artillery and infantry units” were amassed along the Gazan border to participate in the operation against Hamas, the army said.

Around 2,000 rockets have been launched from Gaza into southern and central Israel since Monday, the IDF said. Some of them were intercepted and destroyed mid-air by the Iron Dome air defense missile system, but others fell on residential areas, killing seven civilians and forcing many more to hide in bomb shelters. The Times of Israel, meanwhile, said the Israeli death toll has grown to nine, including a 50-year-old woman who died after being seriously injured while rushing to a shelter.

I don’t know why Hamas bothers firing these rockets, since it is obviously so beneficial to Israel. I guess the answer they would probably give is: “we don’t have any choice” and then say something about honor and Allah and so on.

We do wonder how it is that they always start firing the rockets as soon as Bibi Netanyahu has political trouble, however. Israel has caused an extreme amount of destruction over the last few days, leveling high rise buildings and killing hundreds, a large percentage of which are children. There are also as always a lot of kids with limbs blown off. I’m not going to post the pictures, but they can’t delete them fast enough on Twitter if you’re interested in seeing dead and mutilated children. Evil anti-Semites are taking advantage of the fact that Israel is slaughtering children to push their evil agenda against Jews. Even the UN has gone full Hitler, demanding the Jews stop killing these children and leveling all these buildings. The UN has been begging Israel to stop the slaughter for 70 years. They’re not likely to start listening now.

Of course, the UN doesn’t really care about killed children, they just hate Jews for no reason and use child-killing as an excuse to attack them. It’s classic anti-Semitism. Guterres is nearly as evil as Swedish pop star Zara Larsson, a maniac trying to kill all Jews.

She deleted her posts – but we’ve got them saved.

This is exactly like Adolf Hitler. Many Swedes are calling this bitch out on her mindless hatred for the Jewish race (which is totally innocent).


What an evil bitch. Roger Waters is also very evil.

In “Another Brick in the Wall,” Waters sang “we don’t need no education.” Well, it looks like Roger Waters needs to get an education on the pure innocence of the Jews and stop being such an anti-Semitic Hitlerist. In all of history, no Jew ever did a single thing wrong. Except for Harvey Weinstein when he raped all of those innocent princesses. However, Harvey only did that because he is a white male element of the patriarchy.

Jews Accuse Germans of Anti-Semitism for Protesting Child Killing in Palestine
Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer, May 14 2021

This is a great plan, Jews: just accuse anyone who protests against you leveling people’s homes and killing children of anti-Semitism. This will work, Jews. Just accuse all detractors of being filled with hatred. Say they are only pretending to care about dead children, and actually they secretly hate you for no reason. There is nothing that could possibly go wrong if you do that, and it will allow you to keep killing kids forever without any consequences. Literally the perfect plan.

Jewish Group Condemns “Pure Anti-Semitism”
AP, May 13 2021

Germany’s leading Jewish group on Thursday sharply condemned protests in front of a synagogue in the western city of Gelsenkirchen as “pure anti-Semitism.” Several other German cities including Berlin, Hamburg and Hannover have seen anti-Israeli protests over the past few days. At least two synagogues were attacked, and several Israeli flags were torn down and burned since the latest eruption of violence in Israel and the Gaza Strip. The Central Council of Jews in Germany tweeted a video of dozens of protesters in Gelsenkirchen waving Palestinian and Turkish flags and yelling expletives about Jews. The group tweeted: “Jew hatred in the middle of Gelsenkirchen in front of the synagogue. The times in which Jews were cursed in the middle of the street should have long been over. This is pure anti-Semitism, nothing else!”

Yep! It’s just like the Holocaust when people say you should stop killing all those children for no reason.

Before you complain about this or any of the much worse photos I won’t show: you need to think long and hard about the suffering the Jews went through during WW2, and then just shut up because you’re an anti-Semite. It will especially help to make Jews more popular if the German government hunts down and arrests anyone who complains about them murdering children.

The German government repeatedly condemned anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic attacks earlier this week and said: “The perpetrators must be found and held responsible and Jewish institutions must be protected thoroughly.” On Thursday, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas told Funke Media Group: “There must be zero tolerance for attacks on synagogues in our country. All of us are called upon to make it very clear that we do not accept if Jews in Germany are made responsible for the events in the Middle East, neither in the streets nor on social media.” The protests in Gelsenkirchen on Wednesday were dispersed by police, DPA reported, but authorities reported further incidents in other parts of the country. Some cities which had hoisted Israeli flags in front of their city halls on Wednesday, in remembrance of the start of German-Israeli diplomatic relations on May 12 1965, reported that the flags were torn down and sometimes burned. An Israeli flag in front of a city hall in the western town of Solingen was torn and burnt and two Israeli flags in Berlin were also torn down late Wednesday night.

The government and the Jew media can try to equate protests with “attacks on synagogues,” but they might find that this doesn’t really work very well after an extended year long worldwide protest movement where the media claimed that violence can never discredit “peaceful protesters.” This is not 2014 anymore. Over the last 5 years, we’ve all been subjected to an intense media indoctrination program claiming that there is nothing more important on earth than brown people. Now, the Jews are deciding they want to go in and murder a bunch of brown people, and they think they can use memes calling people who oppose them “racists”? It’s a really hard sell.

Of course, they have the entire establishment behind them, including all Western governments and the internet censorship machine. So we’ll see how they do. But I think they’re going to have a pretty hard time garnering sympathy. Ultimately, it doesn’t mean much. No protest is going to result in Israel stopping their bloodlust murder frenzy against the Arabs. However, it may result in people generally growing to loath the Jews. It may open people up to discussing this issue a bit more frankly. The claim made by governments that synagogues that fly the Israeli flag are somehow not representative of Israel is a good lie to crush. All Jews who are not actively opposed to Israel are supporters of Israel. All of them can claim citizenship whenever they want to claim citizenship, meaning that even if they are not dual citizens, they can become dual citizens whenever they want, so they de facto already are. Among other things, in this new war I’m seeing a lot of Asians on searches through Twitter.

I guess maybe that is just a Chinese operation, spreading anti-Israel stuff in Asia, but either way it’s interesting. Just opening up discussion about the Jewish problem is always a good thing. Adolf Hitler never killed any babies.

Jeb Bush’s Mexican Son Endorses Ousting of Liz Cheney
Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer, May 14 2021

I don’t think anyone was confused about what happened with the ousting of Liz Cheney, but just in case anyone was, here’s Jeb Bush’s Mexican son.

The Republican establishment knew that the base of people that keeps them in power was angry about all of these horrible positions the establishment takes, so they found the single most repulsive person in their ranks, Liz Cheney, and threw her under the bus. Now, every single establishment Republican is coming out and saying they support this, in order to distance themselves from the perception that they are the establishment. No-one can tell me what the difference is between Mitch McConnell and Liz Cheney, and yet Mitch McConnell remains the most powerful Republican in the country, while Liz Cheney is under the bus. Cheney was a symbolic sacrifice. There is an old saying: “You don’t have to outrun the bear, you just have to outrun Liz Cheney.” The establishment thinks they’ve fed the masses of people Liz Cheney, and now they can simply whistle away. But there is no specific reason that the Republican voters can’t keep doing this to Republican leaders. Cheney was more powerful than most Congressional Republicans but she wasn’t more powerful than Kevin McCarthy, so why wasn’t McCarthy the first target, if this is a purge? There is zero reason that Marjorie Taylor Greene should not be the leader of the House Republicans. She is the person who best represents the Republican base, by a huge margin.

If Cheney can be ousted, then the rest of them should be able to be ousted as well. People should just demand it, and then they should organize votes against them. Why not? Maybe the mail-in vote-rigging system will be used in random state elections to protect establishment Republicans, but I doubt it. It would be even harder to rig a Republican primary. It’s clear to me that the federal government is totally doomed, and that we’re already effectively in a one-party system. But there is still no reason that it wouldn’t be better to have patriots in these positions instead of traitors. They can at least use the bully pulpit to support a pro-American agenda. Furthermore, Marjorie should be attacking McCarthy, not AOC. I guess she tried to debate AOC and yelled at her this week, and now the Democrats are doing the standard thing, claiming she’s a terrorist threat and so on.

What exactly is the point of arguing with AOC? There is no purpose it can serve. She should be asking to debate Kevin McCarthy, and forcing him to call in the Sergeant at Arms to defend from a debate. That would be actually useful.

I’m not blaming her for not doing that, by the way. She’s doing what it seems like she’s supposed to do. But we should have people calling her office and telling her that she should be the House minority leader, and instead of attacking AOC, she should be challenging McCarthy. Either she should be leader, or Matt Gaetz should be. Those are the two people who best represent the will of the people. Gaetz’ fake sex scandal seems to have blown over, so maybe it should be him. He was the one who started the campaign against Liz Cheney. People should encourage him to do the same to McCarthy. If he’s made it through the sex scandal, there’s nothing they can do to him now. I’m serious here. Attacking Democrats is the most pointless, stupid waste of time. It just turns into this dumb game, always, that distracts people from the fact that our own party is effectively led by Democrats. Unfortunately, we can’t count on Donald Trump to do any of this, despite the fact that he has the ear of the people. He is doing some kind of weird thing that no one seems to understand, so people need to stop looking to him for guidance and simply move in on this stuff.

Trump of course hates Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy, so if people start going after them he will join in, but we can’t count on him to initiate a movement against these men. Anyone who disagrees with me about any of this is a shill. It is simply an obvious fact that attacking Democrats is useless. Getting rid of Cheney was a win, even if it was a win that the establishment gave us, but it can’t stop there. We need to get all of these people out, and replace them with people who do not hate America. Yes, on some level, electoral politics are over, because we’re never going to get the White House back. This new mail-in voting system means no presidential election can ever be won again. But we should nonetheless get people who support us in positions of power, if possible. It’s certainly a much better use of time than attacking the Democrats, which literally does nothing. The masses of people do have power. All they have to do is use it.

Biden Says Vaxx or Mask Forever as Jew CDC Mommy Says No More Masks for the Vaxxed
Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer, May 14 2021

The establishment is attempting to draw a line between the vaxxed and unvaxxed. Joe Biden tweeted that anyone who isn’t vaxxed will have to wear a mask forever, framing the mask as a punishment for refusing to follow his orders.

It’s not clear under what law he has a right to enforce this. I guess he will just threaten to sic the military on you, like he does if you believe in QAnon. The White House is operating in concert with the CDC, at least – possibly for the first time since the beginning of this hoax. The CDC tweeted that mask rules are over for the vaxxed.

The head of the CDC, the dark-skinned Jew woman, went out and announced that the mask rules are more or less finished.

CDC lifts indoor mask guidance for vaccinated people: ‘You can shed your mask’
Alexander Nazaryan, Yahoo! News, May 13 2021

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Thursday that people who are fully vaccinated no longer have to wear masks in many indoor situations. The new guidance reflects evidence that vaccines are highly effective in preventing serious and critical cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said: “Anyone who is fully vaccinated can participate in indoor and outdoor activities large or small without wearing a mask or physical distancing.” She looked relieved as she made the announcement, in a break from the mostly somber comportment of public health officials since the pandemic began. A new notice on the agency’s website explains that masks should still be worn on “planes, buses, trains, and other forms of public transportation,” as well as in “correctional facilities and homeless shelters.” Thursday’s guidance represented a sharp break with the incremental changes CDC had been making in recent weeks. In late April, for example, the agency revised its outdoor mask guidance, but it drew so many distinctions between vaccinated and unvaccinated people, small gatherings and large ones, that some people were confused. The debate about masks will almost surely continue, since CDC guidance is not law; states and localities can make their own rules, as can businesses like restaurants. But in her remarks on Thursday, Walensky clearly sought to extricate the agency she leads from the mask culture wars.

This Jew woman appeared on MSNBC with her cousin to clarify.

The horrible late night shills were shilling this as a big privilege for stupid subhuman goyim pigs.

Anthony Fauci will probably be out there on the Sunday shows saying the opposite of the CDC. No one will explain the difference between Fauci and the CDC. Fauci basically says that the vaxx does nothing at all. He has said this entire time that nothing changes if you are vaxxed. That is because he is pushing for everyone to get vaxxed. If the vaxx works, then there is no reason for everyone to get vaxxed. But if the vaxx doesn’t work, it means the unvaxxed are a danger to the vaxxed, which means everyone has to get vaxxed in order for the vaxx to work at all. Fauci is attempting to prevent anyone from getting away from not getting the vaxx.

How are They Gonna Know If You’re Vaxxed?

Alex Berenson is pointing out that there is no way anyone can tell if you’re vaxxed without the vaxx passport thing. He says the vaxx pass has failed.

I do not agree with this assessment. At all. Berenson has made a point to continually say that he is on “Team Reality” and not “Team Conspiracy.” But the reality is that this is a conspiracy, so it’s impossible to be on one team and not the other. Every regular reader knows my view on all of this: there is no way that this virus just popped up. It’s impossible, because what they rolled out was obviously a plan that existed before. You can also just go look at the comments from Bill Gates and from people like Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum to see that they were already planning all of this. However, even if you say “Oh no, they didn’t plan it. There was a virus in China and then they reacted by exaggerating it,” then you still have the fact that people surrendered all of their rights to the government. In that situation, there is no reason that the government would just randomly decide to give everyone their rights back. I don’t really understand how anyone can argue that the government would willingly give people back rights that people have surrendered already without some kind of fight. Considering that: I don’t understand Berenson’s overall view of things. I like him in terms of the facts he presents, but thinking that this is over now seems completely nuts. What they’re going to do is let up for the summer, then come back with “new strain that the vaxx doesn’t protect against” in the fall. They can also say that people who weren’t vaxxed are spreading it and blah blah blah. This is really just a fact: any freedom they give you now will be revoked in the fall. I don’t have any question about it at all. And I don’t think saying “it’s not a conspiracy” helps anything. Even if this hoax wasn’t planned and it was all a coincidence, you are still unable to explain why the government would give back freedoms people voluntarily surrendered.

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