the victims are not ‘palestinians’, they are arab citizens of israel!

Far-right Israeli Jewish groups plan further violence against Palestinians Arabs after night of lynchings
Lubna Masarwa, Frank Andrews, Middle East Eye, May 13 2021

Video grab Kan 11 on 12 May 2021, shows a group of far-right Israelis Jews attacking a Palestinian Arab man on the seafront of Bat Yam

Far-right Israeli Jewish groups are planning to mount further attacks against Palestinians Arabs in Israel on Thursday night, according to group chat messages seen by MEE, after a night of mob attacks, crackdowns by Israeli Jewish security forces and deaths across Israel, the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza on Wednesday. One message in a group chat named “The Underground Unit,” with several hundred members, seemingly on Signal, read:

Bring everything, knives, gasoline. Don’t be scared, we are the chosen ones.

Another message, referring to a spate of violence in the Tel Aviv suburb which saw a Palestinian Arab man violently attacked live on Israeli Jewish television, read:

Good job at Bat Yam yesterday. Today we’ll go back to make some mess at 6pm. Let’s meet at the seafront.

Far-right groups such as Lehava and La Familia have also been planning attacks in Jerusalem, according to Haaretz. On Thursday afternoon, Israeli Jewish police called on parents to “take responsibility” for their children and keep them from participating in the country-wide violence, the paper reported. In another message, which appeared to be posted to WhatsApp, on a group called Israel People Alive Haifa, a forwarded message gave the location of a Palestinian Arab march in Tel Aviv. It read:

Any Arab you see – you stab. Please come equipped with flags, bats, knives, guns, brass knuckles, wooden boards, pepper spray, anything that would hurt them. We will restore the honor of the Jewish people.

Videos posted on Thursday evening appeared to confirm far-right Israelis Jews were marching in the Tel Aviv areas mentioned in the group.

Haaretz reported on Thursday that the Shin Bet intelligence service had intelligence on far-right plans to attack Palestinians Arabs in Israel’s mixed cities. In another group chat, also on WhatsApp, one user wrote:

We need Molotov cocktails. To the mosque. To make them shake. We’ll burn their houses, their cars, everything.

Someone in the group suggested meeting in Halisa, an area in the northern city of Haifa. One person gave the ingredients to make a Molotov cocktail:

Empty glass bottles, T-shirts, a few litres of gasoline.

After a host of screenshots of similar messages were shared online, Amnesty International Israel sent a letter to Israeli Jewish authorities on Thursday urging them to “take action against platforms that allow incitement to hate crimes, such as groups on social networks and messaging applications.” Amnesty wrote in its letter:

The commission of violent and even deadly hate crimes justified seeing them as platforms of incitement to be monitored and closed. This could reduce the horrific lynchings of Arabs against Jews and Jews against Arabs. We turned to the police several times already on Tuesday, and we reported on the plentiful and concrete evidence of organisation of retaliatory actions against Arabs across the country.

Amnesty’s letter also urged authorities to class Lehava as a terrorist organisation. The head of Lehava, Benzi Gopstein, called on his supporters to come to East Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood to “help” Jewish residents defend themselves against Palestinian Arab attackers, Haaretz reported on Thursday. Israeli Jewish settlers attacked Palestinians Arabs in the area on Wednesday night, 51 people were hospitalised. Fake Reporter, an Israeli Jewish disinformation watchdog, also published screenshots on Thursday of far-right groups coordinating attacks on Palestinians. In a thread on Twitter, the group wrote:

The information here was given to Israeli Jewish police before the violent outbursts on the 12/5. No one was arrested in advance. Last night’s violence could have been stopped. We saw a ticking time bomb, groups specifically targeting Arab civilians of Israel, including incitement, weapon-hoarding, information on specific Arab-owned businesses and more. Groups began organising to go to Ramla, Lod, Bat Yam, Afula, Haifa, Tiberias, Jerusalem, Beersheba and other towns in the stated goal of attacking Arabs.

Screenshots of various far-right groups chats included someone writing: “Today we are Nazis,” and another writing, “Today we are shahids.” The worst scenes on Wednesday night were in Arab-minority towns in Israel, where the senders of text messages seen by MEE appear to be based. Numerous videos made the rounds online showing attacks described as “lynchings,” and police brutality amid Palestinian Arab protests. In scenes repeated across several cities, gangs of youths threw stones and stormed shops belonging to Palestinians Arabs. Israeli Jewish police have arrested 374 people so far. In one example, video footage shared widely on social media appeared to show a group of Israelis Jews attempting to break into a Palestinian Arab home in Haifa. While the family manages to repel the initial attack, police then burst into the home and arrest and beat a number of the residents. While MEE cannot independently verify the footage, there have been numerous reports of violence between Palestinians Arabs and Israelis Jews in Haifa over the past few days. Elsewhere, a video seen by Middle East Eye showed a large group of Israelis Jews, some carrying national flags, throwing rocks at a Palestinian Arab car. Another shows a group of Israelis Jews attacking an Israeli Jewish ambulance, reportedly carrying a Palestinian Arab. Footage from Acre, meanwhile, showed a group of Israelis Jews chanting “death to Arabs” in Hebrew. Another video, reportedly also from Acre, shows Israeli Jewish security forces walking away from a Palestinian Arab man lying motionless, eyes staring at the ceiling, on the floor of an apartment building.

Haaretz reported that five Palestinians Arabs in the city seriously wounded a 30-year-old Israeli Jewish man, after police told Palestinian Arab shop owners to shutter stores because of expected attacks by far-right Israelis Jews. In Bat Yam, a suburb of Tel Aviv, a Palestinian Arab was pulled from his car and lynched during a live broadcast on an Israeli Jewish television channel. The 33-year-old man was treated overnight and his condition has improved, according to Haaretz. Photos of him, which are too explicit to publish without his consent, show a deep puncture wound and major swelling on one side of his face. Fake Reporter wrote in its tweet thread on Wednesday that the Bat Yam attacks were organised on one of the Facebook groups it was monitoring. According to the watchdog, one of its members wrote:

Get brass knuckles, clubs, knives, come prepared … Kill them one by one.

Far-right Israelis Jews had previously roamed the city, attacking Palestinian Arab-owned businesses and chanting racist slogans, according to Haaretz. In Lod, called Lydd by Palestinians Arabs, where yesterday a night curfew was announced, a video showed a group of Israelis waving flags walking towards the town centre, accompanied by security forces. Israelis Jews provoked Palestinians Arabs by approaching the mourning tent for Moussa Hassuna, a Palestinian Arab protester who was shot dead on Monday evening. The three Israeli Jewish suspects arrested after his murder were released on Thursday after prominent Israeli Jewish politicians decried their arrests. Also in Lod, a Israeli Jewish man was shot and two others suffered stab wounds, Haaretz reported, while 20 people were taken to the Shamir Medical Centre. More than 20 people were reportedly arrested. Police said they had responded to violent incidents in multiple towns, including Lod, Acre and Haifa, according to AFP. MEE correspondent Lubna Masarwa reported that groups of Israelis Jews tried to attack Palestinians Arabs in villages in the “northern triangle” area, where around a third of Israel’s population of Palestinians Arabs live. Unrest was also reported in southern Israel. Nineteen Israelis Jews were detained for disorderly conduct, according to Haaretz, along with three Palestinians Arabs, after hundreds of Israelis Jews marched through the city of Beersheba, also chanting “death to Arabs.” Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz ordered a “massive reinforcement” of border police across the territory on Thursday, saying, “we’re in an emergency,” according to Haaretz.

Unrest intensifies across Palestinian Arab towns in Israel
Middle East Eye, May 14 2021

Israeli Jewish forces detain a group of Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel in the mixed city of Lod,
during clashes between Israeli far-right extremists and Palestinians
Arabs, May 13 2021.
(Photo: AFP)

Protests across Palestinian Arab cities in Israel continued for a fourth night in a row against Israeli Jewish attacks on Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza, as armed confrontations between Palestinians Arabs and ultra-nationalist Israelis Jews erupted once more in several areas. Thursday’s demonstrations took place in over 20 towns and cities, including Nazareth, Haifa, Jaffa, Lod, Tayba and Sakhnin, according to Arab48 news website. Tension over the planned forcible expulsion of Palestinian Arab families in Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in East Jerusalem has escalated this week into armed confrontations between Palestinians Arabs and far-right Israeli Jewish settlers in the mixed city of Lod, called Lydd by Palestinians Arabs. For a third consecutive night, Israeli Jewish ultra-nationalists roamed the city’s Palestinian Arab neighbourhoods, where they fired shots towards a mosque, as worshippers prayed, and a number of homes, which led to armed clashes between Palestinians Arabs and the mob, Palestinian Arab media has reported. Three Israelis Jews suspected of shooting dead a Palestinian Arab protester in Lod on Monday night were released on Thursday after prominent Israeli Jewish politicians decried their arrests, further stoking anger among Palestinians Arabs. A state of emergency and a curfew were declared in the city on Tuesday.

In Ramleh, a Palestinian Arab shot and wounded an Israeli Jewish police officer, according to the Times of Israel. Earlier Thursday, a physical attack seriously wounded an Israeli Jewish soldier in Jaffa. In Haifa, meanwhile, Israeli police used sound bombs and tear gas to disperse Palestinian Arab protesters and detained at least 30 people, including a 10-year-old boy, while they were gathered in al-Nabi street to ward off attacks by settlers. Settlers riding cars and motorcycles raided Wadi al-Jamal neighbourhood in the coastal city, shooting live rounds and throwing sound bombs towards Palestinian Arab homes, Arab48 reported, citing a local source. Israeli Jewish police also shot and wounded an 18-year-old Palestinian Arab, and violently dispersed protesters across the city. Palestinians Arabs formed popular and civil committees in Haifa to “defend Palestinian Arab neighbourhoods,” following repeated assaults by settlers on Palestinians Arabs across mixed cities, under the protection of Israeli Jewish police. Separately, a settler stabbed and moderately wounded a 23-year-old Palestinian Arab near the town of Kafr Manda, in the Lower Galilee.

In Nazareth, police forces raided the home of the Abbas family in the al-Safara neighbourhood, and confrontations ensued between the police and protesters in the city’s centre, where a number of Palestinians Arabs were detained. At least 374 Palestinians Arabs have been arrested across Palestinian Arab cities and towns in Israel in the past 24 hours for taking part in protests, according to Palestinian Arab media. In the early hours of Friday, large protests erupted in around a dozen cities in the occupied West Bank, with Israeli Jewish forces using tear gas to disperse the crowds, media reports said. A number of Palestinians Arabs were wounded in Jenin, Tulkarm, and Ramallah in the crackdown, while people reported hearing live ammunition in some cities. Hundreds of people marched in Nablus and Jenin, chanting patriotic songs and denouncing Israeli Jewish police violence against Palestinians Arabs. The protests come after air strikes on Gaza have killed over 100 people since Israel launched a military operation on the besieged enclave on May 10. Israel said on Thursday that both its air force and ground troops were attacking the Gaza Strip. More demonstrations are expected after congregational prayers on Friday against the recent attacks on Palestinians Arabs and places of worship, including al-Aqsa Mosque.

Israeli Jewish army kills three Palestinians Arabs in West Bank in span of a day
Akram Al-Waara, Middle East Eye, May 13 2021

Mourners carry the body of 26-year-old Palestinian Arab Hussein al-Titi, who was killed by Israeli Jewish forces
in al-Fawwar refugee camp in the Israeli
Jewish-occupied West Bank on 12 May 2021 (Reuters)

BETHLEHEM – Israeli Jewish forces killed three Palestinians Arabs in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday as tensions flared in the occupied Palestinian Arab territory late into the night. Palestinians Arabs took to the streets to protest against Israeli Jewish aggression on the besieged Gaza Strip and occupied East Jerusalem, and ongoing violence targeting Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel. Israeli Jewish forces killed two Palestinians Arabs during early morning raids across the West Bank: 16-year-old Rashid Abu Arreh, from the northern West Bank city of Tubas, and 28-year-old Hussein al-Titi, from the Hebron-area Fawwar refugee camp. They also arrested 40 Palestinians Arabs. Later on Wednesday, local media reported that Israeli Jewish forces had shot and killed another Palestinian Arab man allegedly involved in a shooting attack south of Nablus that reportedly left two Israeli soldiers injured. Palestinian Arab media identified the man as 36-year-old Mohammed Omar Said, a former prisoner from the Ras al-Ain area of Nablus. The PA Ministry of Health confirmed all three deaths, adding that at least 27 Palestinians Arabs were injured across the West Bank during confrontations with Israeli Jewish forces that lasted into the late hours of Wednesday night. The circumstances surrounding the killing of both Abu Arreh and Titi, as recounted by both of the families to Middle East Eye, eerily echoed one another. Both were killed in pre-dawn raids on Wednesday, Abu Arreh at the entrance of his home and Titi on the roof of his. Their families both described Israeli Jewish soldiers in each situation as “extremely aggressive” and “on edge.” Ahmed al-Titi, Hussein al-Titi’s older brother, told MEE:

Hundreds of soldiers raided the camp, completely closing off all the entrances and exits. They came in guns blazing. They almost immediately started using live fire. No rubber bullets or anything, just tear gas and live ammunition. Hussein was sleeping and suddenly we heard shooting like crazy, so he got up and went to the roof to see what was going on. He was barely up there for a few minutes when he was shot by a sniper. He was shot twice in the chest with “dum dum” expanding bullets. At least four other Palestinians Arabs in the camp were shot in the legs with live ammunition during the raid. Three of the camp’s residents were arrested.

The Israeli Jewish army said in a statement that Titi was killed during a “violent riot,” and that soldiers “spotted one of the rioters standing on a rooftop with the intention of hurling a block towards the troops.” Titi’s family has denied the claim. Ahmed said:

They killed him in cold blood.

In Tubas, Jamal Abu Arreh, a relative of 16-year-old Rashid, said of the dozens of Israeli Jewish soldiers who raided the area:

There were soldiers everywhere, and they were extremely aggressive, even in their arrest of Rashid’s neighbour. They came ready to kill. Rashid heard the commotion next door and opened his front door to see what was going on. He opened the door to find Israeli Jewish soldiers arresting his neighbour. He barely had time to scream ‘soldiers!’ and they shot him twice, once in the neck and once in the shoulder. He didn’t even have time to finish his sentence. They shot him just like that.

A woman mourns the death of 16-year-old Rashid Abu Arreh, who was killed by Israeli Jewish forces
near Tubas in the Israeli
Jewish-occupied West Bank on 12 May 2021 (Reuters)

In both cases, by the time Abu Arreh and Titi were evacuated to nearby hospitals and health centres they were already dead. According to Titi’s family, Israeli Jewish forces prevented them from evacuating him out of the camp after he was shot. Ahmed said:

They completely besieged the camp and wouldn’t let us leave. They also prevented an ambulance from entering al-Fawwar. We had to drive around and meet the ambulance on the outskirts of the camp, and transfer Hussein from our car to the ambulance. But by the time they reached the health center in Dura, it was too late.

The killing of Abu Arreh, Titi, and Saeed comes amidst rising tensions in the West Bank over Israeli Jewish armed repression of worshippers in Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa mosque, and airstrikes in Gaza that have left at least 83 Palestinians Arabs dead. Israeli Jewish forces have stepped up search and arrest raids in the West Bank in recent days, with 46 more Palestinians Arabs arrested overnight on Thursday. According to the PA health ministry, the vast majority of injuries on Wednesday were sustained in the Hebron district, with 20 live bullet injuries, including a critical injury to the eye and two serious injuries to the chest. Several people were also shot in the legs. The ministry also documented several injuries caused by rubber-coated steel bullets, including at least one that caused serious damage to someone’s eye. Several others were treated for tear gas inhalation. The Palestinian Arab Red Crescent reported 980 injuries in the five-day period between May 8-12, including 77 live bullet injuries, 197 rubber-coated steel bullet injuries, 637 tear gas-related injures, and 68 injuries as the result of “assault, beating, falling, and burns.” Ahmed al-Titi told MEE:

You can see in Jerusalem, Tubas, Nablus, and all over, the Israelis Jews are using live bullets so quickly these days. The Israelis Jews are on edge because they have lost control over what’s happening in Jerusalem and in Gaza, and our young people are paying the price.

The killings of Abu Arreh, Titi, and Saeed bring the number of Palestinians Arabs who were killed by Israelis Jews in the West Bank since the beginning of the month to seven. On Tuesday, Israeli Jewish forces shot and killed 28-year-old Ahmed Daraghmeh, an officer with the PA’s general intelligence service. The Israeli Jewish army claimed that Daraghmeh was attempting to commit a shooting attack at a checkpoint. No Israelis Jews were reported to be injured in the case. Daraghmeh’s family has denied the claims, saying that he was on his way to the town of Huwwara in order to pick up a money transfer sent by his brother in the US as Eid al-Fitr expenses for his family, Roya news reported. Abu Arreh was the second Palestinian Arab teenager to be killed by Israeli Jewish forces in the West Bank this month, after 16-year-old Said Odeh in Nablus last week. As Israeli Jewish airstrikes continue on Gaza and ultra-nationalist Israelis Jews and police officers have confronted Palestinians Arabs inside Israel, the West Bank is also bracing for more violence in the coming days. Echoing the sentiments of other Palestinian Arab families whose loved ones were killed by Israeli Jewish forces earlier this month, both the Titi and Abu Arreh families criticised Israel for its excessive use of force against their family members. Jamal Abu Arreh told MEE:

There was no reason to shoot Rashid. He posed no threat to them. It’s so easy for Israeli Jewish soldiers to kill a 16-year-old boy who has no effect on them, because they’ve been given the green light to shoot to kill any Palestinian Arab in the West Bank.

Palestinian Arab special operations officers carry the body of Ahmed Daraghmeh, 30, who was killed by Israeli Jewish forces
the previous day, during his funeral in the northern West Bank on 12 May 2021 (AFP)

Israeli Jewish forces have long been criticised for their “shoot-to-kill” policy against Palestinians Arabs in cases where they did not pose an imminent threat to the lives of the Israeli Jewish soldiers, or when the situation could have been dealt with in non-lethal ways. Rights groups like B’Tselem have condemned the policy as amounting to “state-sanctioned executions.” Ahmed al-Titi told MEE, pointing to the ongoing violence being faced by Palestinians Arabs in the past week:

The world needs to stop being silent while they watch what Israel is doing to us. They are committing crimes on a daily basis and violating international law. Israel needs to be held accountable for its crimes on the Palestinian Arab people.

Jamal Abu Arreh concurred, saying:

The world needs to open their eyes, and make the Israelis stop their crimes against Palestinian Arab civilians. The world always talks about Hamas being terrorists, but what about the innocent children Israel is killing? Children like Rashid? It’s not about Hamas, it’s not about terrorism, it’s about Israel’s efforts to expel Palestinians Arabs from this land at any cost.

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