colonel cassad (more or less briefly)

Briefly on the war in Palestine
Colonel Cassad, May 15 2021

The conflict continues in the form of a systematic exchange of strikes and, taking into account the potential of the parties, it can go on in this form for another couple of weeks. Israel has not yet decided on a full-fledged invasion of Gaza, possibly due to pressure from the US, which fears that this will lead to the collapse of negotiations on a nuclear deal with Iran. Iran and its main proxies are biding their time. Only small groups operate in Syria and Lebanon. There was no request from Hamas. And without him, no one will go anywhere. Diplomatic attempts to stop the war do not lead to success, because if it is stopped now, then Netanyahu will not be able to achieve his goals and will soon lose his post as prime minister. The semi-intifada in Palestine and Israel continues. This is so far the main success of the sponsors of Hamas and Iran. The myth of the Iron Dome has gone farther in recent days. It is interesting (but not for everyone) how it would handle the missile arsenal of Hezbollah, which is much stronger than Hamas and Islamic Jihad combined. Israel is more likely to play with the information war, since the pictures from Gaza and from the streets of Palestinian cities are much more “impressive” than pictures from Ashkelon, Ashdod or Tel Aviv. “Friend Recep” has not been noted for anything significant, except for loud statements of support for Palestine. Without concrete actions, it will be difficult for him to squeeze Iran in the Palestinian issue.

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